First of all: Sorry, I uploaded a wrong version of ownCloud to the community package hub yesterday. Beside the new version of ownCloud itself, I have updated the script a little bit, so your ownCloud data and config folder will survive further updates. Owncloud could be an alternative to the DSM filemanager, I don’t really know it, yet. The only maybe related thing i changed compared to my previous DSM installation: UTF character conversion to german in regional settings. Changed it back to default english, activated debug mode and deactivated maintanance mode in owncloud and refreshed page.

Can you tell me how I can find and edit this line in the owncloud-package and how I am able to get in on my NAS and running afterwards? Or are you even planning to let us users choose between one version, with and one version without that “feature”? Hi, here we provide you APK file of "Download Android App ownNote - Notes for ownCloud for Samsung" to download and install for your mobile. But I will never deliver an official package, because I never know when I’ve got time to create a new package or give support. I guess, I’m not the only one with such a setting (especially under those, that are required to use a DDNS-service).

You have to copy them to a place out of the owncloud folder, install the new package and copy them back. Weist du schon etwas genaueres, wann ownCloud 4 erscheinen wird, sollte doch eigentlich noch im April geschehen sein.

Owncloud upload notifications apk
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