The 5,000 year old monument is no longer considered a mystery by scientists, due to a recent discovery.
Robert Ixer from University of Leicester and the National Museum of Wales has collaborated with Richard Bevins from the National Museum of Wales to indicate the source of the rocks that are now famous worldwide, the Telegraph informs. After comparing rock samples, the experts have reached the conclusion that samples collected from the ancient monument are compatible with those taken from a site located in north Pembrokeshire. This finding is extremely important due to the fact that it brings the role played by humans in the construction of the Stonehenge site into discussion once again. When it comes to small rocks, some say that they were brought by humans from Pembrokeshire, while other experts tend to disagree and affirm that the rocks were transported by glaciers earlier.
The recent discovery favors the first theory, suggesting the ancient masterpiece is the product of human operations. Lindsay Lohan is trying to stay out of trouble, especially since the past couple of years haven’t been exactly her best. The other day, as fresh photos of Lindsay in Paris continued to emerge online, Perez Hilton took to his blog to comment on one which seemed to show her with scars on her arm (also pictured in the picture attached to this article). However, as it happens, he made too much ado about nothing, the aforementioned e-zine writes. Windows 10 Threshold 2 is now available for everyone, so Microsoft's ready to start the work on the next chapter of the operating system, which is believed to be none other than Redstone, the big update supposed to arrive in 2016. Microsoft has never publicly acknowledged the Redstone project, but today the company made the very first step towards a preview build of this version with a completely new branch for insiders. Starting today, Microsoft has begun changing the release branch for users participating in the Windows Insider program to rs1_release, which is believed to be the very first wave of the Redstone update coming next year.
Redstone is believed to be the actual first major update for Windows 10, much more significant than Threshold 2 because it should include key feature additions, such as extension support for Edge browser. This next update is expected to arrive in two different waves for insiders, and the rs1_release branch is a sign that this is very likely to be the case, with Microsoft ready to start working on the first version. The rollout could take place sometime in the summer while the second wave is due in the fall. Redstone will also come with improvements for Windows 10 Mobile, but for the moment, very little is known about this particular project. South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics has just launched a new smartphone on the market in Singapore, the Samsung GALAXY S (GT-I9003), which is nothing else than the usual GALAXY S (GT-I9000) smartphone with the 4-inch Super AMOLED screen replaced by a Super Clear LCD display. The GT-I9003 model number made it to the headlines before with reference to a possible availability with the new Super Clear LCD panel on board, and Samsung themselves confirmed at a certain point the availability of this model. Starting tomorrow, mobile phone users in Singapore would have the possibility to purchase the new device in the country at a suggested retail price tag of $628 without contract. The new GALAXY S (GT-I9003) model is cheaper than the original flavor of the smartphone due to a series of other hardware changes as well.
Among them, we can count the fact that the usual 1GHz Hummingbird application processor from Samsung was replaced with a 1GHz TI OMAP 3630 CPU. Moreover, the internal memory was changed too, and the amount of RAM is reportedly higher than with the original version of the device.
The GALAXY S (GT-I9003) is by no means the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone that Samsung unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in mid February.
According to Samsung Singapore's Facebook account, the GALAXY S (GT-I9003) arrives on the local market in Brown Black and Platinum Silver.

