Now that Nextcloud 9 is out, many users are already interested in migration so I'd like to address the why and how in this blog post. Of course, right now Nextcloud 9 has some extra features and fixes and future releases will introduce other capabilities.
Removing old filesIn this step, we'll move the existing installation preserving the data and configuration.
Ecosystems and confidenceA major point which makes open source so beneficial for businesses is that it puts pressure on suppliers to offer great service and support. Luckily, in the end, the AGPL license protects the future of a project, even if its steward clings to power. I'm super proud and happy that we could announce today, with our first release, that Nextcloud will not be doing proprietary code.
It was great to have conversations with the contributors who visited us as well as some downtime with the team.
We'll have some alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, meat, fruits, veggie stuff and of course a BBQ. Based on feedback collected from many contributor members we've defined some plans and already made changes to how Nextcloud will be developed. Community InputJanuary 2015, I ran a contributor survey to see what the ownCloud community thought about the processes, development focus and our work at the company.
The company shouldn't be involving the community more in decision making; that's the wrong way of looking at it. Let's go over the specific pieces of feedback mentioned in the email and received from contributors in other ways and note how Nextcloud intends to address them. DevelopmentownCloud is fun and relatively easy to contribute to, with a mostly well running review process and release cycle.
Dealing with Pull RequestsA major issue as detailed in many comments was that it often takes too long for pull requests to be merged. Respecting contributions by being responsive and getting them merged will be our number one development priority at Nextcloud. More stabilityA general point made was that it'd be good to focus more on stability and performance. Architectural improvementsIt was mentioned that some parts of ownCloud are in need of serious architectural love and refactoring. Apps: support for Calendar, Contacts and SpreedMany pointed out that apps are extremely important for ownCloud and we should work more on that. Nextcloud will officially support the Calendar and Contacts apps and supercharge their development. Decision makingMost people were positive about the technical direction of ownCloud - test-driven, stability, architectural work, those were great improvements. Communication channelsSeveral people have noted that we've got too many, confusing and overlapping communication channels. So today is the day: we announce that we're forking ownCloud at some point the coming weeks. A healthy NextcloudOpen source projects work best when they have a company behind them which aims to build a sustainable business around a symbiotic relationship with the community they are a part off. The good news is that we're starting a new company, Nextcloud, which will do things right: build a sustainable, durable business. What we will offerThis reboot of ownCloud is meant to be good for users, customers and contributors alike. For customers, the drop-in replacement will be accompanied with a Enterprise Subscription which gives them all the support and features they are used to.
FutureI know that this is a surprise to everybody and it isn't that you should be joining RIGHT NOW or I'll hate you forever, on the contrary. This endeavor will take some time and effort, but successful examples like LibreOffice and MariaDB have shown that, in the end, the community will find a way to get it right.
If you are going to share movies for example, you can change the Maximum upload size to 1 or 2 GB.
The Enabled ZIP-download is activated because it is Needed for multi-file and folder downloads.
The next item a€“ Updater a€“ allows you to update your ownCloud instance from the web interface.
If you are up to date, clicking Backup Management, Update (top right) or  Update (bottom) does not return anything. It is good to make a manual back up before trying this in case there are problems and you have to update manually following these instructions from the official ownCloud manual.
Background jobsA system like ownCloud sometimes requires tasks to be done on a regular basis without blocking the user interface.
Here you see that user www-data (that runs the web server) will trigger the cron.php file every 15 minutes. You could start by allowing apps to use the Share API and Allow links, and enable other functions if they are required by users. Unless you are connected via HTTPS the option Enforce HTTPS will be grey and you won't be able to tick it. At the very bottom of the Admin menu page you can see what version your ownCloud installation is at, which is useful to know and easily check. In conclusion, the web interface gives a good selection of items for a system administrator to view and tweak. However, the best degree of control over the ownCloud installation is still from the command line interface, when logged into the server. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! Improve your writing with Textkraft!Textkraft is a professional writing app.The magic about it is, that you have all documents for your project in one app, side by side, without additional downloading times accessible.
Obesity is oftentimes regarded as a disease originating in people's unhealthy lifestyles and diets, and is considered to be one of the most widespread epidemics in the world.
A team of experts at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana, United States, led by Nikhil Dhurandhar, claims, in a study published on January 22nd, 2009, in the journal Obesity, that the AD-36 virus is responsible for the onset of the disease in some obesity sufferers. That's not to say that overindulgence, lack of exercise, and sedentary lifestyles are not to blame for the rampant spread of the condition. The team also explains that 3T3-L1 fat cells accumulate lipids (fats) far quicker in people infected with the virus than in their also-obese peers. When he spoke at the 234th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, held in the summer of 2007, Dhurandhar argued that one third of obese individuals had the AD-36 virus, as opposed to one in ten slim people.
According to a growing feeling among medics throughout the world, the opening of a new research field in treating obesity might prove to be the path to creating pills that actually work, and curing a large number of people with this condition.
