A recent hack on the matchmaking app had straight guys flirting with each other by tricking them into thinking that they were actually conversing with a woman. It took them a while to realize what had happened, but their conversations, which were posted online, are simply hilarious. The Verge reported that a former Tinder user, who has actually found his soulmate using the application, had decided to play a prank on heterosexual males. Using fake women profiles, the hacker actually made the men who had swiped right to talk to each other, while under the impression that they were immersed in conversation with those women whose pictures they had liked and for whom they had swiped right.
But the whole hack was not a simple joke, as the hacker was also trying to raise awareness on how most men address women on Tinder.
That happens because very few go on Tinder to actually find someone with whom to start any kind of relationship, let alone a serious one.

However, this experience shows how easy it is to use hacks in Tinder, and this has been a known issue for quite some time. And as if that were not enough, people are releasing all kind of bots which are said to help users get through the process of finding a date faster. The most well-known case is that of a former Microsoft employee, who thought about slacking the work of men on Tinder who have to swipe right all the time.
Meanwhile, you can check out the gallery with some of the most hilarious reactions from the straight guys who had unknowingly flirted with each other, courtesy of The Verge. Most of them were completely taken aback to learn that they had been flirting with a dude for several minutes in a row, while others did not know what to believe.
Many people, men in particular, go on Tinder to waste some time and they end up starting fights or vulgarizing the whole process of finding a match.

The hacking news probably did not surprise anyone given that there have been so many cases lately.
He made it so that Tinder would swipe right by itself and like each and every girl from the app. You can imagine that Tinder users, especially women, were not very pleased to find out about this.

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