I’ve checked and found that the astaro box rules are working correctly but it is the BTHomeHub that is not passing the requests on. The official Windows 8.1 version of the Facebook client has arrived in the store together with the launch of the new Microsoft OS, but since then, the developing team has released several improved builds.
The first thing you shall notice after deploying the new version of Facebook for Windows 8.1 is the improved live tile support, with the app now showing information such as friend requests, messages, and new posts right on the Start screen. At the same time, the new version also allows you to set windows profile pictures when you upload a new image, but also to choose and set your cover and profile photos. Starting with this new build, you are also enabled to add a secondary tile to go directly to messages, with a dedicated option for that added in the app bar in messages view.
In addition, the Facebook Metro client finally gives you the possibility to use your profile picture as your Windows account picture, thus contributing to a more unified experience across the operating system. Finally, Facebook for Windows 8.1 also includes tools to upload photos to a specific album, but also to download and upload pictures and files from messages. Just as expected, the application continues to be offered for free on both desktops and tablets, but keep in mind that Windows 8.1 is a must if you want to download and install it, as no Windows 8 support is being offered.
This month, the new Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analysis for 2015 was published.
For more info, see the pricing table or the official press release concerning the transition between the old and new Power BI. Always remember to drop us a note for more information on Power BI, PowerPivot or other Microsoft BI related products.
When ready, you can save the report as a .pbix file, upload it to the Power BI Dashboard Preview and share it with your coworkers.
Ever since we launched Power BI for Office 365 this past February, we have been sharing Power View interactive reports in this blog.
To start embedding, first upload your workbook to SharePoint Online, then use the share option to generate a URL. One of several examples on how this feature can be used is this interactive visualization that Marc Reguera built after the 2014 World Cup to show average goals per world cup, attendance and team performance among other KPIs. Here at iqbs Solutions we’ve developed a working demo of this new Power View feature, as you can see below. This week, the new Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analysis for 2014 was published. The Project Botticelli website came up with another very nice post on how to make dashboards in Excel. When developing pivot table reports, you are most likely working with the iqbs administrator account or equivalent. Note: To use this property, the caller (you) must have administrative permissions in Analysis Services.
In the video Chris Webb is featured, an MDX guru from the UK who also trains the iqbs Solutions team from time to time. Off course there is a catch: Office Mobile is for now only available in the US App Store and it requires an Office 365 account. Windows 10 is not here yet, but the world is already thinking about what’s next after this critical release for Microsoft, and now people with good track on unreleased Windows information claim that the company is currently working on a major update due in 2016.
This information comes from Russian leaker WZor, who has already provided us with plenty of accurate details about Windows 10, but everyone should still take it with a pinch of salt until Microsoft actually confirms the roadmap for its operating system.
WZor claims that Windows 10, which should arrive this summer, will receive a major update in 2016, and according to his information, Microsoft is aiming at October (of the next year) for the launch date.
The PC version, on the other hand, is expected to debut in July or August, so the first major update for Windows 10 could debut one year after the phone build. With Windows 10, Microsoft will finally give up on shipping stand-alone releases for Windows in favor of rolling yearly releases, so the company will switch to a continuous update model that would bring improvements and new features to users at a faster pace. The naming system for Windows will also be changed, so the upcoming update due in 2016 is expected to be called Windows 10.1, according to WZor.

