I got distracted by Linuxtag, but finally got around to release ownCloud in a box based on the ownCloud 4 release now. For this release I added two new formats, one is Xen, and the other one is OVF, which can be used to run it on VMware ESX. When you run the appliance in a publicly accessible way, make sure you change the password of the system and ownCloud users. Setting up encrypted access via https needs the usual configuration of Apache and uploading of a certificate. Bagi anda yang ingin mencoba membangun sebuah OwnCloud server tapi tidak mau repot-repot menginstall paket-paket dan konfigurasi database dan sebagainya, ada sebuah solusi bagi anda. Berikut akan saya tunjukkan bagaimana cara install OwnCloud in a Box yang dikembangkan oleh Cornelius Schumacher di SUSE Studio. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. If you use popular cloud storage and sharing services like Box and Dropbox, you trust your sensitive information to third party data centers.
OwnCloud, the startup that positions itself as the open-source alternative to Box, is the newest contender in the cloud storage wars.

OwnCloud claims to give its 650,000 users a drop dead easy tool and more control over their data. Young companies are increasingly positioning themselves this way in the wake of security breaches that may undercut the market leaders in the space. With its hybrid cloud solution, Egnyte is another young cloud storage vendor that emphasizes advanced security and user experience.
The technology works a little differently than the competition — IT users can store information in their cloud of choice. The company will use the funds to expand its 70-partner strong channel, aggressively push into the enterprise, and support service providers who implement file sync and share based on OwnCloud. The other formats such as virtual disks for KVM, VirtualBox, Amazon's EC2 and other hypervisors as well as the live images for CDs and USB sticks, or the disk image and the Preload ISO for installation on physical hardware are of course still around. If you use the syncing client, you should also make sure that the machine runs with the correct time, as the syncing algorithm relies on client and server to have the same time. If you run ownCloud outside your private network and you have private data on your server, this is an advisable step.
But for those who are on the conservative side, there are still the appliances with previous versions around, so you can run proven versions, while you evaluate the new ones.
OwnCloud in a Box adalah solusi cerdas buat kita yang ingin membangun sebuah OwnCloud server.

Kemudian pilih Yes pada menu selanjutnya. Harap dipahami bahwa langkah berikut ini akan memformat seluruh hard disk anda. Setelah itu buka web browser dari komputer lain dan tuliskan IP address tersebut. Selanjutnya kita perlu membuat sebuah admin user untuk OwnCloud. IT gets to decide whether files from services like Amazon, Dropbox or Google are shared with a broad spectrum of users — or accessed by just a small subset.
In a recent update to the product, file owners can set expiration dates on shared files and password-protect the URL to a shared link. Tetapi anda tidak usah khawatir meski anda belum pernah mencoba OpenSUSE ataupun anda belum pernah mencoba Linux sekalipun, anda tidak akan kesulitan.

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