TameCloud is an Owncloud Hosting Provider giving you quick and easy access to all your files in one place on all your devices. Both in the first film and in the first book, the Cullen residence is described as a closed, yet open space that invites one in the moment one sets foot in it.
The starting price for the place where Robert Pattinson and the rest of the cast spent so much time is set at $3.3 million. The luxury house is completely renovated and remodeled, having an outstanding post-modern design and an open plan of living.

Now, anyone with $3.3 million to spare can experience that every single day, as the house in Vancouver used in the first film has just been put up for sale.
It is also referred to as a place where time seems to stand still, yet which still retains an air of ultra modern. Admittedly, Summit Entertainment, the movie studio behind the franchise, is done shooting scenes on the property, which means they will relocate to another house for the upcoming two films. It also comes with an outdoor pool and hot tub, just in case knowing that two parts of one of the most successful movie franchises of our times have been shot there is not enough for potential buyers.

The Arthur Erickson Residence at 118 Stevens Drive, British Properties, West Vancouver, in which the first two films in the franchise have been shot, is now on the market.

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