BrewPi, created by a German guy who loves drinking beer, is an open source fermentation controller that runs on an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. Seems Raspberry Pi goes so well with alcohol and parties, thats why the third project in this list relates to beer as well. Raspberry Pi may look like a toy for kids since its original purpose was to teach kids about programming.
The hardware includes a 1GHz AMLogic ARM processor, a Mali 400 GPU, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal memory, an SD card slot and a 7 inch multitouch display, plus WiFi support. The content store for this device will offer free books from Project Gutenberg and various other educational media. When it was launched, Chromecast came with a limited-time promotion for three months of Netflix, one of the world’s most famous video streaming services.
Those who really wanted to get their hands on the dongle and didn’t want to pay triple the price had the chance to do this in the weeks to come, of course, as Google soon replenished supplies. The dongle comes with a Marvell 88DE3005 system on a chip, which includes codecs for audio and video. In order to use it, you have to power it up since it doesn’t come with any type of batteries.
Setting up Chromecast is a really simple job and it doesn’t take a genius to do it or even extensive tech knowledge. There are a few instances when this process won’t work, and that has something to do with your router. The device also requires that the Wi-Fi network and router settings to be configured to allow devices to communicate with one another, so you may have to fix a few things in the router settings area.
During the setup process, you may notice that the LED on the Chromecast will go through a few colors – pink, red and white when the connection is established.
All in all, you’ll just need the device, an app and an available Wi-Fi connection, as well as the Google Cast app for Chrome.
Well, there are quite a few uses for the device, including casting browser content, pictures, videos and more. In February, Google opened up the SDK to all developers, allowing them to build apps specifically made for the new dongle, rather than based on Android. And that’s how apps allowing you to cast personal content to the big screen came to life. You can even upload subtitles to go with your videos, but those that are already integrated along with the video file won’t be detected. A premium version will cut out any ads, and enable you to create playlists, extending support to MP3s. At first glance, Chromecast may not seem like that much of a big deal, but after a closer look, you’ll quickly become a fan. Do you want to share the YouTube video you’re looking at with the rest of the family without having to crowd around a small screen?
There are so many uses for the device and even though you could obtain the same results without Chromecast, why should you have to? Even if Chromecast hasn’t been made available all over the world, there are ways to purchase one, albeit for a few more bucks than you would from the Play Store.

One of the cool things with Chromecast is that it won’t take over your computer or smartphone. With Chromecast, you just set up which tab to stream, or which video to cast and then resume whatever you were doing on the computer.
The app selection is a bit limited and it’s clear that there are still a lot to come.
While visiting the Sabi Sands game reserve in South Africa, a group of tourists chanced to witness a crocodile plunging out of a local river and attacking an elephant. Spoiler alert: this clash did not end very well for the crocodile, even though the reptile was fairly big and freakishly strong. It was just as the pachyderm was pulling its body out of the water that the crocodile grabbed it by its trunk. The reason why the elephant managed to save itself from becoming the crocodile's lunch is because, at one point, it kicked the reptile with its knee and then tried to stab it with its tusks. By the looks of it, the elephant only sustained minor injuries while desperately trying to shake off the crocodile.
Seigo published on his blog an idea of a pretty original tablet dubbed Aseigo, that you can see below.
At first, when the name was leaked, nobody knew what this mysterious device was going to be and rumors ran. Google has been talking about making life easier for users for a long time now, and Chromecast is just that – a way to watch content on your TV without needing extra cables spread around your house, connecting your computer to the TV. The dongle was soon off the shelves of every major shop in the United States and by the end of the first day, Google was announcing that the Netflix promo was out.
Dozens of devices were available on the site and people were selling it for a profit, taking advantage of the stock shortage.
If your TV supports CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), you can control your TV with the help of Chromecast. First, it will try to detect your Chromecast signal, and provide you with a unique code that you’ll see on the right lower corner of the screen. The company only imposed a couple of limitations, particularly related to adult content, but other than that, everything was fair game. Up until then, there were only a few apps that enabled users to just send over their own personal movies and photos, especially since Google went on a witch hunt and shut down a few of them by changing things in the policy. It can help you view pictures, listen to locally stored music and even connect to the cloud to grab files. You can do that in a few seconds, without bothering to connect an HDMI cable or moving furniture around to place the laptop on and so on.
For instance, when streaming a video with the help of an HDMI cable from your laptop, you can’t do anything else. Being able to cast your games over to the TV, outside of Chrome, for instance, would bring a new set of users. Don't fret, photos showing the crocodile trying to kill and eat the pachyderm are included in the gallery below.
The tourists who witnessed it say that, when it was attacked by the crocodile, the elephant was getting ready to leave a watering hole with the rest of its herd.

The tourists say that, the moment the reptile's teeth sank deep into its flesh, the elephant panicked and began trumpeting.
When this happened, the crocodile finally figured out that it had bitten more than it could kill and let go. This finally got the croc to relent and the elephant ran up the hill of the bank,” says tourist Ashley Lewis, as cited by Daily Mail.
The reptile, on the other hand, it believed to have been badly wounded when the pachyderm hit it with its knees and its tusks. A team of engineers from the University of Southampton and their kids have built a super computer from 64 Raspberry Pi's and Lego. This is the first tablet with Plasma Active preinstalled and a product that’s meant to cost only 200 euros.
It connects to an HDMI port on your TV and plays audio and video content by streaming it via Wi-Fi from the local network. This means that you’ll have to set it up again to remember Wi-Fi networks, complete with passwords. That means that you’ll use your smartphone as a remote control and turn on the TV or change the HDMI port by casting whatever content you choose to the device. This tool enables you to cast your own local videos straight to the device and provides a steady, reliable rendition, without hiccups.
Of course, AllCast has actually been designed to work with a number of devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and smart TVs, to name just a few. Receiving phone calls doesn’t represent a problem, nor does switching over to another app.
Also, if you often play from your laptop, you may want to enjoy a bigger screen from time to time.
This can get a little bit confusing and there’s no real way to block access aside from changing the password to the Wi-Fi. The people who witnessed this close encounter say that, at one point, the pachyderm was waving the crocodile around as if it were a rag doll. The device’s real name is Spark and this slate uses an open Linux stack and unlocked hardware, plus open content and app services. Soon we’ll have orders for the device and a real way to buy it online, but right now we have to wait and see if this tablet becomes real. An app that would help users do this would come in handy and there’s already talk about something like this happening, so we can only hope that it does get launched sooner rather than later. And if you wonder what these amazing things are, here is a list of 10 awesome projects created with Raspberry Pi.

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