Now that you have your NAS and ownCloud installed and ready to share your videos and photos with friends and family but how do they access it? In this article we’ll go through and configure your router be able to access your server remotely so we can not only upload files to share while we are away travelling but also so your friends and family can log in and see what you’ve shared with them!
That should be it from the internal router side now we need to find out what our external IP is.
If you have a dynamic IP address using your external IP address can present a problem as your ISP might issue you with a different IP address randomly, to overcome this you can register with sites like no-ip. But before it will associate your external IP with your new chosen people friendly name auto magically, we have to enable a service in your Nas4Free so it will check and update on a regular basis behind the scenes.
When you try to access your ownCloud with a different address to the one we setup when we were setting up SSH (the Common Name) you will see a warning.

Now within ownCloud create users for the people you want to share with and share the folders with them! Your data directory and files are probably accessible from the internet because the .htaccess file does not work. What these services do is translates your IP address to a name of your choosing so even if your external IP changes the name you choose to use with your account will always stay the same. No-ip is free to register and use but you will need to update your registration every 30 days just by telling them that you are still using the service (the free service anyway). Please use –explicit_defaults_for_timestamp server option (see documentation for more details). You can test it by checking your IP then turning the modem off and on again and then check the IP again.

Even if you have a fixed IP you still may want to look into using this so if you are sharing pictures and videos with family you don’t have to tell them a random set of numbers but something much more people friendly. I have seen a lot of people warning about it on the owncloud forums, but it seems to be necessary to access an owncloud server outside the local network. It’s not a perfect example but many times if you have a dynamic allocated IP this will force your modem to get a new IP.

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