I have Owncloud installed and working, but I want it to use my secondary hard drive as opposed to the drive I have Ubuntu installed on. For allowing the use of a personalized storage media, you need the External Storage module enabled in your Apps. Once you have enabled this module, you will have new options in the Admin page called External Storage. Once you have ended, you can go to the main screen and you will find a directory with the name of the resource. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged owncloud-server or ask your own question.

In the Saturn V launch sequence, what defined COMMIT, and what happened between COMMIT and LIFTOFF? If time travel is possible in the future, no matter how distant, why haven't they come back to tell us? Configure the Folder name, the type (if it's Local, Google Drive, WebDAV, etc.), the configuration (in the case of a Local, the target directory) and the users with access. Vous pouvez donc maintenant integrer dans votre cloud prive une synchronisation avec Dropbox, et ainsi partager un ensemble de fichiers ou de dossiers. Simplement, il aurait ete plus judicieux de recommander comme nom d’application dropbox-prenom.

Veuillez verifier votre App-Key Dropbox ainsi que le mot de passe.”Pourtant, je suis sur que mes identifiants sont correctes, avez vous deja eu ce probleme?

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