There are many other tags that could be embedded in the "head", respectively in the "body" tags, but this example template represents only the basic structure of any HTML document.
For example, you can use HTML tags to format text, paragraphs, create tables and much more. The "head" tag contains the "title" tag which gives the document title that appears in the web browser title bar, in this case "my web site".
These are applications that automatically create the HTML tags for you, generating complex html templates (with CSS, javascript and more), interlinked between them to form a complete website.

Also between "head" tags there are also "META" tags used by search engines to index the document.
This basic HTML document structure should be followed in every design because it provides the certitude of a correct HTML document.
The first "META" tag from the template shown here is referring to the website description as it appears in web searches and the second "META" tag has the keywords relevant for the site content. Here you will find the web page content that could be formed by tables, images, text or anything else.

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