Cloud storage stands for virtualised pool of network storage most commonly hosted by third parties. Store files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendar, etc on the server of your choice, Later you can access it from mobile, desktop, or web browser. In the era of sharing aka Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, owncloud lets you share your data with others and share them publicly or privately as per your needs.
A special feature is that, even user can undelete the accidentally deleted data from Trash, is not it easy to handle and maintain. The search feature in owncloud is very responsive which is done in background and lets user search by name as well as file type.
Apps management is now intelligent enough to store App’s dependency in XML file from where Apps container can solve the dependencies automatically. Documentation improved to next level, PDF viewer improved with the implementation of new version of PDF.js.
Federated (United) cloud sharing which means setting up of shared folder across server is a cake walk. It is not a good idea to access your database from root, hence grant all the permission to a normal user (say tecmint). However we choose the TAR package which is universally accepted and works on most of the known system. Note: Remember we are giving read, write and execute permission to all, which is although risky but this time needed since several configuration file would be written automatically. Additionally, we need to enable mod_rewrite rules to work properly under Apache‘s main configuration file.
Notice the Favorites, edit, share, download, upload and new file options available for a file. Note: You can add users or imports user account, change password, assign user role and allocate space by clicking the Gear icon on left bottom of the page. You may now add folder, sync media files be it pictures, images and videos from the mobile application. It also has a built in MP3 Player, PDF Viewer, Document Viewer, and a lot many which is worth a try and explore.
To update earlier version of your owncloud to 9, you need to first update the old owncloud to latest point release of the same version. Thanks for sharing instructions for Debian, hope it will help other Debian users to install OwnCloud 9 properly.. Image or cut and paste examples of the configuration files you are editing would help people.

Hello Ravi, is there an easy method to remotely access ownCloud or must it only be used in a local network? You can access your own Owncloud platform through IP or domain name from any remote location, as far as you opened access to particular location via firewall..
Could you please elaborate more on your question, so that we can better help in you proper way..
The chatter is once again picking up around FriendFeed, the real-time social aggregator Facebook acquired a couple of months ago.
Now FriendFeed cofounder Paul Bucheit has decided to come out with some clarifications though the future of the service is as vague as ever. The message tries to be reassuring but ends up confirming the rather bleak future that awaits FriendFeed in its current form. At the time of the acquisition, many argued that Facebook bought FriendFeed for its talent, as the service was backed by a small but all-star team of engineers. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Selezione di pregiati cioccolatini realizzati artigianalmente dai maitre chocolatier di Gay Odin ed arricchita dalla presenza di noci e ghiande. Sapori intensi e delicati si fondono alla perfezione in una confezione in radica resa unica da pregevoli decorazioni che riproducono differenti paesaggi tipici napoletani. Cloud storage is a network-based service which physically do not exist but remains somewhere in the cloud. The Dropbox application which is now available on smart phone is nothing but cloud storage application.
Own cloud lets you sync all your files, contacts, photo, calendar, etc synced among the devices. This feature makes it possible to collaborate organizations with the control at local owncloud deployment server. We need to enable two Apache modules mod_rewrite and mod_headers for ownCloud to function properly.
Untar the tar-ball and copy everything to the root of your owncloud directory within your working directory.
Don’t forget to install and enable Third party Application and plug-ins only after checking the compatibility with the current version.
Install the latest owncloud project or upgrade your last version to latest and start using it. At the time of the deal many were left wondering about the fate of the service which, despite not becoming as successful as hoped, managed to secure a core of loyal users and to stay ahead in the innovation department.

A couple of preeminent bloggers, both great supporters of FriendFeed, raised concerns about the future of the service and the fact that the activity on the site died down after the news of the acquisition.
The four cofounders are all ex-googlers and were behind products like Gmail and Google Maps.
Una fine realizzazione artistica per un gradevole omaggio: un piacere per la vista e per il palato. To be more clear, cloud storage means sharing data over network, rather than having local servers or personal device. Google Drive is another cloud storage application which lets you store and access your stored data from anywhere and anytime. Well all the third party hosting limits you to work with the given configuration and storage limit.
If you are already working with its older version, you’ll definitely experience significant improvements in Document handling.
Type the following command to enable these modules under Debian based systems only, for RedHat systems they are enabled by default. Next, you need to enter mysql database username, password and database name, refer the screenshot below. Not much has been said since, and despite claims that the service won't be shut down, users have mostly abandoned it. The short answer is that the team is working on a couple of longer-term projects that will help bring FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world. Everything is still there, in terms of features and functionality, but nobody wants to invest in a dead service. Facebook is no doubt at work integrating some of FriendFeed's best features but it may be a while until the social network can be seen as a proper replacement if ever. With the ever expanding list of photos, videos, mp3’s of storage is not sufficient, moreover cloud storage is a relatively new concept and there are not many third party cloud storage host and the available one is too much costly. Moreover owncloud can be deployed on all known platforms viz., Linux, Macintosh, Windows and Android. In short it’s a robust, platform Independent, flexible in terms of configuration and usability, easy-to-use open source Application.

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