While it's true that it cannot form in the vacuum of space, requiring the electrical breakdown of gas, lightning has been spotted in the atmospheres of planets like Venus and Jupiter.
In fact, lightning favors certain spots, particularly high locations, like trees and buildings. David Canales, 41, of West Miami-Dade, US, was killed last week after a lightning came apparently out of nowhere, struck a tree nearby and then the unfortunate man. So, with lightning striking the Earth around 100 times every second, on average, this is one of nature's deadliest forces, that may unintentionally affect our life in dramatic ways, and can even bring it to an abrupt end.
Donald Trump is dead-serious about this Presidential thing: the real estate mogul turned television personality finally did good on his older promise of running for the highest office by putting his name in the 2016 Presidential race. A few days ago, the Presidential hopeful was in Iowa to meet with his supporters and raise awareness on his campaign, the Des Moines Register informs. Donald Trump, aka The Donald, is going bald, and like many other men out there, he outgrew a lock of hair from the side of the head, which is then combed backwards and over the balding spot, in what is obviously a futile attempt at hiding it from the world. The result is something that has been compared to anything from a wig, to a caterpillar that actually lives in the Amazon, or a weasel attacking his head. The Trump hair has been mocked so much online, that it’s almost as famous as its owner.
Donald Trump the celebrity might indulge in something as vain and time-consuming as a combover, but Donald Trump POTUS would be too busy for that. Though he has more support as a Presidential hopeful than expected, Trump has seen better days. Trump is planning to sue over the pageant deals, saying NBC has a legally-binding contract and can’t just decide to terminate the partnership like that. As for the Apprentice job, he insists he wouldn’t have returned for the spot in the first place, because he will be too busy with the campaign. Kali Linux 2.0, a secure, and enterprise-ready follow-up version of the famous BackTrack Linux, has been released by Offensive Security and it comes with an impressive number of changes and improvements. Kali Linux is making a name for itself, but it's difficult to surpass the fame of the previous BackTrack Linux OS.
The 2.0 version of Kali Linux is a huge step forward, and its developer have made some impressive changes, and that includes the adoption of a new Linux kernel branch and of a host of desktop environment that should please anyone. Kali 2.0 has been in the works for a very long time, and the developers had time to make some very important transitions, like the adoption of Debian Jessie, for example. The developers have also explained that Kali is now following a rolling release model, like Arch, for example. Minecraft has delighted tens of millions of fans on PC all around the world and developer 4J Studios partnered with original creators Mojang to bring forth the experience across many different consoles, expanding the user base with tens of millions more. After bringing forth a new set of DLC packs yesterday, such as the Pattern Texture Pack, 4J Studios confirms that a fresh set of updates are available for Minecraft across all the consoles on which it's appeared so far. First up, there is update 1.15 for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita versions of Minecraft, according to the official forums, which brings forth lots of enhancements on all the aforementioned devices. On the Xbox One, Minecraft receives Content Update 11, which fixes split-screen issues and, as mentioned above, eliminates some crashes and bugs in other situations.
On the Xbox 360, Minecraft owners are prompted to download title update 23, which has similar bug fixes and additions to the game.
All the new updates are now live across the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online service in most regions so go online and download them as soon as possible. Undergoing a heart attack or a heart failure seizure is not an easy thing to do, as most patients suffering from these conditions could tell you. Experts from the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) announced on April 7th that more than 2,331 patients from 82 centers in the United States, Canada, and France, had been tracked for this study, some for up to four years after they started exercising. According to the officially released results of the new research, heart patients who practiced physical exercises exhibited a 15 percent lower risk of dying on account of a cardiovascular problem, as well as an 11 percent decrease in the total number of hospitalizations and all-cause deaths. Windows 10 is not here yet, but the world is already thinking about what’s next after this critical release for Microsoft, and now people with good track on unreleased Windows information claim that the company is currently working on a major update due in 2016. This information comes from Russian leaker WZor, who has already provided us with plenty of accurate details about Windows 10, but everyone should still take it with a pinch of salt until Microsoft actually confirms the roadmap for its operating system. WZor claims that Windows 10, which should arrive this summer, will receive a major update in 2016, and according to his information, Microsoft is aiming at October (of the next year) for the launch date.

