With this update you can now sync to (and from) the Android device directly even in MTP mode. There are now 2 additional profile graphics, which can be added to the logbook layout (Profile 4 and 5). Sometimes Diving Log cannot auto detect the location of your local cloud folder (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and OwnCloud), e.g. I know some of you are eagerly waiting for the first public beta and today you can finally download it. For the first time, Diving Log has an automatic update tool, which means you don’t have to download and install updates manually. The Universal Download is now using the latest libdivecomputer, which supports some new header data as well as new dive computer models: Suunto EON Steel, Subgear XP-3G, Aeris F11, Aeris A300CS, Mares Airlab. The average SAC calculation for multiple tank dives has been improved to reflect the actual dive time of the tank. Since Nokia is forbidden from entering the smartphone market until Q4 2016, the company has confirmed that it is looking for other opportunities like licensing its brand or expertise in the software and hardware field to other willing handset makers. Since neither company stepped forward to confirm the information, the report continued to be shrouded in mystery. Word on the street has it that the MX Supreme will be an Android-powered device with Nokia’s PureView technology adorning the back.
Anyway, the two images we currently have at our disposal reveal a handset with a pretty big home button and a razor thin bezel. The current MX4 flagship offers a 5.36-inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1152 pixel resolution and 418ppi.
What we’ve been telling you so far is just pure speculation, so until we hear something more reliable, the Meizu MX Supreme continues to exist in the realm of speculation and wonder. Developers never stand still, and regardless of whether they are penetration testers or malware creators, new hacking tools always hit the market on a weekly basis. Today we meet Pupy, a Remote Access Tool (RAT) launched past September and written entirely in Python code. Pupy is cross-platform compatible, meaning it can run on all three major operating systems, and allows attackers a wide range of options when spying on their targets. Despite support for all three OSs, Windows is where Pupy works best, the RAT featuring 100% in-memory functionality. This makes detection by classic antivirus solutions a little bit harder and gains more crucial times for any operator to exfiltrate data. Pupy features a modular structure, allowing developers to deploy a basic wireframe on infected systems, and then load modules into memory as they are needed.
Some of the functionality covered by these modules includes the ability to migrate into other processes running on the victim's OS, running modules as background jobs, an interactive reverse shell, and auto-completion for commands and arguments. Additionally, attackers can upload and download files from infected systems, they can take desktop screenshots, webcam screenshots, forward local ports, log mouse and keyboard inputs, and execute shell code.
All communications between the Pupy bots and the main server are done via SSL (by default), but four more other transport channels are also supported. Since Pupy comes with its own Python interpreter, Pupy modules can be simple Python files or compiled Python C extensions. It is possible to create roles for users; this makes it much easier to apply various permissions. After creating all of the repositories you need, you can go back to roles and assign repositories to roles. Moreover, the Adagios web-based Nagios configuration interface and OCS Inventory computer inventory and package deployment system have been included in this release of NethServer. NethServer 6.7 also introduces the ability to create an IPsec tunnel either between two NethServer machines or with devices from various manufacturers. Among other interesting features implemented in NethServer 6.7, we can mention the addition of a new custom Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) options panel that allows users to send custom options to a client via the DHCP protocol, and a data restore functionality with support for previously installed modules. In addition to all the nice features mentioned above, NethServer 6.7 now lets users configure red and green without the need to install a separate firewall module, an option that allows users to specify the email address of the sender of a backup report has been added, and POP3 now supports blacklist and whitelist options.
But keeping the smartphone next to you is no longer a necessity, no matter if you suffer from the aforementioned disease or you simply don't want to miss a single notification, thanks to the boom the wearables business has experienced in the last couple of years.
Tech giants, including Microsoft and Apple, joined already renowned companies such as Fitbit and Pebble, to make smart wearables, which are essentially extensions of a mobile phone that can pull notifications, bring them on your wrist and, at the same time, double as a fitness tracker.
The Apple Watch quickly became the best-selling smartwatch ever, just like any other Apple device out there, with stats showing that more than 4.2 million units had been sold in the second quarter of 2015.
Just as expected, technical specifications of the three models vary a little, but the most striking difference is clearly their dimensions. Although it makes sense for iPhone owners to see the watch as a smaller version of their smartphone, the device comes with a square-ish design for a reason. To compensate for this, which could make the device look less of a smartwatch and more of some sort of smaller phone, Apple introduced several round faces supposed to make the device feel a little bit more natural on the wrist. For protection, Apple used Ion-X glass on the Sport version, which is supposed to be super tough and lighter than similar technologies.
