Una de esas soluciones es ownCloud, convertida desde hace tiempo en una alternativa de peso en el mundo del software libre, sobre todo gracias a las diferentes opciones que ofrece. Lo primero que vamos a necesitar es descargar la clave del repositorio, algo que realizamos mediante la utilidad wget. Al finalizar ya tendremos todo lo que necesitamos y podremos tener acceso a todos nuestros contenidos desde el cliente de ownCloud instalado en nuestro equipo Ubuntu.
Ingeniero en Informatica, soy un fanatico de Linux, Android, la programacion, redes y todo lo que tenga que ver con las nuevas tecnologias. Unete a Ubunlog gratis y recibe las ultimas noticias sobre Ubuntu en tu correo electronico.
You can select which folders to sync either from the initial folder setup (screenshot above) or by selecting "Choose What to Sync" for existing folders. From a quick look at the source code, it seems that Windows Explorer and Mac OS Finder are or will be supported soon (I didn't test the client on Windows or Mac OS X). To get overlay icons in Nautilus for the ownCloud Sync folder, install the owncloud-client-nautilus package and restart Nautilus. The difference is that your files will be stored on your Ubuntu home server instead of a server located in an unknown location somewhere in the world. We need to setup a Port forwarding rule so that when you are accessing your server from outside your home, your router can direct your connection to the right computer. Now that ownCloud 8 server setup is complete, ownCloud is now accessible from any computer with an internet access.

In questa guida vedremo come installare facilmente il client ownCloudin Ubuntu Linux e derivate ufficiali e non. Il client ufficiale di ownCloud dispone anche del supporto per proxy e la possibilita di limitare l’upload e download dei file il tutto attraverso una semplice ed intuitiva interfaccia grafica.
Diciamo che e l’unico modo per avere un cloud senza perdere il controllo e la proprieta dei files. Pero appunto come hai scritto anche ubuntuone a volte clona i file e questo e dovuto non al client (che invece fa una cosa buona clonando, evitando di perdere dati) ma alla qualita della connessione tra il tuo PC e il Server.
La potenza di Owncloud e data anche dalla possibilita di scegliere il server su cui installarlo. Se, caso limite, tu installassi owncloud su un PC collegato tramite ethernet, o ancora meglio, direttamente in locale all’indirizzo localhost, avresti performance identiche, se non superiori (niente divisione dei files in parti) a btsync.
It is simple to set up and configure, and you can easily manage multiple users and send links of files to other people using unique identifiers, even if they aren’t using OwnCloud.
The next page will be an ownCloud popup providing links to different syncing apps for PC, Android and iOS. You can also access or sync your mobile devices to ownCloud from any mobile device using the free Android or iOS apps. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I have a client installed for Ubuntu and Windows, and this allows me to keep my files easy to access across different platforms.

They usually wear them toRead More   Natural Hair Care TipsTaking care of hair is too necessary for all hair types. There will also be additional prompts, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard to leave the default settings. Attraverso il client di ownCloud potremo sincronizzare file tra vari pc e device mobili, potremo inoltre caricare velocemente file nel nostro spazio web direttamente da file manager e molte altre utili funzionalita.
Of course, you will be limited by the storage space in your server (but it will be YOUR storage!).
Services like OneDrive and Google Drive have huge server farms that are continuously backed up so that the chances of data loss are very very slim, and your (probably) consumer hardware just won’t be as reliable without investing a huge amount of money. Here you can read about my adventures into the world of technology, computers and random stuff that I find interesting. It synchronize files with their ownCloud server, desktop (For Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X) and mobile (Android and iOS) clients are available. And, of course, your data speeds will be limited by the connection speed of your OwnCloud server. In step seven I placed them in proper order so you can copy and paste it from there if you want.

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