Owncloud News, a RSS news reader for the self hosting cloud service Owncloud, is available in an Alpha version.
I must admit that I do not understand why Google decided to shut down the Google Reader service. In comes Owncloud: it can already host your addresses, calendars, files and musik and can be integrated with your desktop as well. Afterwards, login to your owncloud, and active the plugins: first the framework, followed by the actual application. What is still missing right now is an Android news reader which could sync with the server.
The management, synchronization, and sharing of files, calendar information, address book data, music, and photos is widely used nowadays. I set up a script that automates these steps and gives you a ready-to-use installation of Owncloud. If you want to synchronize your calendar(s) and your contacts of your iOS device(s), these I formation might be of note rest for you.
I found this article very helpful for setting up a backup solution for the contact and calendar data. I followed the instructions and used the script and it all worked fine – I can log in locally so will now work on storage. I have opened port 9418 on my router for github, but it seems I need some other setting… I use the latest Wheezy (2-9-2013). You can uninstall nginx together with the configuration files with the command sudo apt-get purge nginx.
Is there any method to just change server’s IP that I typed in the first section of Installation? You can run the script again and choose the first menu entry only (the one that allows you to set the server URL).
Personally, I do not have any experience with this script when used with a distribution other than Raspbian. If you want to use an officially trusted certificate, you would need to buy it from such a corresponding organization.
When using OwncloudPie (NGiNX version) to share a file, the option for sending a URL has my resolved local IP address in it rather than my domain name (using noip) even though in the script, I have specified the domain name. Is there somewhere in owncloud that I can change this to always use the unresolved domain name?
Everything runs smoothly but when I go to Admin -> Personal in the web page I see a space available that reflects only the remaining space on my SD card, NOT the hard drive.
2) You can update your Owncloud installation with the OwncloudPie Script form within the menu. The script does not change any passwords so that you must change the standard passwords appropriately. One question: after the installation, the owncloud service starts on boot or we need to configure this?

The web server, Apache or NGiNX, is started automatically, so that you do not need to configure this.
Hi, first of all, thank you for your work and this blog, I leveraged successfully on it since long time. I see many options in front of me, from a full re-installation to a more pragmatic installation over another SD card, just to test if this latest build works fine.
Please, do you have any suggestion on configuration files or any other thing I may be able to check to re-establish the full funtionality? Unfortunately, I came across an error (but I quickly found a solution) and would like to share my findings. Ihr Web-Server ist noch nicht fA?r eine Datei-Synchronisation konfiguriert, weil die WebDAV-Schnittstelle vermutlich defekt ist.
Your web server is not yet properly setup to allow files synchronization because the WebDAV interface seems to be broken. Does the script overwrite that one and maybe makes the current sites and services unreacheable? If you already have a running Nginx installation, you could simply extract the Owncloud archive into another www folder. I can access fine locally, but when trying to access using my dynamic dns it just doesn’t work. Apache ile denediyseniz nginx, nginx ile denediyseniz apacheye dA┬ÂnA?p deneyebilir misiniz?
Neste tutorial vamos explicar como e simples criar a sua propria cloud atraves do owncloud.
O owncloud permite criar um gestor de ficheiros em rede, capaz de fazer streaming, partilha de musicas, calendarios, imagens, entre outras coisas. Este script executa varios instrucoes de maneira a instalar e configurar o owncloud de maneira simples. Quando a instalacao tiver acabado, ira aparecer o endereco do owncloud, guarde esse endereco vai utiliza-lo cada vez que precise aceder no owncloud.
Por fim, basta inserir o endereco anterior no seu browser e tera acesso a todos os ficheiros! Social media with their unstructured news areas are nice, but no match to a well structured news feed full of read and unread news. It is offered by many (often freely available) cloud-based services like Dropbox, Sugarsync, Flickr, Picasa and many others. The NGiNX server does not use as many resources as the Apache and, thus, should run faster.
It seems that there are still some (documentation) issues with the official Owncloud wiki about the needed iOS settings. When I try I just get a loading icon in my browser and then I get kicked back to the logon screen. I had it only used for updating my existing owncloud-installation because IA?m not very firm with linux.

It looks as if the Owncloud servers needed some time to provide the archive for downloading.
Always have to let myself in the back door through an exception and with a warning from firefox. Performance with SQLite and more than one ownCloud user or with a few hundred files becomes really bad. Unfortunately I have a problem now: I just updated the raspberry installation using your script, as in the past, when the procedure went well at least a couple of times, but not this one. I had dealed with a lot of advices on the net but now I get it up and running within one hour. Estes arquivos podem ser acedidos a partir de qualquer tipo de equipamento, bem como em dispositivos moveis como o iOS e Android. But, there are replacements, and one pretty wise choice would be to not depend on yet another web service, but to host it yourself.
The big players like Apple, Google, and Microsoft also offer multiple of these services and people can use all of these with just a single account. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to write a step-by-step guide in these days, but maybe someone else can post a link to such an article here!? Remember that you need to restart the service (or the whole system if you like) before these changes take effect. I regret I updated, I’m using the system to host my calendar etc and fromn all my devices. Any suggestion on what to copy – how to recover my data for the new instalation will be appreciated.
I’m guessing this is because my server name and certificates are set as my dynamic DNS address and not the local IP.
After the update I rebooted, but the server doesn’t answer, either connecting the IP from the browser or directly through the OwnCloud client for OSX. In the admin page it stated that my files weren’t secure and that people on the internet could see them. If you want to have your data on your very own piece of hardware right under your control Owncloud might be an interesting option for you.
Si vous desirez comme bartounet publier en guest-blogging sur Geek de France, vous pouvez me contacter. In the following, I give a brief overview about the steps that are needed for an installation and I present a setup script that automates the whole installation and update process.

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