The Fletcher Reinforcing Mesh App gives you access to the range of reinforcing meshes we currently offer in New Zealand. Total War: Attila is about one month away from launch but the development team at The Creative Assembly is aiming to keep fans of the series engaged until then with a number of official trailers, gameplay reveals, and Twitch-based streams.
Now the company and publisher SEGA are also announcing that gamers who are interested in the period can access, for free, the first three chapters of the coming Sword of Attila book, which is written by historical novelist David Gibbins. The book takes place in 439 AD as the army of the Huns is ready to attack the Roman Empire, which has already been weakened by the attack of the Vandals and also suffers from major internal problems. The action in Sword of Attila will focus on a small group of Roman soldiers and a British monk who create a plan to strike at the very heart of their enemies.
The official description says they will infiltrate “the stronghold of the most feared warrior-king the world has ever known. The book will be out before the end of the month in the United States and the United Kingdom, and close to the launch of the game on other markets. The Creative Assembly is using the survival strategy game term when talking about Total War: Attila, because for most of the included factions, the immediate focus will be on trying to survive the major threats around them rather than conquer new territory. Climate change, fear, fire and pillaging will all threaten the prosperity of regions on the map. Migratory factions will be able to explore the map in horde mode and attack as they please, with the Huns always unable to settle down, and the established empires will have to find new ways to deal with their assaults.
Both devices will be powered by Windows 10 Mobile, a smartphone version of Windows 10, which will feature the same store and be based on universal apps that are designed to run on devices of all sizes, including not only phones, but also tablets, and PCs. And while this cross-platform approach could come in handy to those who want to stick to Windows on all their devices and have synchronization on PCs and smartphones, analysts believe that Microsoft will have a hard time winning customers over Android and iOS in developing markets where the focus on mobile is significantly bigger.

Of course, time will tell if Windows 10 has what it needs to make every platform succeed, but Microsoft clearly needs the help of developers to make its approach a hit. Windows 10 Mobile does come with features that allow porting of Android and iOS apps much easier than before, but yet, devs need to see the opportunity of coding for Windows before anything else. Apple today released an updated Support document which provides recommendations and guidelines for cleaning your Apple devices, be they a Mac or a keyboard, or even the latest iPhones. KB document HT3226 is far from new, but Apple updates the knowledge base article with new information about cleaning your devices every time the company rolls out something new.
This time around, the focus is on the two new smartphones unveiled on September 10 – the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. For those of you who’ve purchased your shiny new iPhone along with a case, Apple has some strict guidelines involving cleaning. For example, “To clean your iPhone 5c case […] use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth to wipe the outside and the inside of the iPhone 5c case.
Users are also instructed to keep the leather iPhone 5s case away from direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, as well as to try and keep it dry at all times. Everyone is begging Mojang to deliver, and recent activity suggests it will be rolling out before Christmas. Mojang says players will be able to obtain Redstone from Redstone Ore, which is already in the game and currently has no use except for illumination in mines. The next iPhone about to be unveiled has been personally designed by Steve Jobs, at least in part, according to people with knowledge of the situation speaking to Bloomberg. The report reinforces claims of Apple having worked on the phone even before the 4S was unveiled in October, last year.

The chassis could be crafted from Liquidmetal, a material to which Apple has exclusive rights for use in its products.
The amorphous metal alloy permits sleek and durable designs, eliminating joints and screws as the material is twisted and bent under pressure, and finally molded to achieve sharp corners, seams, etc. The smartphone will launch pre-installed with iOS 6, according to post pundits voicing their opinions on the matter.
Their hope is to have Win10 be a platform that appeals enough for consumers that they will opt to carry that brand and experience over to the phone and tablet world,” Tuong Nguyen, an analyst at Gartner, was quoted as saying by MIS-Asia. The Windows platform, no matter the device it's running on, needs universal app and unless developers are convinced to bring their apps here, it could all prove to be just another fiasco. Used for crafting and brewing, Redstone is a mineral with magnetic and conductive properties which enables gamers to make circuitry and compasses. The software itself may be unveiled as early as next month at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.
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