The PC version, on the other hand, is expected to debut in July or August, so the first major update for Windows 10 could debut one year after the phone build. With Windows 10, Microsoft will finally give up on shipping stand-alone releases for Windows in favor of rolling yearly releases, so the company will switch to a continuous update model that would bring improvements and new features to users at a faster pace. The naming system for Windows will also be changed, so the upcoming update due in 2016 is expected to be called Windows 10.1, according to WZor.
Samsung Galaxy S II, the newest smartphone that Samsung brought to the spotlight with Google's Android operating system on board, packs a series of yet not discussed features, it seems, including an MHL port.
This is the first smartphone in the world to include an MHL port, which would offer support for both USB or HDMI connectivity. MHL was announced back in 2008 as the result of an initiative from a consortium of industry leaders, including Nokia, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, and Silicon Image.
The mobile phone can be connected to HDMI-equipped displays via a 5-wire micro-USB to HDMI cable. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, which was unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, is only the first device to include this special port. A wide range of other MHL-equipped devices are expected to become available in 2011, including mobile phones, tablet PCs, and the aforementioned TVs. Samsung did not unveil specific info on when would the smartphone arrive on shelves, nor on the pricing it might feature.
Since Dying Light developers confirmed their game would run at 30fps in 1080p on both consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, many fans were wondering why Techland took such a decision. The Natural Movement system allows Dying Light players to traverse the huge open world by jumping between rooftops, climbing buildings and using the parkour skills they have at their disposal.
Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, a stable frame rate is mandatory, hence the choice to lock the frame rate to 30fps on consoles. Given the locked frame rate to 30fps, Techland will be able to deliver native 1080p graphics much easier.
Techland has already put a huge amount of work into creating the open world of Dying Light. The main reason for the delay was the so-called Natural Movement system, which Techland thought is not ready yet to be implemented into the game.
Now the same movements system seems to be the reason for lowering the frame rate of the game to 30fps. Obviously, many console gamers did not take the news too well and argued that Techland’s decision was related to the fact that both consoles are under-powered and outperformed by few year old rigs.
Considering so many other developers had to lower the frame rate of their games to offer a smooth gameplay performance, there might be some truth in these accusations of Sony and Microsoft releasing less powerful consoles than we have original thought.
You probably know that it's an atmospheric discharge of electricity, occurring during rain storms.
Lightning can also occur during volcanic eruptions or dust storms, and doesn't really require massive cloud formations. On the gas giant, it can be 100 times more powerful, though 15 times less frequent, than on Earth. The Empire State Building is struck by lightning on average 23 times each year, and was once struck 8 times in 24 minutes.
A ball lightning has the strange tendency to float (or hover) in the air and take on a ball-like appearance. It's actually an explosion of the air molecules in the discharge channel, a rapid expansion caused by the electrical discharge. This unusual lightning packs a bigger, deadlier punch and forms differently, being able to carry as much as 10 times the current, is hotter and lasts longer.
As you can see in the video below, he also talked about Obamacare and his plan to replace it with something that actually works, the legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states, which happened last week, and rival Jeb Bush, who is ahead of him in the polls. For years, Trump has been famous for 4 things: his money, his big mouth, his orange tan and his ridiculous hairstyle. His comments on the Mexican immigrants are already costing him dearly, because NBC fired him as host of The Apprentice and severed ties with him on both the Miss USA and the Miss Universe pageants.
NBC saying they fired him is just their (cheap) way of making themselves look good in the media.

In fact, the default desktop environment in Kali Linux is now GNOME 3, and that is a solution that needs no introduction.
As you can imagine, Penetration Testing is a complex task, and it requires a lot of effort.
But these bulletpoint items are essentially a side effect of the real changes that have taken place in our development backend," reads the official announcement.
We won't get to experience too many of these major upgrades in the future, as everything will land through regular updates. There are trials for the Pattern Texture pack and the Mass Effect 3 mash-up pack, not to mention many fixes to issues with pistons, dispensers, or droppers. The chances for another such event occurring increase significantly, as do the hospitalization rates for these patients. The average follow-up time was of 2.5 years, and the average age of the patients was of 59 years. In addition, the experts behind the new paper pointed out, the benefits of physical exercises might have very well been underestimated, because even those in the control group practiced sports sometimes during the study.
MHL-enabled TVs are expected to become available for purchase later during the ongoing year. That should drastically reduce the input lag to the minimum and at the same time offer a perfectly smooth gameplay performance. It looks like after many tests and experiments, developers concluded that in order to offer such a high resolution on consoles, they would need to lock the frame rate at 30fps.
Lightning has been observed striking the Apollo 12 soon after takeoff, and was even recorded striking soon after thermonuclear explosions. Actually, most lightning strikes are made up of multiple individual strokes, meaning that what we see as a pulsating lightning actually consists of three or four different strokes following the same pathway. Many witnesses reported them as being red to yellow in color, sometimes transparent, and some containing radial filaments or sparks.
The rolling and gradually dissipating rumble of thunder is caused by the time delay of sound coming from different portions of a long stroke. Its developers are trying to continue the success story with Kali Linux, and slowly, but surely, they are making it happen.
Now, a new scientific study comes to show that physical exercises are actually a good thing for these people as well, and not just for those looking to stay fit.
The scientists also shared that, in official statistics, more than 5 million US citizens suffered from some type of heart conditions, which means that devising new methods of treatment for it was of paramount importance. Nabel, the director of the NHLBI, explained that, “Many patients and health care providers have continued to be concerned about the safety of aerobic exercise for heart failure. Currently, Dying Light is expected to arrive in late January on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Some of the largest volcanic eruptions can trigger lightning, due to the gases and solid material they eject high into the atmosphere. When the tension is high enough, electrons from the ground will "climb" to the top of the cloud, forming an inverted lightning. It will take a while until people forget about BackTrack, but as it stands right now, Kali is the premier solution, and it really shows.
The results of the recent investigations show that heart patients who performed daily exercise routines were far less likely to be committed into hospitals again than others who did not, or to suffer complications for their conditions.
They usually carry about ten times as much current as a bolt of negative lightning, the "normal" one.
Recent laboratory experiments are just beginning to shed light on the nature of ball lightning, a phenomenon that has baffled scientists for centuries.

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