The other feature that just went inside is revamped LDAP settings in a wizard-like fashion. If you remember the old settings dialogue, it consisted of three tabs (one with a couple sections). As a consequence we needed to handle bug reports (and support tickets on the company side) which were caused by wrong configurations. The result is that we now have a really easy to use configuration tool where the ownCloud admin does not need to have deep knowledge of LDAP. Unfortunately, after the Beta release I found a couple of annoying bugs, which are now fixed. Mind, this is based on a Beta release and actually the first version of this LDAP configuration "wizard".
Laut Code soll es wohl ausgeblendet werden, wenn es einen Wert hat, vermutlich soll der automatisch gefunden werden, was aber nicht funktioniert. Das geschieht automatisch, wenn alle Anforderungen (das sind Host, Port, Userfilter, Loginfilter) gesetzt sind.
I played around with thoughts about some kind of assistent, then product management approached me with the same desire.
Configuration details that are detected do not need to be presented anymore (the user-group-associtation for example). So I sat down, sorted out which settings could be detected or semi-detected and which required direct input by the ownCloud admin. Semi-detectable details will be set to a default value, but can be controlled and adjusted by the ownCloud admin (the Base DN or the user filters for example). It costs you the ability to define complex conditions, but the possibility to enter raw filters is maintained.
I would be amazing if you have the time to test it out, give feedback, report bugs, or even better, provide patches ;) I am very curious to hear your opinions!
There were also settings that required LDAP information – and often ownCloud admins lack that and get only a little information from their LDAP admin. Also certain values, for instance about proper objectClasses, can be auto-detected, pre-selected and offered in a multiselect box.

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