Today, a new ownCloud version has been released - 5 -, which comes with many new features and improvements as well as a new interface.
Also, in an update that should be available in April, ownCloud will get a newly designed server-side encryption application. However, after doing this, ownCloud became very slow and it still is when trying to access the Dropbox folder. Seit der grundlegenden Installation unserer eigenen ownCloud-Umgebung ist jetzt schon ein wenig Zeit ins Land gegangen. There’s no shortage of alternatives to Microsoft Office, including desktop software like LibreOffice and web apps like Google Docs. Collabora has been working on a cloud-based version of LibreOffice for a while, and the company is currently showing off demos of the commercial software it plans to launch in 2016. Now Collabora and ownCloud have launched a free and open source version of that software called Collabora Online Development Edition, or CODE. Right now CODE has a stripped down user interface, but ownCloud notes that many of the features that you’d find in the desktop version of LibreOffice are also available in CODE.

You can install it on your computer or web server and access (and share) your files from any OS, since ownCloud comes with desktop clients for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as well as mobile clients for Android and iOS. Der Blick aufs Backend und die Konfiguration steht noch aus, zwischendurch tritt aktuell aber eine App fur ownCloud ins Rampenlicht, die die Notizen-Funktion auch fur Euer Android-Gerat bereitstellt und damit eine Lucke der offiziellen ownCloud-App schliesst. Entscheidet Ihr Euch uber den direkten Erwerb im Play Store, kostet die App fur Euer Android-Gerat 2,98 EUR.
It takes a little work though, because right now you essentially have to set up your own server. It’s not officially supported by either team, but it makes it easy for anyone to take LibreOffice in the cloud for a spin. You can set it up to use LibreOffice in a web browser to view, edit, and create text, spreadsheet, presentation, and other documents.
Nach dem ersten Start der App gebt Ihr einmalig die Zugangsdaten Eures ownCloud-Kontos an und los gehts: Neben dem Anlegen von Notizen ist auch eine entsprechende Formatierung der Notizen an sich moglich und auch die Synchronisation zwischen der App und des Desktop-Clients auf Windows- und Mac-Basis klappt im Test anstandslos.
Der Entwickler sieht diese Summe als Spende fur die Entwicklung der App – fur User, die die Notizen-Funktion in ownCloud nutzen, sicherlich eine sinnvolle Investition.

Local solutions, KeePass comes to mind as it is my preferred password manager, store all data locally by default.That's great as it is up to you, and only you, to keep the database secure.
Wer sich fur das Projekt interessiert, findet unter GitHub auch weiterfuhrende Informationen und kann bei Gefallen auch aktiv daran teilhaben.
While you hand over some responsibility in the process, they often improve data synchronization in the process.Enpass is a password manager for various desktop and mobile operating systems that offers both options. In fact, Enpass does not offer native options to store passwords online on their servers or access them using a web interface. Unlike KeePass, it is not offering a global shortcut to send sign-in data to browsers or other programs, and it is also not supporting plugins to extend the password managers functionality.This means that it is limited to storage and synchronization. This password manager is integrated in the add dialog which makes the whole process a bit easier but still not as easy as password managers do that support browsers and capture the information while you enter them in the browser.VerdictEnpass is obviously not the right program for users who prefer password managers that support logging them in automatically, capturing new accounts automatically or filling out forms but if you want a local password storage with optional synchronization support that puts you in full charge of your data, then this program may be worth a try especially since it has all major operating systems covered.

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