Today, January 18, ownCloud Community Manager Jos Poortvliet informs us about the work that the ownCloud developers will do shortly for the Activities and Notifications apps of the self-hosting cloud server.
In the same manner, users will get desktop notifications from the ownCloud client when a sync issue or a file conflict is being detected, allowing them to take action immediately instead of finding out much later (or never) that some of the files have not been synced for various reasons.
Starting with version 2.2, the ownCloud desktop client now displays an activity spinner and avatars in the sharing interface in file managers, and provides users with a much simpler and easy-to-use sync folder creation dialog.
The Notifications app was recently introduced, taking over some of the tasks the Activity app was used for.

The new notification system will also be implemented in the ownCloud desktop and mobile clients, and third-party developers are urged to read the official documentation to learn how to integrate the new notification API for their applications. More details about this work can be found in the full-length article published today by Jos Poortvliet. Additionally, there's also support for verifying if the ownCloud server supports checksums for uploaded and downloaded files, and if it does, the feature will be used by the client. The goal is to more clearly separate the two rather different jobs, showing an activity stream and notifying users," said Jos Poortvliet, ownCloud Community Manager.

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