You need a Ubuntu server that's up and running, and that server will need to have a full LAMP stack. You must click one of the types of systems this resolver will be used for (WordPress, OTRS, Tine 2.0, ownCloud, Typo3, Drupal). For more hot IT security tips and tricks, sign up for TechRepublic's Information Security newsletter. When trying to convert a physical machine to a virtual one, you may receive the following error after authentication : unable to obtain hardware for the selected machine. Description : Dell monochrome laser printer (EPSON parts inside) with duplex, LAN port, paralel port. In order to use the HP Smart Array B320i raid controller on Ubuntu 14, instead of the onboard SATA controller, you need to do the following steps.

When using UpdraftPlus plugin for FTP backup I’ve noticed that the backup is stuck at 0%. Without the primary key set, the resolver will not connect.To create the resolver, log into privacyIDEA as the admin, click Users, and then click New sqlresolver. You'll have to change the table name to reflect an actual table in your database, map the table columns accordingly, and set a limit (the default is 500). In the resulting window (Figure B), fill out all of the necessary information and make sure to click Edit User Store.
With that basic information filled out, click Test SQL Resolver and, if the test passes, click Save Resolver. You can start adding users for your new resolver.What you can do nowYour privacyIDEA authentication server is ready.

The user will be admin, and the password will be the one you set up with the pi-admin command.At first login, you'll be prompted to create a default realm (Figure A). With this service up and running, you can use it to create such things as two-step authentication for an ownCloud server.For more information on rolling out privacyIDEA into your network, check out the official documentation. When prompted, click Create Realm, and you're ready to go.Figure AThe admin user logged into the privacyIDEA web UI.

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