Kali Linux 2.0, a secure, and enterprise-ready follow-up version of the famous BackTrack Linux, has been released by Offensive Security and it comes with an impressive number of changes and improvements. Kali Linux is making a name for itself, but it's difficult to surpass the fame of the previous BackTrack Linux OS. The 2.0 version of Kali Linux is a huge step forward, and its developer have made some impressive changes, and that includes the adoption of a new Linux kernel branch and of a host of desktop environment that should please anyone. Kali 2.0 has been in the works for a very long time, and the developers had time to make some very important transitions, like the adoption of Debian Jessie, for example.
The developers have also explained that Kali is now following a rolling release model, like Arch, for example. Allway sync - free file synchronization, backup, data, Allway sync – file synchronization that works.
Sync - hosting en espana, servidores web, alojamiento web, Sync ofrece servicios de registro de dominios, hosting, servidores web, desarrollo web y marketing online.
Twitter sync - amex, Amex and twitter teamed up to deliver exclusive specials that are couponless and hassle free. Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich api of enumerable. Ford hasn’t added the 2014 Ford Focus ST to its Website online but, but we have the info on the car.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Donald Trump is dead-serious about this Presidential thing: the real estate mogul turned television personality finally did good on his older promise of running for the highest office by putting his name in the 2016 Presidential race. A few days ago, the Presidential hopeful was in Iowa to meet with his supporters and raise awareness on his campaign, the Des Moines Register informs.
Donald Trump, aka The Donald, is going bald, and like many other men out there, he outgrew a lock of hair from the side of the head, which is then combed backwards and over the balding spot, in what is obviously a futile attempt at hiding it from the world. The result is something that has been compared to anything from a wig, to a caterpillar that actually lives in the Amazon, or a weasel attacking his head. The Trump hair has been mocked so much online, that it’s almost as famous as its owner. Donald Trump the celebrity might indulge in something as vain and time-consuming as a combover, but Donald Trump POTUS would be too busy for that.
Though he has more support as a Presidential hopeful than expected, Trump has seen better days.
Trump is planning to sue over the pageant deals, saying NBC has a legally-binding contract and can’t just decide to terminate the partnership like that. As for the Apprentice job, he insists he wouldn’t have returned for the spot in the first place, because he will be too busy with the campaign. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments and I will add additional informations to this tutorial. If i remove the astaro box and put a standard router with port forwarding works fine but id like to be able to do 2 subsites using reverse proxying. I would like to get rid of the BTHH but am having issues connecting the astaro box directly to the BTModem.
So yes, it’s now a tradition to see a new Pentoo release around a DEF CON conference. This way, the application gives you more customization power over your profile, without the need to leave the Modern UI and loading Facebook’s official website. Besides a native iPad app and the Power BI Live Dashboard preview, a new tool was released: the Power BI Designer. On the right hand side you see the tables and columns just as you would see in an Excel pivot table, or in Power View for Excel.
We’ve often been asked how to do this, and today we are happy to announce that this feature plus the option of embedding Pivot Tables publicly for workbooks 10MB or smaller is now available.

Create an iframe based on the new URL with the parameters action=embedview and wdbipreview=true.
She is a Data Management Specialist in Dublin, specialising in enterprise business intelligence. Whenever it comes to testing for a specific user, you would need that user to log in and test it for you.
But, for around € 100 to € 150 per user per year, having a fully integrated mobile BI environment is very affordable.
In fact, the default desktop environment in Kali Linux is now GNOME 3, and that is a solution that needs no introduction.
As you can imagine, Penetration Testing is a complex task, and it requires a lot of effort. But these bulletpoint items are essentially a side effect of the real changes that have taken place in our development backend," reads the official announcement. We won't get to experience too many of these major upgrades in the future, as everything will land through regular updates.
As you can see in the video below, he also talked about Obamacare and his plan to replace it with something that actually works, the legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states, which happened last week, and rival Jeb Bush, who is ahead of him in the polls. For years, Trump has been famous for 4 things: his money, his big mouth, his orange tan and his ridiculous hairstyle. His comments on the Mexican immigrants are already costing him dearly, because NBC fired him as host of The Apprentice and severed ties with him on both the Miss USA and the Miss Universe pageants.
NBC saying they fired him is just their (cheap) way of making themselves look good in the media. The new version of Power BI won’t require customers to use SharePoint Online, rather it will be a stand-alone version.
After you’ve selected a data source and one or more data tables, you can shape the data in exactly the same way as in Power Query for Excel. You can drag and drop them to the report sheet and choose a type of visualization from the ribbon. To find out more read the official announcement on the Excel Blog for requirements and licensing. You can also customize how your visualizations are displayed to better fit your embedded workbook to your website or blog. In our test environment loading times approach 30 seconds, but can be longer in certain cases. Its developers are trying to continue the success story with Kali Linux, and slowly, but surely, they are making it happen.
When yes, please control your settings in the astaro box (Firewall, NAT, Default Gateway at your WAN interface, etc.). The Power BI Designer provides rich data transformation and visual analytics in a unified, seamless experience. It will take a while until people forget about BackTrack, but as it stands right now, Kali is the premier solution, and it really shows. The Power BI Designer enables you to create impactful reports with state-of-the-art interactive charts, maps, graphs, and data transformations.
Upload your reports to the Power BI preview and empower others with timely critical insights on any device, anywhere.

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