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The trunk of a woolly mammoth whose body was found in the Siberian permafrost earlier this year is so well preserved that it looks like the animal has been dead for only a couple of days, and not an impressive 10,000 years, as is the case. The mammoth was a female, and specialists estimate that it was some 50-60 years old when it died. Now that they have also got their hands on meat, skin and hairs samples, they might be able to piece together the genome of this extinct species. Commenting on the discovery of this mammoth trunk, specialist Semyon Grigoriev, the current head of the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk, Russia, said that, “We found a perfectly preserved trunk.

Despite the fact that it looks quite fresh, the mammoth trunk does have a rather unpleasant smell. Scientists in Russia and from other parts of the world are now busy analyzing meat, skin and hairs samples, hoping to better understand the woolly mammoth's genetic makeup. They are also analyzing the trunk's anatomy, in an attempt to collect more information about these extinct creatures. The trunk, which had been separated from the body, was discovered in August and transported to Yakutsk shortly after. However, the smell is not as bad as one would expect, given the fact that the animal has been dead for 10,000 years.
It all depends on the preservation, here it was better and the smell was not so strong,” researcher Semyon Grigoriev explained.

However, they stress that using this data to clone woolly mammoths is, at least for the time being, pretty much out of the question.
It is important to us to learn all possible details about mammoth,” said Semyon Grigoriev. And I repeat once again that cloning - despite our discovery, it is a very distant prospect, involving years and decades of work,” he went on to argue.

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