A new research conducted by China Medical University concluded that patients suffering from tuberculosis are at higher risk of developing lung cancer.

To date, no clear association between tuberculosis and lung cancer has been established, but this new study brings evidence of an increased lung cancer risk in people with TB. Study participants were divided into two cohorts: all patients aged 20 years and older, who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis between 1998 and 2000, were classified in an exposed group, and all participants without tuberculosis history, formed the non-exposed group.
Any patients with cancer diagnosis were excluded from the study, to make sure that everyone was cancer-free at the start of both cohorts.
From the one million people, 716,872 adults were eligible for the analysis, out of which 4,480 were part of the tuberculosis cohort and 712,392 were in the non-tuberculosis cohort. This has been just too problematic in the past and while we might offer some for enterprise distributions, we hope to work together with distributions to create packages for Nextcloud 9 and newer releases.
Go to the folder ownCloud is installed in and execute sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --on (www-data has to be your HTTP user).
From conversations with Niels early on, it was clear to me that he has a very different and very confident view on his ability to run a real open source company.
No, we're not afraid that either would 'compete' with us: both will complement and strengthen the ecosystem. Because the core contributors and founder shared an ambitious goal for Nextcloud: be THE solution for privacy and security.
A first result is the establishment of the new Server repository on Github (and more repositories!) and we'll share other things on the forums and in Github issues the coming days. Improved transparency and governance, focus on stability and architectural improvements and other improvements are covered in this blog.
I shared the results by the end of April and pushed internally for the feedback to be taken serious. There were some practical requests and suggestions as well as concerns about the strain the growth of our project has put on the core developers.
As research by Mozilla has shown, reacting swiftly to contributions is crucial for growing community and we intend to grow and nurture our contributor base, recognizing outside input as a key driver of growth and success. Some of that has been implemented with the 8.x series and automated testing improvements done over the last year. Frank has already done a series of blogs about Federation in the past and more will follow. Frank has always emphasized the importance of building a platform and for Nextcloud this will be a central goal. More logical labels and tags, for example, which have been pretty much cleaned up since then. Nextcloud will address this, in part by a new architecture team and in another part by getting rid of most 'hidden' communication channels like internal IRC and mailing lists. First, we want the Nextcloud trademarks to be owned by the community, like the ownCloud one should have been. We won't be artificially crippling Nextcloud just to get some checkmark on a feature list on the enterprise side. Already mentioned were our plans to support the Calendar and Contacts apps, Mail too, perhaps more. We includes project founder Frank and the core ownCloud contributors who publicly quit ownCloud, Inc. We've got support from Niels Mache, long time open source entrepreneur and owner of the spreed video conferencing business. So we'll be providing a drop-in replacement for users next month, which will bring them the stability and security updates they need as well as full spreed.ME video conferencing integration. We've got some improvements in store, including new forums (discourse based), no more Contributor License Agreement and a foundation that will hold trademarks (not have them sub-licensed; nor be under company control!). I'm confident that we will be able to deliver even better solutions for our users and customers thanks to a redefined, more open community and company relationship! 2016 brought ownCloud 9, a major release, which was accompanied by an overhaul of, I hope you like our new website!
However, when there is a new version available this tool allows you to update automatically. Activating one and clicking on Export will result in a pop-up asking what to do with the ZIP file. For that purpose you, as a system administrator, can define background jobs which make it possible to execute tasks without any need of user interaction, e.g.
While AJAX is the default setting, using the system's Cron service is a better way to run scripts.
As Internet connections get faster and more reliable, the convenience of having all our data available on all our devices becomes ever more attractive. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
Swipe back and forth or use the well-arranged document overview to access texts, notes, Office documents, PDF files and other drafts you need for your writing process.Extended offline dictionaries with synonyms and built-in online references help you with spelling, language, expression, grammar, definition and translation.
The term obesity pandemic itself denotes all the characteristics of transmittable medical condition. However, not all cases are prompted by these factors alone, but are facilitated by the AD-36. The finds are not outstanding pieces of news, they say, because the team already published some preliminary results to their new study as far back as 1996 and 1997. We suggest the extension of comparative virological studies between North America and Europe, and studies between discordant twins (both dizygous and monozygous),” Dutch researchers Vincent van Ginneken, Laura Sitnyakowsky, and Jonathan Jeffery write in the medical journal Medical Hypotheses. In the future, lists on how to avoid catching the AD-36 virus could be fairly similar to those that give advice on how to avoid catching the flu or the cold today. Chen added that “with the universal health insurance claims data of Taiwan, we identified 4,480 patients with tuberculosis from a group of 716,872 people and followed them for eight years or longer. This release as well as at least the upcoming releases of own- and Nextcloud will be compatible so you'll be able to migrate between them in the future.
However, we promise that for the foreseeable future we will continue to report all security issues we find to upstream in advance of any release we do. This also avoids having to change all kinds of settings on the server, so it might be a wise choice in any case: rename the nextcloud folder to owncloud.
