For those not familiar with ownCloud, this is a tool that you can install on your server (there are also desktop and mobile sync clients) which comes with a web interface that provides access to file management, calendars, tasks, image gallery, music player, document viewer and more. The company who stores your data then intends to charge you for any additional space you are going to use, which seems to be the business model pretty much for all cloud storage providers out there. You give other people your own personal data and trust that they will take a good care of it.
It might not be a bad idea letting big companies to handle those data for you, considering the technology involved in file sharing and syncing solution.
But for those who don’t like the idea letting big companies to handle their personal data, there is another option.Introducing ownCloud, just like the name suggested, it allows you to take control over your own cloud services.

Here is a guide on how to setup your very own ownCloud on Windows with XAMPP localhost.Requirements Setup and Installationa Windows machineinstall xamppsome basic knowledge in following stepsAssuming you already have XAMPP installed, if now, go download XAMPP now and install it on your Windows machine. I’ve tried to use the first method, recommended by ownCloud, but that turns out to be some troublesome when setup.
So I suggest and recommend you to use the other method, download ownCloud here (5.0 at the time of the writing).
In our case, we will download the Windows desktop client, you can download the client here.Here you will need to supply the URL of ownCloud. It’s admin and the password of your choice when setup.If everything goes as planed, you should be able to see something like this.

We will have more coverage and show you some neat tricks with ownCloud late in the series.For now, you have just successfully configured your very own cloud service.

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