Today, a new ownCloud version has been released - 5 -, which comes with many new features and improvements as well as a new interface. Also, in an update that should be available in April, ownCloud will get a newly designed server-side encryption application.
However, after doing this, ownCloud became very slow and it still is when trying to access the Dropbox folder.
While PaaS services reduce many work from web-developers and have become quite popular, they remain a little bit expensive. Unfortunately, OpenShift (OS) lacks way way behind from similar services like Engine Yard (which rocks!). OS offers a wide variety of frameworks and languages, but we just go with the out of box OwnCloud instance. I just checked how OwnCloud and Files integrate, and not how OwnCloud integrates in general with GNOME.

Also what follows is my personal experience with the very unstable Fedora Rawhide (20), and I don’t think that this will be the case when F19 stable come. What you need to do, is actually to add the WebDav and CalDav to Files and Evolution respectively to sync your data.
This is basically mounting my online space in Nautilus rather a sync, and editing online files in G-Files was super slow. For those not familiar with ownCloud, this is a tool that you can install on your server (there are also desktop and mobile sync clients) which comes with a web interface that provides access to file management, calendars, tasks, image gallery, music player, document viewer and more.
You can install it on your computer or web server and access (and share) your files from any OS, since ownCloud comes with desktop clients for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as well as mobile clients for Android and iOS. Fortunately OpenShift offers a developer preview plan for free, which performs better than the free plan of Heroku (at least when I tried it!). I had done this in the past, but I think is only necessary if you are going to work with Git, something we don’t need right now.

My little testing was a failure, but OwnCloud also offers its own client if you want to actually use this service. Fedora was ignoring this account and there wasn’t any kind of integration with GNOME, not in Files neither in Evolution Calendar. By the way OS gives you  a free (private I guess) repository for working on your App source code.

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