Before releasing the next official update, you can try a new beta, which contains many minor improvements in several import functions and one long requested major feature. GPS coordinates from dive site photos: When you capture a photo with your smartphone or GPS equipped photo camera, the current GPS position is stored in the Exif data of the image. Columns and sort order of the dive list: This feature was requested for quite some time and now it is finally implemented. Please download the beta now and let me know if you find any problems which should be fixed before the final release.
This one is long overdue, but now SkyDrive is finally integrated into Diving Log for Windows Phone.
I’ve also updated the design of the logbook hub start page, to resemble the design of Diving Log Touch for Windows 8. When editing dive sites, you can now capture your current position into the coordinate fields. Your buddy can now sign your dives on the phone and the signature will sync back to the PC. The integrated dive map experience will show all your dive sites with GPS coordinates (like the PC version). This is something on my own wish list for Diving Log for a very long time and I’m really glad that this is now finally included. The dive site map displays all your dive sites with GPS coordinates from your logbook in the map. In this version you can switch also between several coordinate formats for latitude and longitude and view dive sites easily in Google Maps, Google Earth and Bing Maps.
The GPS Tool for Windows Mobile is touch optimized (finger friendly) and can be downloaded here (copy to the device and tap on it).
The tool has also basic navigation features, which can be handy when you are on a dive boat.
During the implementation of the GPS functionality I’ve found also an interesting tutorial how to connect your Windows Mobile phone to your PC and using the phone GPS as an external GPS device for your desktop. Unity 8 is coming to the Ubuntu desktop and it's bringing with it the Mir display server, Qt implementation, and a host of other core modifications. The stable and complete transition from Unity 7 to Unity 8 is a major one, but that applies more to the inner workings of the desktop environment. In any case, a video put together by Popescu Sorin shows GTK+ apps running on Unity 8, in Ubuntu 15.04. As it stands right now, Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will launch with an updated version of Unity 7. Battlefield Hardline has just received some fresh details about one of its all-new multiplayer modes, called Crosshair, in which the cops must protect a VIP from assassination attempts made by the criminals during each three-minute round. Battlefield Hardline launches in March, and developer Visceral Games wants to add a lot of new things to the recipe of the old franchise, starting, of course, with the emphasis on cops vs. Besides this change in focus, the new title will use the theme to implement tweaks to the multiplayer game modes, as IGN now confirms that Visceral is going to add a new type of experience to the online mode called Crosshair.
Counter-Strike fans will find a similar experience to the old Assassination game mode in Crosshair, as two teams face off while targeting another player-controlled VIP character.
The cops must employ their tactics to help protect the very important person, while the criminals must take him out by any means possible. There's no respawn and each round lasts three minutes, putting an even bigger emphasis on speed and efficiency.
There are two extraction points on each map, which means that criminals will need to plan their offensive maneuvers carefully, so that they don't go all-in on a certain route and their enemies take a different one. According to the developer, Crosshair is aimed, more or less, at the eSports crowd, and its parallels to Counter-Strike's fondly remembered assassination mode might help it achieve popularity with those who play shooters professionally. Battlefield 4 already has a decent following in the eSports segment, so Hardline can bank on this popularity when it comes out in March for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Dell is one of the first notebook makers to announce that they support the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless technology, since its customers can now configure the Latitude E6420 with Verizon 4G LTE mobile broadband connectivity.
According to Verizon, by using this technology, consumers can expect speeds up to 10X faster than those of previous generation mobile networks. Combine that with the maximum 12-hours battery life delivered by Dell's Latitude E6420 notebooks, and it becomes apparent that this solution could be able to fulfill the needs of most mobile professionals out there. The Dell Latitude E6420 notebook computer is built around a 14-inch display that is available with three different LED-backlit panel options, one touting a 1600x900 resolution, while the other two are limited at 1366x768 (one of these features multi-touch capabilities).

