July 21, 2014 by Sharad Chhetri 12 Comments Few days back I setup Owncloud 6 on Ubuntu 14.04 .
So many post out there about how to address this issue however, most fail to address where the installation defaults to. Now that I’ve blown some smoke up your A– lol do you think you might help me out? It’s a bit annoying it sets up like this by default and there is a lack of information about this type of configuration. We understand YOUYou need a technology partner that understands your business and the people in your business.
Je vais vous presenter un service qui est connu mais pas assez a mon gout (je n’aime pas presenter de gros logiciel . WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) est un protocole (plus precisement, une extension du protocole HTTP) defini par le groupe de travail IETF du meme nom.
Ce service est parfait pour ceux qui utilisent « Google drive » pour la collaboration car on peut le faire aussi avec ce service. Owncloud fournit un acces a ses fichiers depuis une interface web ou depuis un partage WebDAV et CalDAV. Un logiciel client lourd open-source (base sur Myrall et Csync) permet de synchroniser un ou plusieurs repertoires locaux en direction du cloud. Il est possible de definir des droits sur les fichiers et repertoires directement depuis l’interface de gestion.

Par contre, concernant mes contacts, mon agenda, eviter de tout donner a Google ou Microsoft serait bien.
Collabora Productivity said in a press statement that CODE "allows prototype editing of richly formatted documents from a web browser. This is interesting because ownCloud already has a€?ownCloud Documentsa€™ that has collaborative features. I played with CODE for a while and found it much closer to the LibreOffice and Office 365 experience than Google Docs. In addition to ownCloud, Collabora is also working with other cloud providers to integrate CODE with their services. As I know in starting at the time of installation, I did installation via web interface with IP Address of system. Our servers reside in Central Auckland to be precise. Unlike other facilities, you know where your files reside. When you (or your team) add files to ownCloud they automatically sync to all your computers, mobile devices, and even the ownCloud website, so everyone can work together anywhere. Simply create links to the files in ownCloud and send them to anyone, no attachments required. Decrit dans la RFC4918, WebDAV permet de simplifier la gestion de fichiers avec des serveurs distants.
Meme soucis pour les groupes, faut dezoomer car trop de groupes (pour info, env.450 utilisateurs, une 20aine de groupes).

There are companies that offer hosted ownCloud servers so it is likely that you will see CODE based LibreOffice as a service by many different hosting companies.
I, like you, spend much time helping others, it’s refreshing to see such good work Sharad. Work with your team like you are using a single computer, allowing you to control who see’s what. Il permet de recuperer, deposer, synchroniser et publier des fichiers (et dossiers) rapidement et facilement. While ownCloud Documents offers an online collaborative editor that can handle Rich Text Formats, CODE offers a complete productivity suite. If your device is stolen or fails, it is safely secured in ownCloud and can be restored in a few clicks. Currently there are three apps: writer (equivalent to MS Word), spreadsheet (Excel) and presentation (PowerPoint). Dans notre cas nous ne disposons que d’un seul adaptateur reseau filaire, nomme « Wired Ethernet Connection », que nous selectionnons pour poursuivre l’installation. Il est possible de modifier les Switch virtuels une fois l’installation terminee en utilisant le « Virtual Switches Manager ».

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