The best MMO was turned into a great machinima, so great that the Emmy award was fully deserved and I have to say that I'm not surprised that the brilliant South Park creators have struck gold again. German website Boerse Online has rolled out the Media Control numbers for June 12, revealing that the PlayStation 4 sold 540k units, as opposed to the Xbox One, who only managed to sell 170k units in the country since launch. GfK is the European equivalent of the NPD Group, and has the same reputation for accurate numbers that the North American analyst has, with only a slight margin for error. This is especially telling since in Germany, the PlayStation 4 is currently priced at 395 Euros, while the Kinect-less Xbox One variant is going for 373 Euros, giving Microsoft a slight price advantage in the country. This, along with the mandatory daily authentication, led users to fear that the measures, which have been since dropped due to the negative public reaction, could be reinstated at a later date, once enough people would buy the device and invest in peripherals and games.
The man worked for a McDonald’s establishment in Porto Allegre, Brazil for no less than 12 years, gaining over 65 pounds on the job. In court documents cited by the Daily Mail, the man, who chose not to have his identity made public, alleged he only gained weight because he wanted to sample most of the items on the menu every day to ensure they met quality standards. Besides that, the menu offered to McDonald’s employees for lunch every day was also very calorie-laden and healthy, thus contributing to his weight gain. However, McDonald’s is free to appeal the decision, which it probably will, word in the media has it. 1.Hummingbirds are found only in Americas, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego (in the southern tip of South America).
The northernmost species is the rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus), the only species that reaches Alaska.
Hummingbirds have one of the fastest metabolisms: in a matter of minutes after ingesting nectar, the sugar can be already burned to release energy for the hovering flight. 6.A hummingbird has just 1,000 feathers (in other species, there are tens of thousands of feathers). The traveler type of hummingbird feeds on flowers less rich in nectar, that's why they travel great distances in their search. As an adaptation for sucking nectar, the tongue of the hummingbird is tubular and bifurcated on the tip. 9.Larger hummingbirds are preyed upon by hawks and tree snakes (during the night, when they are lethargic).
The world of teenaged girls is very complicated and filled with dangers at every step and when the teenagers are celebrities, it's even worse. The conclusion is, given the current facts, that “I am officially dropping you as a friend. Those are some pretty strong words from the actress who was recently caught up in a leaked rude selfie scandal. Apart from Brown, who almost gave Mick a heart attack the first time they met because of the excitement, there are other musicians who have left their mark on the rocker. He then moves on to disclose other aspects of the production process and the problems he encountered along the way. There’s no shortage of complaints regarding the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display from 2012.

Although the issue is quite well known among users, the company never really addressed the matter officially. Some of the affected users discovered that unlinking the computer from Wi-Fi seemed to dissipate the flickering problems.
Apparently, the easiest way to fix the flickering on a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro is to simply switch your Wi-Fi connection to a non-crowded channel – ideally, one that only you are using. Another way to address the matter is to get yourself a new Wi-Fi router that can handle the 5GHz band.
A man has fatally shot his wife after an argument and let the world know via a Facebook post. He also confessed to the crime in the same post and later turned himself in at the police station. According to the Daily Mail, 31-year-old Derek Medina, of Miami, is in police custody for the murder of 26-year-old Jennifer Alfonso.
Alfonso worked as a waitress and Medina was trying to get her to quit her job, which involved night shifts. Sheridan told the court that producer Marc Cherry hit her in the head during rehearsals, in a very heated argument, and that she was fired afterwards because she had complained about it to the brass.
The judge dismissed Sheridan’s appeal because she had been fired (her contract was simply not renewed) and the case was dropped. NBC News is reporting that Sheridan will get another chance for her big day in court because the judge has overturned the initial ruling.
Microsoft has clarified recent rumors claiming that it will no longer allow the Xbox One controller to work on the PC platform, saying that official drivers are in development and will be released later this year, when they're ready.
The Xbox One launched last November in 13 countries around the world and, while the console was received with mixed feelings and poor sales when compared to Sony's PlayStation 4, the new controller was praised by quite a few. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as standard on the PC, and Microsoft seemingly took down any attempts from hobby programmers and developers who wanted to create improvised drivers so that owners of the controller can use it on the PC. This has led to new speculation about Microsoft planning to keep the Xbox One controller exclusive to its platform, which has now been completely denied by the company's Director of Product Planning, Albert Penello.
He went on to say that official drivers from Microsoft are in development and that they will allow current Xbox One controllers to work on the PC. Penello also admitted that a PC-branded version of the Xbox One controller, which can work easily on both the computer and the console, might be released at a certain point in time.
More details are going to be shared by Penello and Microsoft when the plans have been nailed down, however. The Xbox 360 controller has become the de-facto standard in PC games with controller support, as many users employ it when playing racing or fighting titles, for example, so Microsoft has a lot to benefit from endorsing the Xbox One controller.
This technique relies heavily on the use of CGI (computer-generated imagery) and 3D engines, the result being superb 3D animation.
Blue" is its name and you should check it out, especially if you've never seen a machinima production before. The southernmost species is the green backed firecrown (Sephanoides sephanoides) that reaches Tierra del Fuego and Falkland Islands.

They can move upward the wings much more than any bird, describing an "8" during the wing's movement. This type of hummingbird is territorial, defending its plot abundant in nectar rich flowers.
Small species can be attacked by spiders, dragonflies, praying mantis and insectivore birds. The letter was penned as a response to a fan who asked Jennette to give advice on how to deal with a toxic friendship. I decided the good outweighed the bad, so I continued hanging out with her for a few months until our friendship slowly fizzled out,” she explains. Whatever it was that Ariana did, it must have been serious to elicit this kind of drama from McCurdy. Mick Jagger isn't afraid to admit that he boosted many of his dance moves from his idol James Brown. Many users have encountered screen flickering problems, and Apple has yet to officially acknowledge the problem. Granted, this solution is a tad more costly, but in our tests we were able to confirm that using a 5GHz connection resolves the issue (mainly because you'll never find too many people using this band today).
In any case, changing your Wifi channel can be easily done in your router settings (and is therefore free), while buying a 5Ghz router is clearly less expensive than replacing your Mac’s motherboard or Retina display. The network and Cherry denied the allegations, and the jury in the case deadlocked when it came to giving a verdict in favor of the actress. In other words, the actress will get to argue in court that, when her contract wasn’t renewed, she was actually fired because she had dared to speak out on the bad treatment the producer was subjecting her to. It seems that in the same season another gaming-related episode was produced, with the aid of Blizzard, turning into a machinima masterpiece that just got the Emmy Award. I for one, would suggest the brilliant minds that gave us the South Park series to pick on Sony or Microsoft for their faulty consoles, as they've already picked on Nintendo, of course in the funny and witty way that made them famous. Hummingbirds are the only birds that can hover, fly backward, upward and downward in a vertical plane. Perforater hummingbirds pierce the corolla of the flowers to reach the nectar, as they have too short beaks. Those from the tropical mountain areas, where the temperature reaches 40 ?C during the day and -20oC during the night enter a lethargic state at night.
In the end, they went with Chadwick Boseman, who had to work really hard to achieve the same level of performance on stage as the real Brown. The couple had a 10-year-old daughter that police found in the home where her mother was killed. One time, he went storming in, looking for her, telling her to get outside,” she recalls.

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