In the standard Latitude E6420 configuration graphics is handled by the Intel integrated HD 3000 GPU, but more demanding users can also opt for Nvidia NVS 4200M discrete graphics with 512MB of dedicated memory and Optimus support. The rest of the specs list includes a DVD burner, WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, an optional GPS module, an integrated HD webcam as well as a SmartCard reader.
All these are packed inside a MIL-STD 810G tested Tri-Metal casing with a powder-coated base and spill resistant keyboard.
According to Dell, this add-on card will also be available on the E6420 ATG and E6420 XFR semi-rugged and fully-rugged business laptops by the end of the year. You might be aware that Amazon is in the process of heavily refreshing its product lineup with new tablets, eReader and even a fresh software version.
Well, while considering the upgrade strategy, Amazon suddenly realized it needed a super small tablet that actually seems more like a phone. The tablet offers pretty basic specs but given the low price tag, you shouldn’t be too shocked. Since this is an entry-level device, it only takes advantage of a mono speaker and single-band Wi-Fi. The fact that you can carry the little Fire HD 6 with you at all times, basically everywhere, anytime constitute one of the biggest attractions of this little model. For example, users won’t be able to access the Google Play Store and will only be granted permission for the Amazon Appstore and Amazon eBook, music, video services.
Surely, there are some positive aspects to using Sangria (or the Amazon OS in general), like the ability of downloading content from Amazon Prime Instant Video and play it later in offline mode.
Der beliebte Android Launcher bekommt, nach dem Update auf Version 3.1, eine praktische Suchfunktion in den App-Drawer. Solltet ihr sehr viele Apps auf eurem Smartphone installiert haben, dann kommt euch die Suchfunktion gerade recht.
Wenn ihr neben den Finalen-Versionen auch an den Beta-Versionen des Nova Launchers interessiert seid, dann solltet ihr der Beta Community auf Google+ beitreten. Android Wear wird von Outlook noch gar nicht so lange unterstutzt, da gibt es schon ein sehr interessantes Update. Sind keine Termine vorhanden, wird das Outlook Watchface die letzten empfangenen E-Mails anzeigen, die man dann naturlich auch gleich beantworten oder archivieren kann. If you have an older version, I recommend to install the full setup instead (you do not need to uninstall the old version before). If you don’t like the white tiles, you can switch back to the accent color tiles in the app settings. When you tap on a dive site you’ll see the label with the name, tap again on the label to navigate into the site details. In the dive site editor, the position button will retrieve your current position and store it in the coordinate fields. You were already able to view your GPS enabled dive sites in Google Maps and Google Earth for a long time, but now there is also a build-in map experience which allows some nice things not possible in the existing mapping tools. Both tools were created by Diving Log users and add some great features, which are currently not available in Diving Log.
If you have a Windows Mobile phone with GPS you can use the phone as GPS device for your PC (click here for instructions).
If you have Diving Log 4.5 installed on your phone, the GPS Tool will connect to your logbook on the device and allows you to store coordinates into existing dive sites or as a new dive site. You can select any dive site from your logbook and it will display the distance from your current position, the travel speed, course, time and ETA (estimated time of arrival). This way you can use the upcoming GPS functionality in Diving Log 5.0 without the need for a separate GPS device when you have a Windows Mobile phone with built in GPS. The main interface we all know and love (or hate) will remain pretty much the same, with some improvements that will translate from the phone. As you can see, there are some delays and it takes a while until the apps actually open, but that's understandable.
Some of the improvements will likely be backported to Unity 14.04 LTS, but nothing major will happen. Only the VIP must die so that the criminals win, but players who control that character can wield a powerful pistol to protect themselves and lead their cop buddies to hidden stashes and powerful weapons.
This operating system takes its design cues from the green robot, but it comes with a bunch of limitations.
Anschlie?end konnt ihr die jeweils aktuellste Beta-Version, des Nova Launchers uber den Google Play Store beziehen.

Statt nur uber Benachrichtigungen und der Smartwatch-App auf dem Laufenden zu halten, gibt es mit dem aktuellen Update gleich ein Outlook Watchface mit. In den spaten 70ern des letzten Jahrtausends geboren und somit viele technische Fortschritte live miterlebt.
If there is already a position stored, the data won’t be overwritten by the data from the image. That means you can display your latest dive on top of the list and you can create a rather narrow list with just the dive number or a wide list with many columns, which spread above the dive details.
The last new feature is the same split GPS coordinate editor I’ve added recently to Diving Log Touch. Diving Log Touch has now the dive site maps functionality, you already have in the desktop and phone version. You can also search for dive site names and use the location service to get basic navigation functionality (distance to selected dive site, speed, course, etc.), similar to that function on Windows Phone on the right. The dive site view got also its own little map control, which just shows the current selected dive site. When you right click into the map, you can add a new dive site at this position or update an existing dive site position (geo tagging). Just open the tool and pick for any dive site in your logbook the coordinates in Google Earth.
In this blog post I cover the Diving Log GPS Tool for Windows Mobile which is now available.
You can later sync these dive sites with coordinates back into your desktop logbook and Diving Log 5.0. This is very early work and Unity 8 won't be available by default for another two years. Also, users will have access to a much more friendly Unity 8 version, which has improved greatly in the past few months.
Heute hat man den Nova Launcher aus dem Beta-Stadium entlassen, die Finale-Version steht ab jetzt im Play Store zum Download bereit.
Ich habe die Beta bereits seit letztem Samstag installiert und die Suche schon mehrfach benutzt, eine wirklich praktische Funktion. Das Zifferblatt zeigt am Rand die Termine der nachsten zwolf Stunden an, die Farbe der Termine ist die der hinzugefugten Kalender.
Vater der weltbesten Tochter (wie wohl jeder Vater) und Immer-Noch-Nicht-Ehemann der besten Frau der Welt.
This update runs on WP 7 and WP 8 (Windows Phone 8 optimized version will be released in January). It is using also the location service to capture your current position into the dive site details. Additionally the map can show your current position on the map and calculate navigation data like speed, distance to the selected dive site and ETA (estimated time of arrival).
It creates a profile picture and uploads the picture together with some dive data to your Facebook account. Man sieht so auf einen Blick, wie lange man noch bis zum nachsten Termin hat oder kann per Tap alle Termine des Tages durchsehen. Au?erdem zu finden bei Twitter (privater Account mit nicht immer sinnbehafteten Inhalten) und Instagram. Unfortunately most of the current devices don’t have GPS and just use WiFi triangulation, which is not very accurate. When you tap on the flag icon, it will navigate to the full screen map and zoom into the current selected dive site. You can pin the map right on your WP start screen and if you have a dive site selected, it will automatically zoom to that region. Andrew Forget, the developer of this add-on, is looking for translators for other languages. Die Animationen werden sichtbar, sobald ihr von eurem Startbildschirm zum App-Drawer wechselt.

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