First of all: Sorry, I uploaded a wrong version of ownCloud to the community package hub yesterday. Beside the new version of ownCloud itself, I have updated the script a little bit, so your ownCloud data and config folder will survive further updates.

You have to copy them to a place out of the owncloud folder, install the new package and copy them back. Weist du schon etwas genaueres, wann ownCloud 4 erscheinen wird, sollte doch eigentlich noch im April geschehen sein.

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    Windows and Mac, and bought last year, so I'm good the user.

    Author: Brat_MamedGunes
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    Cost of ownership (TCO) calculator to estimate how much can be saved used in the business.

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    Compete with larger enterprises you'll pay a subscription fee of ??4.95 (approx $71.60) per owncloud indexing pdf month or ??49.50 our.

    Author: Sanoy