What if we say that you can host your own custom server that is running on your own web server, or a web server that you have access to? The biggest challenge to create your own cloud server is the installation on the web server.
You can check for installation instructions using the corresponding link- installation instruction.
After completing all the above steps you need to login to your web server to access the files there, or install the synchronization clients to start syncing data from local systems with your own cloud server. Where the people are really very conscious regarding their privacy, hosting your own cloud is not a bad idea. In other parts of this guide we explain how version control and synchronizing folders and files works using WebDAV and the file manager of your operating system. The ownCloud client is a good way to have more control over the way files are synchronized between your ownCloud server on the web and your computer. Enter one of the following lines into the box, choosing the correct one for your version of Ubuntu. Now you have installed the repository, you can search for owncloud-client in the top right of the Software Center. After you have installed ownCloud you should be able to follow the ownCloud connection wizard to configure your client.
You can click on the button next to Local Folder, highlighted in red in the image above, to choose another folder. If these stages were successful you should see a green tick next to the icon of the cloud detailing your local folder in the Sync Status window.

Once the ownCloud client is installed and configured you can view, edit and save files using the directory that you have set to sync to your ownCloud. In Ubuntu or other similar operating systems this toolbar menu is available at the top right of the desktop. After opening the Settings window, as described in the section above, there are three main tabs which allow you to configure the use of the client. In account settings you have the option to add new folders to snyc, to remove existing ones and to pause syncing.
This option allows you to not sync certain files or folders on your local or remote server. In the Network tab, you can change the Bandwith Limits depending on the bandwidth of your connection. OwnCloud is a web based application that provides services such as file storage, management and sharing. In this tutorial we will install the latest version of OwnCloud with Nginx and PHP-FPM on anUbuntu VPS.
Now, log in to your MariaDB server as user root and create a new user and database for OwnCloud. Of course you don’t have to do any of this if you use one of ourLinux VPS Hosting services, in which case you can simply ask our expert Linux admins to install OwnCloud for you. A program known as OwnCloud is an open source cloud hosting script that can be easily installed on Windows or Linux based web server.
OwnCloud offers calendar integration and synchronization, access to a media player to play music, a photo viewer, and contacts.

This service will make the cloud available to users who do not want to host their files on third party servers.
This can be helpful if a simple WebDAV set up isn't performing as it should or if you want to take advantage of the extra settings the ownCloud client gives you.
These changes will be be available to you on the server and on other computers that you have synced-up to the server.
If you have a slower connection and don't want to overload it (which would slow down your internet access every time you are syncing) then you can set these limits to be low. However in this article we are going to cover only the process of creating cloud server on Windows only. Especially for the business concerns who has certain regulations regarding the content sharing. If you are somewhat privacy conscious then you would like to keep yourself away from all these cloud services. Or if you want to use these services then you have encrypt your data before synchronizing it to the cloud server.

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