One of the features that I worked on for ownCloud 4 was the mounting of external storage directly into your ownCloud.
To add an external storage backend to your ownCloud head to Settings -> Admin or Personal.
This is available in the master branch and will not be included until the ownCloud 5 release. Support for mounting Google Drive and Dropbox through this user interface will be added later in the week. By now, OwnCloud seems to be what I was looking for for years: a simple an easy to use way to share family fotos and movies with parents, but on my ohn computer and in privacy. I removed it from mount.php, then removed the folder, but the images are still in «Pictures». I got it working I can upload or edit files from an external storage, but versioning does not work for me. If you mount your dropbox, versioning is not needed, because dropbox has its own versioning, but if you mount a webdav storage, it would be an important feature for me. Hi Michael, I installed Wamp server on my local machine and create an app in Dropbox to get the keys as you explain to associate dropox in owncloud. Michael, well perhaps then it’s better to have the storage and external storage work differently? After enabling the External Storage Support app, nothing showed up in the ownCloud interface so I'm not sure how to use this new feature to use Dropbox or Google Drive with ownCloud.
Recently, ownCloud got an Android application so you can easily access your files using a mobile device. This tutorial assumes that you have a fully functional Raspberry pi-2 or 3 with Raspbian installed and a 8 GB Micro SD card Minimum!. If you don’t have a Raspberry Pi I would personally recommend buying the Raspberry pi-3 kit. These instructions are for mounting an NTFS formatted hard drive for maximum capacity storage, and allowing ownCloud to store files onto it.
This process only applies if you are planning on connecting to the Raspberry PI ownCloud from the WAN (outside the network) using mobile devices or tablet. Now we need to add the WAN IP to your trusted IP list and not to be overwritten by ownCloud.

Here add the WAN IP (External IP address) you just got from the router to the trusted domains array. Now port forward SSL port 443 to the Raspberry PI internal IP (LAN IP) address and save settings.
Of course, the disadvantage is that now I would be responsible for keeping the server up, backing up the data, and maintaining the system.
One thing I have to say about this project is that it is rough around the edges and the project is not well documented. Once the owncloud is installed on the server, it may be necessary to add more hard drive space to it. When you hover your mouse over a file, you will see several options on the right hand side. If some other user shared a file with your account, a Shared folder will be created automagically in Files folder. If you click on the check box labeled Share with link, you will see a URL displayed just under it. For example apache has a webdav plug-in, but we don’t need to enable it, because owncloud has a built-in support for webdav. To setup gnome file manager with webdav support, click on Places and then Connect to Server. What if you have a large amount of media stored on an external drive or a partition and you want to access it from within the owncloud filesystem? Now when you go back to the Admin page by clicking on it, External Storage section will appear.
There are no official plans for any other backends, but it is relatively easy to add support for other services if they provide an API. I’m a little confused because you said you were trying to configure Dropbox, but it looks like it was trying to configure Google Drive instead. I found that my problem was related to the curl library that didn’t load because I use wamp for windows 64 bits, I downgraded to 32 bits and Curl loaded fine.
If I add a storage that should be used by all users, They all need index this External Storage? This is by far the best way to have a self hosted, secure personal cloud storage that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with internet access.

If you haven’t installed Raspbian then check out my guide on how to install Raspbian via NOOBS.
Now we need to get the gid, uid and the uuid as we will need to use them so the pi will remember it even if we plug it into a different USB port. We need to get the UUID of the attached external hard drive so the Pi can remember this drive even if you plug it into a different USB port. Then copy the light blue letters and numbers of the sda1 entry usually located on the bottom. Add the following line to the bottom of the file, updating the UUID with the values you got from the above step 5. Accessing Raspberry pi ownCloud From outside the network: open your browser and enter the WAN IP address. Because we installed SSL for more security you might get a certificate error, simply add the certificate to your exception list to proceed. You should be presented with a simple setup screen, Here enter a username and password to create an admin account. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Users are also allowed to mount external storage for their selves if this setting is enabled by the admin. The first step is to set the mount point, this is the directory that the storage will be mounted to. Then after downloading the last master branch you upgraded I am abble to get Google drive working and appearing on the file menu.
Cause even if indexing is improved, it will still not be able to work good with bigger storages housing many files.
So, I set aside a few days and tasked myself with finally creating a usable user interface to configure external storage. Local file storage can also be mounted that is outside of your ownCloud’s data directory.
Users are restricted from mounting local file storage in the Settings -> Personal page, because this is a security risk.

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