Beta 2 is out and meanwhile, the discussion on the future of openSUSE development continues.
Release CycleConsensus seems to be that a longer release cycle is a good idea but nothing concrete has been proposed.
If a longer release cycle is introduced, Tumbleweed becomes more important, but so do the other OBS projects. Changing the Development ProcessConsensus seems to be that the current setup with devel projects feeding into Factory and having groups of maintainers (the aggregate of the individual package maintainers) doesn't work that great.
With one, all eyes would be on the same, but it would have the same breakage issues as Factory. Another way would be to try and get Staging stable, once everything is green - move to Factory.
It was brought up that it'd be possible to create a 'core' of base openSUSE packages (roughly up to which would be 'atomically updated' for the rest of the packages on top, decreasing breakage and allowing easier testing. Last but not least, development is helped by a positive, constructive atmosphere on the list. The openSUSE Conference (Prague, October)will be a good place where we can finalize these conclusions and start implementing things. Beta 2 is out and meanwhile, the discussion on the future of openSUSE development continues.
Per CEC (bei Samsung heisst das Anynet+) ist es moglich das kleine Mediencenter ohne weiteres Zusatzgerat mit meiner Fernbedienung vom TV zu bedienen.
Medien wie zum Beispiel Filme, Musik und Bilder werden per SMB uber WLAN von meiner NAS geholt. Abgesehen von der Soundbar ist dafur nur ein Raspberry fur etwa 40€ notig, und man ist stolzer Besitzer eines Mediencenters das echt Spa? macht und durchaus mit gro?eren und teueren Losungen mithalten kann.
For all the people that want to know more about the usage of ocNews, I recorded two new videos and updated the usage guide.
Punker-Raupe von VorneKein Ahnunge, welcher Schmetterling sich mal aus dieser Raupe mit Irokesenschnitt, gefarbten Haaren und Nietengurtel entwickelte. Es handelt sich ubrigens um eine Raupe des Buchen-Streckfu?, die sich zwischen Maiskolben befand. Little christmas present from JollaThey could keep their promise with the delivery in December… ?? So, porting ocNews to Sailfish OS can start. Gaza sucht den SupermartyrerDagegen sind Deutschland sucht den Superstar, American Idol und Konsorten die reinsten Langweilersendungen und sowas von vorgestern analog.
Minecraft has delighted tens of millions of fans on PC all around the world and developer 4J Studios partnered with original creators Mojang to bring forth the experience across many different consoles, expanding the user base with tens of millions more.
After bringing forth a new set of DLC packs yesterday, such as the Pattern Texture Pack, 4J Studios confirms that a fresh set of updates are available for Minecraft across all the consoles on which it's appeared so far. First up, there is update 1.15 for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita versions of Minecraft, according to the official forums, which brings forth lots of enhancements on all the aforementioned devices.

On the Xbox One, Minecraft receives Content Update 11, which fixes split-screen issues and, as mentioned above, eliminates some crashes and bugs in other situations. On the Xbox 360, Minecraft owners are prompted to download title update 23, which has similar bug fixes and additions to the game.
All the new updates are now live across the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online service in most regions so go online and download them as soon as possible. I've attempted to summarize the current status, both to help my own overview of the discussion and to try and help clarify it for others.
Greg brought up a few pain points he would need to see fixed and asked for help in general.
For less core packages, we could possibly skip devel projects, provided there is review done on the packages. Advantage is that we can have an automatic revert policy where packages can't get in Factory until all breakage in Staging is fixed.
This could even be part of a release scheme with a 'core openSUSE' and peripheral packages in Tumbleweed and OBS. As Coolo already mentioned in his initial email, we'd need more people fixing problems 'all over'. The openSUSE Board has been spending some efforts in improving the situation on our lists and with some success. Of course, we're only 6 days since the announcement by Coolo that he thinks things have to change. I have managed and marketed communities for over a decade, getting started in the KDE community, followed by working as openSUSE Community Manager at SUSE and ownCloud. Das ganze geht erstaunlich schnell und ohne jede Ruckler oder Verzogerungen.Weiterhin funktioniert der Zugriff auf diverse Mediatheken in Form weiterer Addons ebenfalls vollig schnell und unkompliziert. Nokia closed the store for updates and new MeeGo apps on 1st of January 2014, but the most important update of ocNews hit it right before this date.
Januar 2014 Buschmann Bilder, Tiere' data-html='true' class='hasPopover'>2 Kategorien Punker, Raupe, Tiere' data-html='true' class='hasPopover'>3 Markierungen 13. Yes, Nokia under Elop did not love the N9 really, but the community did – and many love it still today. Dezember 2013 Buschmann Medien Klischee, SPON, USA' data-html='true' class='hasPopover'>3 Markierungen 10. Ein Sheriff irgendwo in South Carolina im Suden der USA hat naturlich die passende Fahne, und die hing sogar schon auf Halbmast, aber entgegen Obamas Anweisung setzte er sie wieder auf Vollmast. November 2013 Buschmann Ausland Al Qassam, Hamas, Israel, Palastina, Terrorismus' data-html='true' class='hasPopover'>5 Markierungen 15. There are trials for the Pattern Texture pack and the Mass Effect 3 mash-up pack, not to mention many fixes to issues with pistons, dispensers, or droppers. Some numbers where brought up that show that we can indeed use a longer stabilization period for our releases.

OBS currently adds the role of maintainer to everyone in a project, which is deemed a bit overzealous - a package can that way end up with 20 maintainers but only 1-2 of these might dare to touch it. It would require OBS to automatically detect build errors due to changes in a given package.
These will need mentoring - something openSUSE currently doesn't do in a structured manner, except in the context of Google Summer of Code. Much of the discussions does point to interesting solutions, but we have to come to definite conclusions before anything can be done.
In both cases, if you have an interest in the future of openSUSE you should make sure to be there!
You can set a default behavior in the settings but can still change the sorting for a view temporarily. Having multiple staging's in parallel might help to lower the 'latency' of getting packages in Factory but it would cost build resources.
These questions are unanswered as well and possibly a one-size-fits-all answer doesn't exist.
Durch die diversen Mediatheken oder die Medien zu blattern, und per Touch auf dem TV starten. On Sailfish OS use the pull down menu of an article list view to access the temporary options. It would have to put more emphasize on the devel projects as 'official' sources of software. Instead of that the engine daemon is now started on request by the reader app through a D-Bus call. Right now, there are roadblocks put in place for users who want 'stuff from OBS' and it's made clear that things from there are untested and possibly unstable.
Da die Jungs von den Al-Qassam-Brigaden zu Lebzeiten in der Offentlichkeit fast nur maskiert auftreten kann man nur vermuten, wer da so in der Jury zum Supermartyrer sitzt. Die Soundbar ist uber den TV montiert worden und der dazugehorige Subwoofer steht neben der Couch. Die Soundbar sowie der Subwoofer brauchen nur Strom, die Verbindung zum TV und untereinander wird drahtlos hergestellt.
Etwa 10 Sekunden nach dem der TV eingeschaltet wurde, wird auch das Lautsprechersystem durch ein entsprechendes Signal eingeschaltet. Die internen Lautsprecher vom Fernseher werden deaktiviert, und die weitere Tonausgabe geschieht uber die Soundbar. Wenn der TV abgeschaltet wird, bekommt die Soundbar auch ein ensprechendes Signal und schaltet sich ab.  Alles in allem bin ich schwer von diesem Zusammenspiel, der Funktionalitat sowie der Userfreundlichkeit angetan.

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