Sharing can be done only with those who have a Google account and the control is not granular enough. So what is so great about this thing anyway, you might enquire!Wea€™ve got a lot to tell and dona€™t know where to begin. Ownership: So, ownCloud runs on your hardware, which means that if you want ownCloud, you have to have your own web server.
Multiple Cloud Accounts and Services: It is almost indispensable that you have one or more Dropbox or Google accounts and it would be a nuisance if you had to run all those clients.
Calendar and Contacts: If you want to have a private place to sync your calendar and contacts, ownCloud is the place for you.
Pictures, Tasks, Videos and Documents: Much like Dropbox, ownCloud allows you to view pictures online. Management and quota: There will be an administrator account using which you can add other users (like your family members, or office colleagues (if it is an office instance)) and set storage quota a€“ that been said, you can govern which one of your users is consuming how much space.
If you want to share a file with another user, you can type his username and share the document with him.
Download to your cloud: It is desirable to just download a file into your cloud without having to download the file manually and then upload it.
Versions: ownCloud, just like Google Drive keeps a log of different versions of the same file.
With a feature-set as extensive as that, it can be laid out that one day ita€™ll kill other cloud service providers. After enabling the External Storage Support app, nothing showed up in the ownCloud interface so I'm not sure how to use this new feature to use Dropbox or Google Drive with ownCloud. Recently, ownCloud got an Android application so you can easily access your files using a mobile device. Es ist ein Fehler beim Laden der Kommentare aufgetreten, bitte versuchen sie es spater erneut. Mit ?Dropbox Paper? verwalten, bearbeiten und teilen Sie Textdokumente zusammen mit Ihren Arbeitskollegen.
Mit dem ?Google Drive?-Client verbinden Sie Ihren Speicherplatz in der Google-Cloud direkt mit dem Finder auf dem Mac. Mit dem ?Google Drive?-Client verbinden Sie Ihren Speicherplatz in der Google-Cloud direkt mit dem Windows Explorer. Mit ?MegaSync? halten Sie Ihre in der Cloud gespeicherten Daten auf mehreren Rechnern auf dem gleichen Stand. It was not Google this time which spearheaded the a€?sync your files on the clouda€™ industry though they are one of the best in the field.
There are costlier products like InSync and then there are hack-together products like Grive.

While Google and Dropbox will swear to protect your data, we have heard enough about NSA, havena€™t we? If you install ownCloud on a hard disk with 2 TB of free space a€“ that is the storage space you get.
Even when you want to access your files via a web-browser, opening 3 tabs is a little bothersome. You can sync your Android and iOS devices with them and remain assured that your contacts A belong to you, only a€?youa€™.
You will also be able to share files and folders in one of your mounted clouds the same way. This is very helpful when you want to go back to a version of file which was unintentionally altered by you or someone else. However, if you have a small company to administer and you want control over things and can spare a server, ownCloud beats almost every other solution available in the market irrespective of their price! Das Programm synchronisiert Ihre Daten auf PC, Smartphone und anderen Geraten uber das Internet. Alle personlichen Daten einem einzigen Unternehmen zu uberlassen, weckt jedoch Misstrauen und schurt die Angst vor Datenkraken. InSync is paid and it seems no one is in mood to get that running on their systems just for syncing files.
So the one weak point about them is a€“ they both belong to a country where the government is voracious for all kinds of data. If you want a€?a hell lot morea€™, well, there are a lot of techniques to combine hard disks and mount the cumulative storage as one mountpoint (LVM?) so your space limitations are determined by your choices. To begin, you can export your current contacts in VCF format and import them to your ownCloud. Well, in case of DropBox or Google Drive, you add that person in the list of people who have access to the file. Just go to the folder where you would want to download the file and click on a€?Newa€™ button at the top. So for all those people who do not have a server running, ownCloud might be a little distant dream. Except the basic formatting a€“ Bold, Italics and Underline, there is basically nothing you can bank on. Hier schafft ?ownCloud? Abhilfe: Alle Inhalte werden direkt auf dem eigenen Webspace, Server oder sogar auf dem heimischen Rechner abgelegt ? Sie behalten stets die Kontrolle uber Ihre Daten. Options shall emerge; choose a€?From linka€™ and enter the URL of the file you want to download and the command be honoured! The display is immature (no page view) and you cannot download the documents in any format other than ODT.

Zusatzlich zum Platz auf Ihrem eigenen Server konnen Sie externen Speicher wie Dropbox oder Google Drive einbinden. Whata€™s interesting is that you can make ownCloud do that with one of your other mounted cloud accounts too! Combined with a service like that of DynDNS, you can host your ownCloud instance even on your laptop!
Summing it up a€“ you are hardly going to need another client program for accessing your other cloud accounts. So if you want to save a wallpaper to your Google drive and have it mounted to your ownCloud installation, you can simply launch to your ownCloud mounted directory and perform the above mentioned trick. Daruber hinaus konnen Sie Ihre Cloud auch mit anderen Nutzern teilen und ihnen festgelegten Speicherplatz einraumen. Whata€™s interesting is that none of your externally mounted storages and cloud services consumes any data on your own server. If you keep all files to be stored on your own server in one directory under the root directory of your files app view and mount each of your other cloud accounts in different folders under your files root, youa€™ll be able to configure the ownCloud client to manually control the sync of each of mounts and your own server to your desktop. Fur die notige Sicherheit sorgen zum Beispiel explizite Vorgaben wie Passworter oder ein Verfallsdatum fur Links.Fur die Installation von ?ownCloud" genugt ein Apache-Webserver mit PHP-Unterstutzung. Ausfuhrliche Anleitungen und eine aktive Entwickler-Community erleichtern Ihnen die Konfigurationsarbeit. Lauft die eigene Cloud schlie?lich, zeigt sich das Webinterface ubersichtlich und unkompliziert. Die Sidebar zeigt die verfugbaren Kategorien, uber die Sie Ihre Cloud mit Dateien, Musik, Kontakten, Bildern und Kalendereintragen befullen konnen.
Die Online-Verwaltung gestaltet sich komfortabel: Direkt uber die Weboberflache lassen sich etwa Textdateien bearbeiten oder PDF-Dokumente und Grafiken ohne zusatzliche Software im Browser darstellen. Auch Microsoft-Word-Dateien konnen Sie auf diese Art und Weise online editieren und wieder speichern.Kontakte und Dateien lassen sich uber die verbreiteten Schnittstellen CardDAV und WebDAV mit anderen Anwendungen und Smartphones synchronisieren.
Noch einfacher gleichen Sie Dateien und Ordner uber kostenlose Desktop-Clients fur Windows, MacOS und Linux ab. Das Hinzufugen von Lesezeichen erfolgt bequem und browserunabhangig uber eine Bookmarklet-Erweiterung. Auch wenn keine App fur Ihr Smartphone zur Verfugung steht, greifen Sie uber das spezielle Webinterface fur mobile Browser zum Beispiel auch mit Blackberry-Geraten und Windows Phones bequem auf Daten zu.

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