The system I describe in this guide is a web server that you host in your own home network or optionally at a remote hosting facility. This howto guide assumes that you have at least an intermediate understanding of Linux, including how to install it from scratch on a spare computer, installing packages, editing configuration files, etc.
In fact, all of the software described will run just fine on Windows or OS X as well as Linux and BSD operating systems. Your favorite operating system — this guide will use Lubuntu because it comes with a newbie-friendly but very lightweight desktop interface which maybe be easier for some people to use than the text-only Ubuntu Server edition.
As a bare minimum estimate, it will take at least an evening to build the system, but you should allow yourself a couple of days to take your time to understand the components and customize the software to suit your needs.
To start with, you need a physical machine or a virtual machine installed somewhere — either in the corner of your living room or at a hosting provider.
Before you assign a static IP address to your server, you need to know what IP addresses you can use that are not in the pool used by your router for dynamic addresses. Optionally, you may want to setup a hostname for the server so you don’t have to have to remember the static IP address you assigned to it. The last step before installing the applications is to create a new user under whose account the applications will run.
Then click the Manage Groups button and make sure that files is a member of the sudo group.
Depending on where your server lives and what else it’s doing, you may or may not decide to perform the rest of the installation remotely. Apache is the default web server on Ubuntu but I find that Nginx’s configuration is easier to understand and manage, so this guide uses Nginx.
This makes it easy to run several applications on the same host name, IP address, and port number, and still keep separate configuration files for each application. Before you configure ownCloud itself, you need to fix the maximum file upload size in PHP; its default is very small.
Subsonic also provides an automated install package which installs the application with its own built-in Java application server on port 4040. Back in your browser’s Subsonic tab, write these into the Media folders screen you left open.
As you have seen during the configuration phase of this project, a web browser that can make a connection to the server is all you need to access the two applications.
One of the most common non-browser access methods you’ll probably want will be WebDAV, which you can connect directly to from your file manager or file transfer tool. Nautilus allows you to mount a WebDAV share as if it were a local folder and open files directly in local applications directly from the mounted folder. If you want to be able to access your server from everywhere on the Internet, you need to provide some kind of inbound connectivity to it. Of course, you’re probably not going to want to remember the public IP address of your router. And finally, if you’re connecting to your server over the public Internet, you should probably look into setting up HTTPS access instead of HTTP, to make sure no one steals your passwords or data while you use your server. This subject can be scary for a non-expert, but it is possible to set up HTTPS by yourself. HTTPS uses the TLS protocol’s public key cryptography implementation run HTTP over a secure channel. I am slowly starting to upgrade my home file server, installing owncloud and subsonic per your article. Value for value: If you like my work and wish to donate Bitcoin, please see my Contact page. IRC is probably one of the oldest instant messaging protocols, which is still being widely used, especially among the IT and FOSS communities. We were looking for an alternative which would enable us to have a more up-to-date tool and would integrate with IRC in order to be able to talk to our colleagues, who are still using it. Mattermost looked like an ideal solution, because it is an open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative, which integrates with IRC and other protocols and applications. Mix all the ingredients and knead the dough, put in a rising basket, cover with a plastic bag.
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I have never had any real experience with server administration, nor running my own network services apart from a home LAN and a simple samba service.
Based on my current testing of owncloud I wanted to see what it would look like if it was deployed in a more serious environment with good connectivity and more storage.
I am rally happy with with the quality of the service and the performance of my owncloud instance, setting up the server was super easy thanks to many how-to’s that are available online.
OK, I know this is bunch of buzzwords and online services listed in the title, but let me explain.

All of these technologies are for free for personal use, each of them has some pros and cons and the beauty of the solution that I can now use this as one virtual storage integrated in my desktop.
In the main menu, click on the Add application button and search for owncloud in case you do not see it on the list.
Choose the URL of your application – well, not really that important, the default PHP does not sound that bad after all.
Choose ownCloud service and put the info in (URL, user name and password) and you have integrated ownCloud into your Linux desktop! OK, you can stop right here and enjoy the ride, or you can push it to the next level and integrate more services into ownCloud. Integrating Google Drive and Dropbox; choose which one you want to start with.  Dropbox is much easier, because it requires much less configuration! This is what it looks like in the file browser, great thing about this solution is that you can easily work with the online files stored in different services from one place! Hope you will find this useful, took me a bit of googling and clicking before it all worked for me! Automatically sign up for TechRepublic's The Cloud Revolution for more hot tips and tricks. The application comes with drivers that access FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Samba, and Amazon S3 remote storage hosts.
The Raspberry Pi is a great web development tool for building home web servers, allowing you to experiment with Linux packages and test scripts locally before moving them to a production server. Some people prefer to build their own solution instead of trusting a service to keep their data safe.
For ease of access, instead of relying on Subsonic’s rudimentary upload interface or some external method, we will configure Subsonic to index and play files from folders Audio and Video in the ownCloud installation.
If you are using a remotely hosted server, you can skip this step; your hosting provider will have already setup an Internet-accessible static IP address on your machine for you.
Since other machines are going be to making inbound connections to your server, they need to know ahead of time what the address is; if you let the router assign the address dynamically, it may not be the same value in a few months as it is today. It should for most people who don’t already have any servers with static IP addresses setup in their home network.
When you installed OS, you probably created an account for yourself (for example, my login name is brendan).
This will allow you to perform all the rest of the installation steps in this guide while logged in as files.
Unlike some other web server setups where PHP is loaded as a library running inisde the web server, to use PHP with Nginx, PHP needs to be always running as its own process, ready to service requests using the FastCGI protocol. Next it says that anywhere in the phpmyadmin folder, if a file is not specified in the request, look for index.php and run that. Click the New Server button, then Save on the Edit Server screen, and finally Save on the Overview screen.
Go to Users and create a new user called owncloud with an accompanying database with the same name; the user creation screen lets you do both with one command. You should create media folders in ownCloud so that the files are accessible there and in Subsonic. If your server is in a remote hosting facility, then of course you already have remote access to it. There are services on the Internet that provide DNS names for your publicly accessible IP addresses. Most people don’t know this, but there is a certificate authority called Start SSL which provides basic signed certificates for free. I’ll confirm this hopefully some time in July and clean up the article and comments section. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. One of the most known services out there is freenode which has more then 80K users at the moment.
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Ever since I bought a NAS, I did not have to touch anything apart from web interface configuration. I was looking for an easy way how to have all my online storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox integrated with my Linux desktop without using some nasty hack and I finally have a  solution that works. At the moment it supports multiple platforms such as Amazon Drive, OpenStack object storage, FTP and more.. Seafile is a powerful cloud-based file sync and team collaboration tool that you can deploy in-house on an existing Linux server.