When I was approached by Struktur AG to join them to work on ownCloud and Spreed, I loved the idea. Tight control over the community tough things like CLA and trademark makes it hard to grow such an ecosystem and negates some of the benefits of open source for customers. And it continues to be awesome to get so many supportive comments and feedback on what we're up to! Some of the changes were implemented but many others were left for a future project to push forward.
Saying "we're more open" just means being a more friendly ruler - Nextcloud aims to be a participant, not a king, benevolent or not!

The result is that, with Core moving fast, contributions get out of sync, no longer apply and are effectively lost. An especially sore point in terms of stability is the upgrade process, as was very visible with the 9.0 release that is still not available for users of the built in updater app. While being conservative is important with regards to building a platform (stability and compatibility!) many improvements made their way into the 8 and 9 releases. Another thing was that big pull requests are often a pain in the ass to get merged and we should tell contributors to cut their work in smaller pieces.
So we will set up a foundation soon which will control the trademark (not have it sub-licensed!) and more in the future.
At the same time, of course much functionality is needed for companies, stuff that they need (and home users don't).
And of course with Spreed.ME we will integrate open source, WebRTC based video conferencing. Nextcloud will integrate with spreed's successor, the open source, webRTC based video conferencing software, kickstarting as a healthy, growing business with loads of customers while the integration provides a real valuable new feature to users.
On top of that we plan to support some of the most popular apps like Calendar and Contacts both for home users and enterprises.
January last year we did a survey of what community contributors would like to see improved and, finally, we can implement many of those requests.
We are in it for the long haul, our goal is a smooth transition and that means we will take some time to prepare things on our end.
However, there are disadvantages to using cloud services, particularly the free of charge ones that still have to make a profit somehow.
Unfortunately, not all physicians admit to this state of affairs, and stubbornly continue to treat it individually, with drugs. That means well ahead of our usual public disclosure policy, so security doesn't have to be a reason for people to move.
This has to run as the user of your webserver and thus can also be www-data or www for example. I always wanted an ecosystem around ownCloud, which is why I pushed things forward like our collaboration with Western Digital Labs and Collabora, matters of no business interest to the company I worked for. And indeed, Red Hat runs things the right way, even supporting a project like CentOS which many other companies would consider an existential threat to their business model. People are excited about our open strategy and appreciate the fact that there is a solid company behind it. That is not to say that there should not be any direction but it shouldn't be dictated by a company anymore. As the graphs below show, the number of pull requests taking longer than 6 months to be merged is rising rapidly while the company is contributing less to development relative to volunteers. To preserve a healthy balance, we want to introduce an Architecture team to make decisions that have a big impact on the code base. For technical discussions we keep using github (which now links commits to pull requests so you can find the discussion behind code) and we'll discuss more general subjects on the forum.
We will provide that for sure, including migration path, but this time as stand-alone tools.
As of now, most of the top contributors to ownCloud core are joining and of course, we're very busy hiring and aim to leave no (wo)man behind. But venture capital often leads to short term thinking and chasing of quarterly numbers resulting in bad decisions. We've always been in close contact with our contributors and this new thing can only be open and public from now on so let's take our time to do this right. For the sake of completeness it is additionally worth knowing that  background jobs can also be defined by installed apps. There are many valid, albeit scary, questions you'll want to mull over before trusting a third party to keep your data safe and we've listed them below. New evidence is starting to pile up that some cases of corpulency are, in fact, triggered by a virus similar to the common cold, which sparks off the replication of fat cells in the host body. The flood of incoming requests for information and support from customers presents a good problem. Of course, people can decide what they work on, and the company gets to decide what it pays its employees to do.
No more exclusivity for a single company, allowing it to do things others can't for legal reason. Money, time and effort is wasted and growth isn't what it could be - and that's pretty much a best case scenario. Over the coming days we'll blog about our plans and you can provide input and help us make the right decisions! The answers, as you will discover, in this feature are generally not what you want to hear: Privacy - is your data stored or is it being mined for advertising and marketing purposes? Now there are changes in how we manage our employees too, with far less micromanagement and more freedom. Our power is in employing the people who write the code, so we can give the best support and develop the best features. What guarantees do you have regarding the safety of your data and is there anything you can do to improve this? Continuity - Can the cloud provider suspend or cancel your account, possibly even losing all your data, for any reason? Performance - Is your Internet connection fast enough to use the services you want without delays? While a large company's security and backup policies are likely to be better designed and implemented than your own, you still have the questions about what they can do with your data.
You may also be concerned about keeping private information within your private network, not only for commercial secrecy but also data protection and preserving the privacy of those an organisation deals with.
One law for us, another for them Another serious issue is that the cloud service may be operated in a different country to your own, and therefore subject to different laws and policies. To its credit, it is reasonably open about using your data to make money - most of us knew Google would read our emails before we signed up for a Gmail account.
Still, the idea of cloud services is appealing and convenient; so how do we resolve this dichotomy?

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