I have installed owncloud in our server that time i didn’t aware of database selection (SQLite or MySQL).
Follow the below steps to migrate it but only one thing, you need to create all the existing user once again, while creating it will tell, the user home directory is already there but its not a problem. Now, Again navigate the owncloud installed directory on your browser, it will ask you to create the admin username and password to manage your owncloud, here you need to Enter the database information below. Now, i’m going to create one of my existing user nuvvula and i will show the warning message because nuvvula folder is already exist in system.
I assume that encryption would break things badly, as the keys might be stored in the SQLite DB.. I followed the steps but it seems that mysql is not showing up on my setup screen, it keeps on showing sqlite will be used as database etc.. Versioning :A With this feature enabled, it is possible to restore an older version of a file. Encryption :A You can now configure file encryption so that all files stored on the server are encrypted, and thus only accessible with the correct password.
Drag and drop uploadA : The ownCloud web service now supports the dragging and dropping of local files to a directory on the server. ODF ViewerA : Open Document Format files are now supported by the viewer, and can be read right in the web browser without the need for plugins or programs. Application StoreA : This makes it easier to install new applications, like the encryption or versioning application on the server.
MigrationA : Options to migrate user accounts between different ownCloud instances, for instance between a primary and backup server. GalleriesA : Control over galleries have been improved, including sharing per email options and sort oders. Thanks for your very illuminating post, is very clear and easy to follow, but I have some problems with the dependencies. I have noted php5-sqlite is required even if you only like to use MySQL as database backend. It is now easier to keep ownCloud updated with the channel of your choice via the built-in Updater app and our package repositories. To make ownCloud easier to use, documentation has been massively improved and integrated in the interface.

As mentioned earlier, it is based on PHP and database combination, database can be any of from SQLite, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database.
If you are setting up a MariaDB for the first time, here is the tutorial on Securing MariaDB. This may be to late but just in case someone finds this useful, you can use either NAT or Bridged mode as long as you configured the IP correctly. Of course, the disadvantage is that now I would be responsible for keeping the server up, backing up the data, and maintaining the system. One thing I have to say about this project is that it is rough around the edges and the project is not well documented.
Once the owncloud is installed on the server, it may be necessary to add more hard drive space to it.
When you hover your mouse over a file, you will see several options on the right hand side. If some other user shared a file with your account, a Shared folder will be created automagically in Files folder.
If you click on the check box labeled Share with link, you will see a URL displayed just under it.
For example apache has a webdav plug-in, but we don’t need to enable it, because owncloud has a built-in support for webdav. To setup gnome file manager with webdav support, click on Places and then Connect to Server. What if you have a large amount of media stored on an external drive or a partition and you want to access it from within the owncloud filesystem? Now when you go back to the Admin page by clicking on it, External Storage section will appear. If the article is useful for you, then please spend less than a minute to share your valuable comments in our commenting section. Het enige wat je nodig hebt is een webserver, die je op elk besturingssysteem kunt installeren. Niet alleen is dat besturingssysteem gratis, het opzetten ervan is ook een stuk sneller geregeld. Vervolgens kan je je lokale ip-adres vinden door rechtsboven in Ubuntu op de Unity-menubalk op de twee pijltjes (het netwerkicoon) te klikken en te kiezen voor Connection Information (Verbindingsinformatie).

Wil je dus echt je eigen cloud opzetten, dan is het aan te bevelen wat tijd in je serverconfiguratie te steken, een domeinnaam te nemen en een ssl-certificaat in te stellen voor privacy op andermans netwerken.
Major changes in ownCloud 4 include support for file versioning, allowing users to restore previous versions of a file or view a files history, and the addition of an integrated viewer for ODF file. A core advantage here is that you can configure the versioninig feature, which you cana€™t do at third party cloud hosting and synchronization services.
Data will be stored on the server and can be downloaded or access any time with browser or desktop client or smart phone app.
It provides almost all possibility of functions that are available on commercial suites; it is released under AGPLv3 license, so you can setup own cloud storage server without any additional cost.
Browser will take you to ownCloud setup page where it must be configured before going to live. A?Sabe usted que hay medidas de seguridad adicionales que puede hacer cumplir en su cuenta de Microsoft (Live)? This is obviously not a document management system replacement that I talked about previously, rather a way for quick sharing.Thankfully, with OwnCloud you can convert your RaspberryPi into an in-house (or even external) file syncing server in about 30 minutes.
After few days i came to know, it will not give better performance if the database is increased. I had created a mysql db after creating the owncloud instance, and it wouldn’t let me convert to the mysql one from sqlite. Wél loopt het iets achter met de productversies, dus daar moet je op letten als je dit echt als productiemachine wilt gebruiken. Als je OwnCloud als serieus platform wilt gebruiken in combinatie met Windows, dan is dit een betere en veiligere keuze dan met USBWebServer. My concern is that it won’t let me run the yum command to try to install MariaDB, it says it had an error downloading packages and there are no more mirrors left to try. Als je de poort wilt veranderen naar poort 80, zodat je er makkelijker bij kunt, dan kan dit in USBWebserver door naar Instellingen te gaan en bij Poort Apache 80 in te vullen. These are the quick commands, for more details including adding the Pi user into the www-data group, see this article.

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