So, I am writing this blog post for others who want to understand how SAN and NAS storage systems work. It will help you understand the fundamentals of what is involved in setting up a NAS and how they work. You may add multiple USB storage devices where you will be able to create volumes of various file systems types, essentially giving you the cloud type solution.
At the moment VirtualBox allows up to 2 terabytes ,  I’m sure this will increase as future revisions come to pass. On the settings tab you should enable USB Controller, you will need to install an additional packages for Virtualbox to enable this feature as it doesn’t come out of the box. Once freeNAS is installed you will get a configuration screen.  The primary interface you should leave alone, as this most like dhcp’d already.
You should be be able to ping externally from the freeNAS VM, if you need to look at your network configuration.
Once you have done this go to the command prompt on your host machine, so this is no longer in the VM, its on the physical machine that runs Virtualbox and see if you can ping the address you just assigned in FreeNAS. Next you will want to ensure that your router of firewall allows port 80 on the ip address you assigned to freeNAS. O conceito de computacao em nuvem, e basicamente o uso de memoria, armazenatamento e calculo de computadores e servidores compartilhados, que estao ligados atraves da internet. Os dados sao armazenados em um lugar onde poderao ser acessados a qualque hora e lugar do mundo.

O acesso aos dados e servicos e feito remotamente, fazendo o suo da internet, fazendo assim uma alusao a Nuvem. O Google Docs e um bom exemplo disso, pois ele e um sistema operacional online onde e possivel acessar os seus documentos de qualquer lugar e a qualquer hora, basta ter acesso a internet.
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Ce systA?me embarque Owncloud (clone libre de Dropbox) et s'installe vraiment trA?s simplement. There are commercial applications such as NETAPP that provide far more complexity in terms of functionality, however the principles are pretty much the same, and relatively easy to pick up on variations should you need to learn them on the fly in a job. Com isso a instalacao de programas, acaba se tornando dispensavel, exceto em alguns casos em que voce faz o uso dos programas para facilitar o seu processo.
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Voici la solution qui fonctionne, et qui prend 2 minutes : 1 a€“ Ouvrir fstab et entrer son mot de passe root.
Mix together one Raspberry Pi and a sprinkle of cheap external hard drives and you have the recipe for an ultra-low-power and always-on network storage device.

In addition to the gear youa€™ll need from the Getting Started with Raspberry Pi tutorial, youa€™ll only the following hardware: or. Mas, com a computacao nas nuvens, nao importa se voce usa o celular, o computador ou qualquer outro aparelho, tudo estara guardado na internet”, diz Eric Schmidt, presidente do Google na California.
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The benefit of having an always-on network storage device is that ita€™s extremely convenient to have your data (or backup destination) always accessible to the computers both inside and outside your network.
This tutorial will teach you how to setup a NAS using virtual machines for the purposes of testing and learning. Tatsachlich schafft man damit uber Jahrzehnte errungene Lebensmittelstandards ab, wir werden entmundigt und wissen dann noch nicht mal, was wir zu uns nehmen. The downside, in most instances, is that youa€™re consuming a fair amount of power for the convenience.

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