It’s true, a couple of official shots were released in the past few days, but they were blurry and taken from an angle where they revealed very little.
Jared Leto, sporting neon green hair and shaved eyebrows, stepped out to grab a bite to eat with friends in Toronto, Canada, in between shooting scenes for the movie, and paparazzi were on hand.
This wouldn’t be the first time that Leto teases fans at his 30 Seconds of Mars concerts with what is believed to be his voice for The Joker. Ariel Castro, the man holding three girls captive in his house for a decade, while raping and torturing them, is pleading not guilty. As we reported previously, Castro has been charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape in the case of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.
He will face a grand jury in Cuyahoga County and has enlisted the legal help of attorneys Craig Weintraub and Jaye Schlachet, WKYC writes.
Schlachet notes that Castro wishes to remain in contact with his daughter with Amanda Berry, which he has fathered after abusing her mother. A short while before she and Jesse James called off the engagement and broke up, Kat Von D got a giant tattoo of her then-fiancé on her ribcage. The episode in question aired just days after the two announced they’d called off the wedding and had broken up, so no one could have blamed Kat if she chose to get rid of it as soon as possible.
The meaning of the tattoo goes beyond their relationship, the tattoo artist explains for the same media outlet. Nevertheless, while Kat is open to keeping the tatt, she’s not yet ready to have the breakup mentioned that often, as she proved just recently, when she stormed out of an interview because the host mentioned the breakup in the intro.
The second upgrade for Windows 7 will address reliability problems that customers running the RTM and SP1 versions of the OS have experienced in some scenarios on machines running Intel Core and Xeon CPUs.
According to Microsoft, the issues are limited to a small number of users, the reason why the company has not released an update to all customers. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and RTM as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 RTM and SP1 are affected by reliability glitches, the software giant said, but only when the platforms are paired with older releases of Intel processors, such as the chips belonging to the Core and Xeon families launched in 2006 and 2008. Designated as a Intel Xeon or Intel Core family processor that is based on the "Penryn" or "Merom" codenamed processors.
Has the Family, Model, and Stepping of family designations of 6, or a Model designation of 15, of 22, of 23, or of 29,” Microsoft explained.
The software giant indicates that Windows 7 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2 will contain a fix for the reliability problems that customers with Intel Core and Xeon CPUs have been experiencing. For the time being however, the Redmond company has made available a hotfix designed to deal with the issue. Despite being referred to as an update, the release is actually a hotfix and is only designed to repair reliability glitches and nothing more. Customers running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 should only deploy the KB 2493989 hotfix if they’re also leveraging Intel Xeon or Intel Core processors and have come across issues impacting reliability. Critics often say that, when Hollywood is running out of fresh ideas, it turns to classics either for inspiration or for the material needed to make a film.
Should the remake take place, the same publication informs, then it will most certainly also involve producer Dieter Geissler, who is also the original producer of the 1984 film. The tragic suicide of Nancy Motes, Julia Roberts' half-sister, is turning into a big scandal. It has also transpired that Julia wasn't very pleased with her half-sister, who had given a series of rather spiteful interviews to several magazines last year, which spoke of the actress in very unflattering terms.

She blamed Julia for failing to be a supporting sister and aid her with starting her own acting career in Hollywood, and also for teasing her about her weight.
Insiders from Nancy's entourage say that during the last six months of her life, her entire family had cut her off, which made her even more miserable.
Gossip blogger Perez Hilton is saying the contrary, even hinting that she may be cutting herself again.
Plus, Lindsay herself is denying that she’s cutting herself again, which can only mean that Perez is again looking for a boost in traffic by generating a scandal where none is to be had otherwise, Gossip Cop believes.
Women like Demi Lovato speak about their experiences in the hopes that they can help others from going down a similar path,” the e-zine writes. There were reports, however, which claimed that Redstone wouldn't be here before the summer of 2016, but again, nothing has been confirmed so far. It packs a 1650mAh battery, which should offer up to 7.5 hours of talk time, or up to 550 hours of standby time when connected to a 3G network. Users would find it available for purchase via M1, SingTel, StarHub, and Retail Shops (a list of locations can be found here). The film won’t be out until August 2016 and Warners will probably keep many details about it under wraps, but paparazzi shots have just revealed what is the first good look at Jared Leto as The Joker.
At one point, he showed one of his friends a photo on his cell phone, of himself in character. Castro is extremely committed to the well being and positive future for his daughter, who he loves dearly. He has also impregnated Michelle Knight five times, but forced her to abort by beating her. Even though they’re no longer together, Kat has no intention of having the ink lasered off. However, remaking an oldie does have its advantages, it is argued, with one of the most important being that it introduces an old film to younger audiences.
Moreover, word in the industry has it, Warner is not the only one to be looking into it, as several other big names are also interested in the production. The two sequels that came in later years, in 1990 and 1996, respectively, were poorly received by both fans and critics – especially the last one, which ended up straight to DVD. As he reads more and more of it, he finds multiple parallels between his own life and a young boy’s journey to save the land of Fantasia on behalf of an unfortunate princess. He claims that Motes chose to take her own life on Sunday deliberately because she knew that this would deal a heavy blow to Julia's chances of grabbing an Oscar. These are motivated by her well-documented drug-problems and her spiraling weight, it is claimed. The second Instagram post, a video this time, is now getting traction online because it is believed to show Leto telling off a heckler using his Joker voice.
This update fixes an issue in which the operating system might function incorrectly,” the company noted. Useless to say, the original film was an instant hit, turning into one of those movies that truly shaped the childhood of an entire generation, which is why more and more voices are speaking against this remake.

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