The Apple Watch, which is the more premium version of the device, comes with just 2 cases, silver or space black, made of cold-forged stainless steel. And last but not least, there's the super exclusive, uber expensive Apple Watch Edition which uses 18-karat gold for the case.
The back of the case is made of composite for the Sport edition and of ceramic for the other two. For straps, depending on the model you can choose between fluoroelastomer plastic bands, which is Apple's fancy way of calling the synthetic rubber, as well as leather and stainless steel.
Just like every other Apple device, the Watch was built from the ground-up to offer seamless configuration and be extremely easy to use, no matter if you're a tech-savvy user or a beginner (the latter category is very likely to find the Watch rather difficult at some points, but more on that later).
So when you set up the Watch for the first time, simply turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone, scan the photo on the display of the device with your phone's camera and everything should be performed automatically. There are plenty of ways to interact with the watch, a plethora of settings, and many more on the Apple Watch companion app on the iPhone, but the amount of information that the parent company offers for all of these is simply ridiculous.
The digital crown, on the other hand, has multiple purposes: it lets you get to installed apps with just one tap from the watch face and vice-versa, while a quick double-press lets you switch to the latest app in a second. The Apple Watch is available in several colors and plenty of combinations depending on the band you choose. The Apple Watch also comes with what are being called glances, which are actually quick controls, information about the device or offered from apps, including the heartbeat, weather information, world clock, maps, and toggles such as do not disturb and airplane mode.
All in all, the Apple Watch might be the kind of device supposed to be easy to use, but it certainly isn't. Basically, the only way to customize the Apple Watch is to change its face, either with one of the 10 pre-configured ones or by creating your own.
You can choose between battery level, weather temperature, moon phase, world clock, fitness statistics, and some other details, some of which are pretty useless for the majority of users. The best thing is clearly the color customization option because this way, you can truly make the watch face look just the way you like it. Additionally, the Apple Watch app lets you adjust brightness and text size, enable bold text, choose the app layout, manage the apps that show notifications, configure glances and complications, and customize sounds and haptic feedback. One of the key features of the Apple Watch is to act as an extension to the iPhone, so it's supposed to get all notifications that arrive on your mobile phone and bring them to your wrist.
And the Watch does this in a brilliant way, but it also fails in some key areas which Apple should really have in mind when designing the next version.
First and foremost, it's worth mentioning that the Apple Watch works with notifications from any app, both those pre-installed by Apple on the iPhone and third parties.
Every time a notification arrives on your phone, it takes just another second to arrive on your wrist, and the Apple Watch supports not only vibrations, but also ringtones which are being used for calls and messages. You can always silent notifications if you simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen, put the Watch on airplane mode, or enable Do Not Disturb (which can mirror the settings on your iPhone) with a few taps. You can obviously disable this gesture, but then the only way to check the time is to manually tap the screen every time - this saves battery life, but when you receive new notifications, the Watch only vibrates unless you tap the screen to see the alert. There's also a nightstand mode, which is supposed to show you the time during the night while you charge the watch.
The Apple Watch is clearly one of the most comfortable smartwatches on the market and we've tried almost all of them. But there still are things to improve as far as its smartwatch capabilities are concerned, so the first-generation Watch is living proof that Apple can do better in the wearables market with the next model. Apple wanted more than just a watch that looks good on the wrist and displays notifications from your iPhone, so the Watch also comes with fitness tracking capabilities supposed to help you stay in tip top shape and keep an eye on your progress all the time. The experience you get with the Apple Watch in terms of sports tracking pretty much depends on your previous experience with fitness trackers.
The learning curve that we've previously talked about exists here too, so it could take a while until you actually discover all capabilities of the Watch.

The Activity Tracker that comes with the device uses rings to help you keep an eye on exercises, burned calories, and the time you spent standing.
The Apple Watch can also provide sleep tracking, but again, the amount of information is very limited. The new version of watchOS was released with much fanfare this September, introducing several new features and unlocking others to provide the device with new capabilities and make it easier for developers to create apps that can modify the way it looks and works. The new OS also introduces more ways to customize your complications, which are the little pieces of information displayed on your watch face. Time travel and nightstand mode are two new features that are brought by this OS version, but just as explained, they're both in their early days and need significant improvements. Siri also arrives on your wrist with watchOS 2, but her capabilities aren't as advanced as on the iPhone. Apple's watchOS 2 also brings support for quick actions for emails and messages, so you can reply, flag, mark as unread, or quickly remove a specific item. Other than that, watchOS 2 seems to be a big step in the right direction, but updates and improvements are absolutely needed to unlock new capabilities and remove more restrictions for developers.
