Our goal in this long journey of installing ownCloud 9 on the Raspberry pi is not just installing ownCloud but also mounting an external drive for lager capacity of data storage and to be able to access it from anywhere in the world.
This tutorial assumes that you have a fully functional Raspberry pi-2 or 3 with Raspbian installed and a 8 GB Micro SD card Minimum!. These instructions are for mounting an NTFS formatted hard drive and allowing ownCloud to store files onto it. Now we need to add the WAN IP to your trusted IP list and not to be overwritten by ownCloud. Here add the WAN IP (External IP address) you just got from the router or Google to the trusted domains array. Now port forward SSL port 443 to the Raspberry pi internal IP (LAN IP)  address and save settings.

OwnCloud est une implémentation open source de services en ligne de stockage et d'applications diverses (cloud computing).
If you haven’t installed Raspbian then check out my guide on how to install Raspbian via NOOBS.
If you are NOT mounting an external hard drive to the raspberry pi then you are ready to log into your ownCloud Server by entering the RPI IP address into the address bar. Now we need to get the gid, uid and the uuid as we will need to use them so the pi will remember it even if we plug it into a different USB port. Also we meed to get the UUID of the attached external hard drive so the Pi can remember this drive even if you plug it into a different USB port. Then copy the light blue letters and numbers of the sda1 entry usually located on the bottom.

Add the following line to the bottom of the file, updating uid, guid and the UUID with the values we got above. Because we installed SSL for more security you might get a certificate error, simply add the certificate to your exception list to proceed. You should be presented with a simple setup screen, Here enter a username and password to create an admin account. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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