A swimming baby video that I also wrote about yesterday is stirring up a bit of controversy.
He described being worried about Elizabeth too, but letting her swim on her own as she has the reflexes for it.
The training toddlers undergo for swimming only helps them control their breathing and know when they have to turn on their backs to come out for air.
He also mentions that he was not in the pool with her because it's easier to jump in for a rescue if he is standing on the side instead of actually being in the water.

Usher appears to be more ripped than ever on the cover and inside the pages of the November 2013 issue of Men’s Health magazine.
Luckily, Usher goes into the specifics, making it practically impossible for you to not believe him anymore.
Seeing how he already was in excellent shape, Usher thought training even harder would be a piece of cake. In the interview posted above, dad Adam Christensen explains that his daughter Elizabeth was trained to swim by professionals.

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