The device can easily get you through the day and we haven't had the slightest concern that we could run out of battery with a full battery at 7 AM in the morning with what Apple calls normal use. On average, we experienced around 32 hours of battery use, which should be enough to find a power source and charge the device during the night. According to Apple's figures, if you use the Watch just for time checking, it should provide around 48 hours of battery life, while talking drops it to just 3 hours. Just like a regular phone, the Apple Watch can get improved figures with a lower brightness level and settings that no longer light up the display for every notification. For charging, the Apple Watch uses inductive charging, which means that you only have to place it on the charger, without the need for plugging in any cables.
Apple Watch also comes with a so-called Power Reserve mode that helps saves power when running low on battery. During our two-week testing, we've been asked several times by friends and colleagues what the purpose of such a device actually is and the answer was unconvincing in almost every single case. The Apple Watch looks good on your wrist, and clearly fits almost every outfit if you change its band, but a successful device also needs to score points in terms of functionality too. The Watch is far from being the perfect fitness companion, and if you're an athlete who wants to be in tip-top shape all the time, there are plenty of other and more advanced choices out there. In the end, the Apple Watch certainly feels like a first-generation device, so the next models can only improve in almost every regard. Additionally, it comes to repair a number of unknown bugs that were impacting battery performance, which according to Apple, should lead to longer battery life.
And last but not least, this update addresses problems that were affecting the way live photos were being used as watch faces.
As you know, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus bring support for live photos, which are essentially moving photos that capture more than just a still moment, but also up to 3 seconds of video. In the past, you could not save your logbook file directly to the device when it was connected in MTP mode, which almost all devices do nowadays. In the upper left corner the device should show up and Diving Log will sync directly to the correct folder.
I’m not sure if all languages are affected, it currently looks like it affects only German versions of Windows. If you want to test it, go to the beta portal, read the release notes and download the installer to your PC. Up to now, tanks used during the dive has to be used in the dive profile in order to calculate the correct SAC rate. A high SAC rate tank during a short period of time is now¬†weighted less for the average SAC rate of this dive.
Thank you very much to Hiroyuki Yamada, who not only translated the desktop version, but also Diving Log Touch and Diving Log for Windows Phone! If you have an older version, I recommend to install the full setup instead (you do not need to uninstall the old version before).
It appears that iconic phone maker Nokia and up-and-rising Chinese handset manufacturer Meizu may have teamed up in order to release an international version of the MX4 flagship. The folks over at GSM Dome have managed to dig up on China’s social media website Weibo a bunch of pictures supposedly depicting the Meizu MX Supreme. Not so long ago, a post on Weibo revealed that the phone might end up offering a camera with a 60MP sensor. To match current flagship proposals on the market today, the companies might end up implementing a QHD display, a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor working hand in hand with 4GB of RAM. This makes writing Pupy files a whole lot easier, since Python is one of the most widespread and easier-to-learn programming languages around. By taking a quick look at the project's milestones, expect future Pupy versions to be able to record microphone sounds, support more transport layers, record network traffic, and be more silent on *NIX machines. You can use and retain everything in-house, and it doesn't involve an external service.¬†With AjaXplorer you can make file syncing to and from your servers from the LAN or WAN using a web browser.
Through it, users can preview and edit common file types online without downloading them to their machines (currently this only works with text and image files).
I installed the file management system on a Debian-based server, so if you're installing the file management system on a WAMP or a MAMP server, you need to slightly modify these steps.
The repositories can be located anywhere on the server, but they will need write permission so that everyone can access them. They can be installed in the distribution using the new nethserver-adagios and nethserver-ocsinventory installers, respectively. The setup process is quite advanced and lets users customize everything they need to the max. Why exactly is hard to tell, but this phobia exists and psychologists still have a hard time curing it. The first has a screen resolution of 272x340 pixels, while the latter reaches 312x390 pixels because of the bigger screen. During the research and development process, Apple has reportedly figured out that a round design for the smartwatch would be a lot more difficult to use than a square version, so the company decided to go for the latter.
There are a total of 38 different models, which are pretty much versions of the same watch but with different colors and straps (which can be easily changed with the help of a small tip on the inside of the case. Force Touch lets you access some specific features of the watch, such as faces, by pressing harder on the display.
