De mogelijkheden zijn enorm uitgebreid in vergelijking met gangbare pakketten en de software is platformonafhankelijk. OwnCloud beschikt over eenvoudige editors en viewers om ook met meerdere personen gelijktijdig documenten te bewerken. Wilt meer weten over de Private Storage oplossingen die Javelin u kan bieden of wilt u deze proberen? Mirall is a Qt tray sync client that uses Csync and allows you to synchronize data between the local machine and ownCloud. For now, there's no file manager plugin so you won't be able to see the current file sync status (emblems) or share files via your file manager. A first stable Mirall version is expected to be released with ownCloud 4 and it will be targeting Linux, though Windows might be supported too (it's a second priority). Please note that at this point, if you select "Configure" again, Mirall won't look like you've already entered the ownCloud URL. To install Mirall and Csync in other Linux distributions, get the source from here: Mirall, Csync.
Todo.txt is a popular, minimalistic todo list format in which the data is stored in a simple text file. Of course, you can easily manage your Todo.txt tasks with a simple text editor, but using a tool such as QTodoTxt simplifies things, providing a better overview of your tasks by using colored priorities and due dates as well as a sidebar treeview which allows you to quickly access contexts and projects. Note that the application comes with a tray icon which unfortunately doesn't work properly in Unity (the icon is displayed but it doesn't do anything when clicked).
Before using QTodoTxt, you may want to read its user documentation (includes keyboard shortcuts and some useful tips).

Arch Linux users can install QTodoTxt via AUR (but it's an old version at the time I'm writing this article). Canonical's Joseph Salisbury has announced the availability of a new installation of the weekly Ubuntu Kernel Team Newsletter, which informs Ubuntu Linux users about the latest work done by the Ubuntu kernel developers. On the other hand, they are still tracking the Linux 4.4 kernel, which will be an LTS (Long-Term Supported) branch.
The Ubuntu kernel devs also notify us that they are now building Linux kernel packages for the s390x (IBM System z) hardware architecture for the Ubuntu Linux operating system. The open-source Tails amnesic incognito live system reached a new milestone on March 8, 2016, stable version 2.2, which adds several new features and improvements, along with security patches and software updates. However, for those that are not in the loop, we would like to inform them that new features in Tails 2.2 include support for viewing DRM-protected DVD-Video discs, as well as Onion Circuits for displaying a list of the current Tor circuits and connections. Of course, Onion Circuits replaces the unmaintained Vidalia cross-platform GUI for controlling the Tor anonymity network, and there's also a new system status icon to inform users if Tails is connected to Tor or not (see the attached screenshot for details).
Last but not least, Git has been implemented for the verification of the integrity of transferred objects. Dus zet een pdf op owncloud, stuur iemand een email met wachtwoord en deze persoon kan die file er dan afhalen.
Dus geschikt om afspraken thuis uit te wisselen: is er iemand thuis vanavond voor de kinderen? They can already be used to synchronize your ownCloud, but there are some features that don't work yet, like installing ownCloud straight from Mirall.
Firstly, you must select "Configure" from the tray icon and enter your ownCloud URL address.

This is a display error and if you quit Mirall and start it again, this display error should be fixed.
From the Mirall tray icon, select "Add folder", select "Choose" and select a folder that will be used as the local ownCloud sync folder (like the "Dropbox" folder for Dropbox). To quote the Mirall announcement on the ownCloud mailing list, "PLEASE DO NOT use in production. Since todo.txt is both machine and human-readable, you can check out your tasks with a simple text editor from any OS, synchronize it with cloud sync tools such as Dropbox, etc. Linux kernel 4.2 reached end of life on December 15, 2015, as renowned kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman informed users earlier that day. They’ve also laid down the release schedule for the current and next cycle for all supported kernel versions and Ubuntu OSes.
The optional PGP key feature of WhisperBack has been fixed in Tails 2.2, along with saving of reports while offline. All Tails users are urged to update to Tails 2.2, which is distributed as a Live ISO image, as soon as possible.
However, please be aware of the known issues published by the devs on the official announcement.

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