Cloud storage stands for virtualised pool of network storage most commonly hosted by third parties. Store files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendar, etc on the server of your choice, Later you can access it from mobile, desktop, or web browser.
In the era of sharing aka Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, owncloud lets you share your data with others and share them publicly or privately as per your needs. A special feature is that, even user can undelete the accidentally deleted data from Trash, is not it easy to handle and maintain. The search feature in owncloud is very responsive which is done in background and lets user search by name as well as file type. In order to setup your own personal cloud storage ( ownCloud ), you must have LAMP ( Linux , Apache , MySQL , PHP ) stack installed.
Once you setup LAMP stack on your personal box, just login to your database ( MySQL , here). It is not a good idea to access your database from root , hence grant all the permission to a normal user (say tecmint ). However we choose the TAR package which is universally accepted and works on most of the known system.
Note : Remember we are giving read , write and execute permission to all, which is although risky but this time needed since several configuration file would be written automatically.
Additionally, we need to enable mod_rewrite rules to work properly under Apache ‘s main configuration file. We need to enter username , password and mysql database username , password and database name , (Here the one we created above- cloud). Once all the correct values are entered, click Finish and your private cloud storage is ready, you may have a test drive. Note : You can add users or imports user account , change password , assign user role and allocate space by clicking the Gear icon on left bottom of the page. You may now add folder , sync media files be it pictures, images and videos from the mobile application.
It also has a built in  MP3 Player , PDF Viewer , Document Viewer , and a lot many which is worth a try and explore.
Cloud storage is a network-based service which physically do not exist but remains somewhere in the cloud.

The Dropbox application which is now available on smart phone is nothing but cloud storage application.
Own cloud lets you sync all your files, contacts, photo, calendar, etc synced among the devices.
We need to enable two Apache modules mod_rewrite and mod_headers for ownCloud to function properly.
To be more clear, cloud storage means sharing data over network , rather than having local servers or personal device. Google Drive is another cloud storage application which lets you store and access your stored data from anywhere and anytime. Well all the third party hosting limits you to work with the given configuration and storage limit.
Type the following command to enable these modules under Debian based systems only, for RedHat systems they are enabled by default. With the ever expanding list of photos , videos , mp3?s of storage is not sufficient, moreover cloud storage is a relatively new concept and there are not many third party cloud storage host and the available one is too much costly. Moreover owncloud can be deployed on all known platforms viz., Linux , Macintosh , Windows and Android . 1 B21 from your computer and totally eliminate any uninstall errors and other hassle along Dec 19, 2013.
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