And yet, the Watch is supposed to withstand only small impacts, such as hitting the corners of the walls or doors, which is pretty much the way all of us damage our watches.
First of all, the Apple Watch Sport comes with 4 different cases in silver, space gray, gold, or rose gold, all made of lightweight anodized 7000 series aluminum. It costs around $18,000 depending on the market, so it would be a really great gift for Roman Abramovich if you spend your weekends with Russian oligarchs on yachts and eating lobster. Since September 2015, you can also buy some pretty awesome and rather expensive leather bands made by Hermes. It takes a few minutes before the configuration is complete, and up to 1 hour if the device is running watchOS 1 and needs to download the OS update. For example, it takes a while to figure out the purpose of the digital crown and how exactly to use it. Additionally, rotating the crown on the fact lets you advance time and see upcoming calendar notifications (Apple calls this feature Time Travel), which might be helpful if you're the kind of person who keeps everything organized, but otherwise useless and pretty difficult to use. You can easily access them by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, but once again, this is very counter-intuitive because you're unlikely to expect such a behavior on the home screen. There is a learning curve and you should be able to use it at its maximum potential after one week or so, but such a thing is clearly unexpected from an Apple device given the experience the company has in this field.
Apple says that there are millions of combinations, but there are just 10 different, which you can further customize with different information displays in the 4 corners of the screen, but also by changing colors of the displayed elements. There's also a setting to use your own photos as face background, which really adds a nice touch to the personalization portfolio.
Because yes, the Apple Watch can be used for calls (both received and started by you), because it also includes a speaker and a microphone.
That's because it has an AMOLED display, which is a low memory screen and not only that affects the battery of the device, but it could also experience more serious issues, such as burned pixels.
It's extremely light, which is critical for something supposed to stay 100 percent of the time on your wrist, it has a soft band, and looks good with every outfit, depending on your band arsenal. Every time you reach your goal, the app notifies you and helps improve your shape, but the amount of statistics that is provided is rather limited, at least as compared to other fitness trackers on the market. The Watch doesn't have a GPS module, so it needs your iPhone to provide you with information on your laps and covered area. It might seem like we have an obsession with this, but if you're looking for a fitness tracker, Apple Watch might not be the one.

As mentioned above, you can choose between a wide array of items, such as weather, battery info, moon phase, world clock and even use third-party apps to track flights. You can perform basic tasks, such as starting a call, but for more complex tasks you need to pull out the phone. While this is clearly a very helpful feature if you like to keep things organized without using your iPhone, there's still no way to customize the list of pre-defined messages you can use for reply, which is clearly a major setback if you want to answer a message straight from the watch.
Apple has removed some of its restrictions in the OS, so apps can now use the Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, accelerometer, the HR sensor, the speaker or the microphone for additional capabilities. Installing apps on the watch could really be a nightmare and we've discovered that it sometimes takes up to 5 minutes to do it, depending on the size of the app, but at random times, the process simply freezes. There are lots of apps in the store that can work on the watch right now, but their capabilities are still limited for the moment because of Apple's well-known restrictions.
If listening to music is your thing, then the Watch can stay alive for 6.5 hours, with the same performance offered when working out too. The Apple Watch can reach 80 percent in 1.5 hours and go up to 100 percent in 60 more minutes. This is why it takes more time to complete a full charge, but it's actually a nice workaround to make it water-resistant because no ports are exposed. The feature kicks in at 10 percent and when you reach 0 percent, it can provide an additional of 72 hours of battery life, but with very limited functionality. It might be super comfy and look like a premium device, but aside from pulling notifications from your device, it doesn't do much else.
It's not all about the looks and Apple certainly knows this very well, so the next-generation model is likely to bring a significant upgrade in this regard.
Although rather expensive, the Apple Watch lacks key features, such as GPS support, so it needs the phone 99 percent of the time.
It has features that could make you fall in love with it, but at the same time, it lacks others that could prove to be deal-breakers.
You need to discover pretty much everything, and every new day with the Watch is a new day learning to do something with it. The second Watch should arrive in spring 2016 and by that time, watchOS is also expected to reach its maturity, so the future sounds good for Apple in the wearables industry. Customization is essential on the Apple Watch and using your own photos as watch face was a neat feature, but that was troublesome before due to bugs in the core OS.
