Please note that we are not against Google storing its users’ data because we know they do so to enhance our user experience and also to make more money! After you have CardDav on your Android device and also after you have set up the sync server, it is time for you to configure CardDav to sync contacts with your server. You can enable One-Way Sync so that no data is lost from your server even if you delete it on your client. If you have been using Google contact sync (which is more likely), you can log into Gmail, go to contacts and download all of them as a VCF file.
The latest addition to the ransomware spectrum is a new threat called Cerber that encrypts users' files and then provides a TTS (text-to-speech) feature that reads out the ransom note. First signs of Cerber infections appeared last week, and according to security firm SenseCy, the ransomware is the product of a team of Russian coders who are advertising it as a RaaS service via underground hacking forums in Russia.
RaaS stands for Ransomware-as-a-Service and is a new business model for ransomware operators, in which they provide ready-coded ransomware and allow other criminals to distribute it via spam and spear-phishing campaigns. It is unknown if crooks currently spreading the recent wave of Cerber ransomware are using malvertising or spam campaigns. Security researchers that took a look at the Cerber code said it was specifically built to avoid infections of users living in former Soviet countries. Another kink in Cerber's operations is the fact that, before encrypting files, the ransomware shows an error prompt through which it fools the user into restarting the computer. Once the encryption process finished, the ransomware drops three notes in text, HTML, and VBS format in each folder where it encrypted data. The application used in Ubuntu systems to write ISOs to USB disks, the Startup Creator, is being redesigned and rebuilt for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus).

From the looks of it, the new USB Startup Creator should be able to write more than just Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based images, which is actually a great idea since there are few applications of this kind in the Linux ecosystem. A lot of interesting stuff has been happening today, and it seems like Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will support Snappy packages and will ship with GNOME Software instead of Ubuntu Software Center. I don’t really like companies knowing much about me and Google is one such company that knows where I go, which device I use, who are my contacts, whom I contact via email and probably much more that my better half (note yet) would possibly know about me. This protocol is not natively supported by Android but you can of course use a third party app to get it working on your device. After this, you can go ahead and log into the web interface of your ownCloud and upload the VCF file that will upload all contacts to your server, much better than syncing, eh? Developers are now working on designing and building a new one based on QML, which should be much more flexible and, more importantly, supported and maintained.
Sure, there are some handy terminal commands, but not a lot with a nice GUI and that are easy to use at the same time. This may be something similar to installing a CyanogenMod ROM without flashing the Google Apps package. We recommend HostGator (referral link) since we use the same or you can refer some free providers that support ownCloud installation. One such app is available on the Play Store (unfortunately) which is free but in beta state. Because I am an Android user and I use Google’s applications that are tied deep into the Android system in a way that it makes extremely difficult for me to remove them and perhaps live without them. Though the ROM is open source, Google apps isn’t and it is managed by a closed backend system about which we have no idea.

You may face some bugs but that should get resolved as and when ownCloud is updated with the help of some active developers. What’s more interesting is that he already has a number of mockups in place, which should make his work much easier. The same applies to you and if your thoughts coincide with mine, we really need to get rid of Google’s closed system.
If you are one among those who are connected to people working at Google, you need to take control of the data you share with the company. You can download setup-owncloud.php to your PC and upload it to your server where you can access it via a Web browser.
Since this guide is mainly for Android, we will make it short and let you know how to do it using a Web installer contrary to running the installation on a Linux server.
Once you access the php file from your web browser, you will be shown some instructions on your screen that guide you on how to setup ownCloud.
You also need to configure the Database to be used for your ownCloud installation which can be done easily from your server’s Control Panel.

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