Restart the Apache server using the sudo service apache2 restart command, and you are done.
Thus, you can use Pydio to aggregate and manipulate files and documents from different remote sources. We'll show you how to use the Pi camera for time-lapse photography, and we'll even help you set up a motion-detecting surveillance camera. Luckily, quite a few block-based, Scratch-like programming environments are at hand that make the learning curve easier to climb.
Subsonic is a web-based audio and video collection application that lets you play your files in any browser on any device.
Hopefully everything worked and now you have a static IP address that can be known to all the clients that will connect to the server. More advanced users should use their home router’s configuration pages to manage statically assigned IP addresses, but this is beyond the scope of this howto guide.
Make sure you fill in your actual static IP address from the previous step if it’s different from mine.
You might in the future want to use this server for other things like remote desktop service or possibly running a TV. Whenever you change a file on any synced machine, it is automatically queued to have its changes pushed to your ownCloud file space. On the other hand, if your server lives at home, you probably have a NAT (network address translation)-style router that doesn’t allow anyone from the outside to connect to local devices on the inside, by default. If you use Apache (the web server standard in Debian in Ubuntu) it’ll probably be pretty easy.
The system offers a host of features, including:File syncing Built-in file encryption Collaboration Create groups with file syncing, online file editing, and more Create libraries (for separate syncing) Automatic file conflict resolution Share libraries, subdirectories, links, files, and more Let's look at the process of installing Seafile on a Ubuntu machine. When prompted, select [2] (because the databases have already been created) and answer the questions. Give this server a try, and see if you don't immediately find a place for it in your company. Pydio also comes with a driver for accessing POP and IMAP email accounts as well as MySQL databases, so you can use the application to store email messages and work with database data.Creating a new workspace in Pydio requires a few simple steps.
The Netmask column will have the part in parentheses from the Prefix value in the nm-tool output.
In the ownCloud tab, create two folders called Audio and Video in the top level of your Files area.
This industry standard default configuration is of course for your own safety, so that you don’t have to worry so much about the security of every laptop and XBox on your network. You need to get your key signed by one of those CAs … or by a CA whose key is in turned signed by one of the root CAs. This step launches the setup wizard that guides you through the rest of the installation and configuration process. The fastcgi_pass phpfiles command refers to the phpfiles upstream FastCGI process we configured in the previous step. In the other direction, ownCloud client automatically detects and downloads and changes from your ownCloud file space when other machines have pushed updates. I can run the encryption protocol on a hash (a signature) of a message using my private key, and send it to you to be decrypted by my public key. If the wizard detects issues that can prevent Pydio from functioning properly, it conveniently displays them along with their brief descriptions.Once all the issues have been fixed, the wizard drops you into the setup section where you can configure the available options. Here, you should specify administrator credentials and provide the database connection info. Then, specify the workspace label, select the appropriate driver, and fill out the required fields.For example, when you create a standard local workspace, you must specify the path to a local directory on the server which will be used as the workspace storage. Also, pay particular attention to the correct values of the Detected Encoding and Detected Server Path options.
You should also configure other optional settings such as description and default access rights. The former must be set to the correct language encoding (which you obtained using the echo $LANG command).
When the setup is complete, Pydio opens the Welcome page, and you are ready to explore the application.WorkspacesThe key concept in Pydio is the workspace, which is basically a file repository. You can navigate directly to the workspace you want by selecting it in the Welcome page.Pydio lets you add as many workspaces as you need, so you can set up workspaces for specific projects or certain types of documents.
For example, you can create separate workspaces for photos, videos, and music, or dedicated workspaces for certain activities like writing, coding, and so on.
In addition to regular workspaces, where all documents and files are stored locally, Pydio supports workspaces that can contain files from remote hosts (Figure 1).

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