Thanks to this, owners of new iPhones can configure live photos as watch faces on their Apple Watch, so this update comes to make this possible by addressing bugs that previously caused instability on the device. Instead you would have to save the file to the PC and copy it manually in Windows Explorer.
To fix it, press either two times Alt-Tab and if that does not help to bring the update notification to the front, kill the application in the task manager and start it again.
This was a lot of work and I’m sure the Japanese Diving Log users will be really happy. Apple wanted to offer the same premium quality finish and at some level, it managed to do it.
That's not what Motorola thinks though, as the Moto 360 not only looks awesome but also feels very natural most of the time. The pressure-sensitive screen also uses haptic feedback to let you know when Force Touch has been activated, just like on the new iPhones. This is basically the very same material used on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and is not only build to withstand severe shocks, but also to be very light.
Although the more premium choice, the steel makes it heavier, so it weighs in 50 grams instead of 30 grams on the Sport version. Afterwards, you should be able to see the default face and start using the device normally.
Things are by far simpler with the side button, which only calls for the favorites contacts that are configured on the phone and let you start a call instantly.
Swiping down from the top of the screen brings up the notification center, just like on the iPhone. The quality of the call is impressive to say the least, despite the fact that it has just one speaker and one mic, but software optimizations are playing a key role here to reduce noise and make your voice and your contact's louder. To compensate for this, the Apple Watch automatically wakes on wrist raise, but this feature isn't working exactly as expected all the time.
The time is displayed horizontally and the screen brightens in the minutes before the alarm is triggered, which is quite a neat feature, but an always-on nightstand would definitely be a lot more helpful.
First, it uses Bluetooth to communicate with the phone when the two are near each other, because Apple says this helps save battery life. If you've previously tried Fitbit Surge, Microsoft Band, or one of the many Garmin models, then you might be disappointed. After running for about 4 kilometers, the difference between the Apple Watch, Fitbit Surge, and Microsoft Band increased to 400 meters, which obviously raises some questions regarding its accuracy.
Apple Pay is also a pretty fantastic addition because you can simply pay with your watch at some retailers, but this feature is only available in the United States for now.
You can, however, dictate a response, but this doesn't work quite alright in other language than English. Developers can create apps that can use all of these and the best example comes from fitness tools which can better monitor your activity using the aforementioned sensors.
According to Apple, the battery should be in perfect condition for 3 years and can only be replaced at the Apple Store (obviously if you don't want to lose your warranty). Only the time is displayed with a digital face and in the simplest possible way, but at least you won't feel embarrassed when someone wants to know the time and your watch is turn off on your wrist. Running with your iPhone in the pocket, just because you need GPS tracking, is a painful experience, especially if you own the Plus.
Having notifications on your wrist is a fascinating thing, but Apple still has to work on this. At least, that’s what Apple said, but we all know that it all depends on the intensity of the hit. Apple says that this model is even tougher, but seriously, you don't buy a smartwatch to throw it out of your window.
For example, the watch can easily wake when you're driving and it detects a wrist move that might mimic the one used to check the time. But if the Bluetooth connection is not available, the Apple Watch can use your Wi-Fi connection for the same thing.
Sometimes, it tells you to walk around for a minute even if you moved a lot in the last hour, so the Watch doesn't always correctly detect your activity. While it calculates and displays the average HR, you can't see the top and lowest figures, or split times.
But you should be fine if you don't expect precise measurement every time you exercise. The gyroscope is responsible for pretty much all of this, which is the basic behavior for every fitness tracker. One neat feature is the ability to display different pre-defined messages depending on the language of the email or text you receive.
There are lots of complaints in this regard, so Apple should really have this in mind when developing OS updates. This is why devices such as Fitbit Surge and Microsoft Band could seem a better choice for sporty people.
Receiving more than 1 notification at the same time makes it almost completely useless, while its fitness tracking capabilities are clearly behind those of rivals. However you don’t switch anything in the dive computer, because you use the same gas. Obviously, this might be less important if your goal isn't to become the next Usain Bolt, but other devices, such as the Microsoft band already come with much more advanced capabilities in this regard.
Heartbeat activity is not monitored during the night, but with third-party apps, there's a huge opportunity for the Watch to do a lot more.
Again, this is only the insider preview (beta) of Windows 10, not the normal (stable) version.
If you’ve already updated to Build 14279, you can revert to the previous build in the Windows settings app. All tanks, which are not assigned to some part of the profile, will be added automatically to the first tank in the tank & gas window.
You only have to make sure that the first tank in the list is actually one of the sidemount tanks.

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