Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Box is a great alternative for Google Drive which simplifies online file storage, replaces FTP and connects teams in online workspaces and lots more.
SugarSync is a free service that enables you to access, sync and share your files across all your computers and devices.
Stash is a file synchronization feature that provides Mozy users a simple way to keep their most active data up to date across each of the computers they regularly use and complements the Mozy online backup feature.
Wuala is a secure online storage using which you can store your files securely online, share them with select others, access them from anywhere, setup automatic backups of your local data, or synchronize whole folders to the cloud. Microsoft SkyDrive is Free online storage for thousands of docs and photos that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection and lots more. Jungle Disk is highly affordable and reliable online backup, storage and file sharing for your home or office computers, and servers. ADrive provides online cloud storage and backup solutions for personal, business and enterprise-level data.
CloudMe (formerly icloud) is a file storage service operated by CloudMe that offers cloud storage, file synchronization and client software.
Using this online service users and IT securely share content, sign documents, and access files from any mobile device or PC. Syncplicity provides easy file management in the cloud, letting you sync, access, share and automatically backup your files online. So these are 17 Best Alternatives of Google Drive But still if you feel that we forget to add any good Online Cloud Storage Service then feel free to share with us. Well, I have been messing with Home Theater PCs or HTPCs for short since I bought the xbox in 2005 and loaded XBMC on it.
To summarise it all, it is a close call between this two very similar piece of software and it really depends on your usage. This is the second part of my postings about ownCloud, an Open source solution for managing your data in the cloud. There are basically two ways to achieve this: You can either use one of the ownCloud sync clients that are available for different platforms and allow you to synchronize a local directory with your ownCloud files (just like the Dropbox client for your Dropbox storage). It is easy though to install a custom certificate for ownCloud and get rid of all the browser security warnings. You need to have authoritative access to a public DNS domain and register your ownCloud server's name in it. Check the "Connect using different credentials" option and enter your ownCloud username and password when prompted. To overcome these restrictions you can use a third party WebDAV client instead of the Windows built-in one. Using this you can store your photos, documents, videos and other files in Amazon Cloud Drive and never worry about losing them again. Using this Cloud collaboration you can manage your team in one place with secure storage, collaboration and administration tools. Using this online service you can use infinite cloud storage and access your personal data from anywhere and any device.

Certain reviews do indicate that Plex have issues playing 1080p media files as compared to XBMC but I do not face that problem yet.
The advantage here is that Plex supports transcoding and delivery of a format that can be played to these devices. If you are looking for a specific type of application, there are much better chance to find it on XBMC.
Just today, PlexPass just launched as well at US$3.99 per month and it provides premium features to the subscribers. I currently am swaying towards Plex due to the multiple client, single setup feature as I do own a couple of devices that i watch on the go, an iPad and an Android phone, and for the ability to synchronise the playlist. He loves playing with new gadgets, writing little code snippets in Python, JS, and dabbling with Android programming from time to time, while keeping a lookout for the next biggest happening in the world of tech!
The first part covered the installation and initial configuration of the BitNami ownCloud stack virtual appliance. But if you want to actually work (edit, copy etc.) with your files on a Windows system then you will prefer to have them available on a Windows drive that you can access directly with any application. This way you can make your files available on a fast local drive and independently from a network connection.
No problem if you use it on an internal or firewalled network, but I would not recommend to send your login data and private files over an unencrypted Internet connection. Download the StartCom Class 1 Primary Intermediate Server CA certificate and store it as the above mentioned file. In Windows 7 you just need to make sure that the "WebClient" service is enabled and running. You may also need to choose a character encoding other than "System default" here if you use non-english characters in file names. If you have tons of data to store and you are not satisfied with Google Drive then don’t worry we have a list of some good alternatives of Google Drive.
However, the popular video channels such as Youtube, Revision3, Hulu etc do make it to both XBMC and Plex. One of the newest feature is the Plex web client which allows easier management of your media and to play it straight from the browser.
I will continue with explaining how to secure access to your data with SSL certificates and using WebDAV in Windows to access your ownCloud files. On the other hand having multiple copies of your files on different devices somewhat defeats the idea of centralized storage, and if you store Gigabytes and Terabytes of data in ownCloud it is just not practical to sync all of it to any device. If you use their services for the first time then I suggest to choose their Express Lane to get a free certificate for your domain really quick. When generating the certificate in StartSSL's web interface be sure to save the password protected private key in a text file.
When selecting it you will be prompted for credentials again (although you already saved them).
So if you’re looking for answer to the same question must check this list of best cloud service. We all know that Google also has its own general-purpose cloud storage service, but seems like Google is very late in doing this.

The phone is also the new age media device, just look at the number of people watching shows on their iPhones and S3s on the buses and trains. XBMC is a standalone media center that you install onto your device, Windows, Mac, iOS and now even Android. There might be firewall issues to navigate as Plex uses a MyPlex online server setting to broadcast your server. With XBMC now available on increasing number of devices, the difference is that the media needs to be duplicated across all or at least shared via a local library. It is meant as an entertainment device and provides easy access to your data through your TV or projector, without the requirements of digging deep into our PC folder structure. With that being said, Plex offers the Plex It bookmark to easily transfer web content to your Plex Media Center or media devices.
However, for instances when I want to deploy a standalone media center such as an Android PC connected to a TV, I would greatly prefer XBMC for its standalone features. With the StartSSL certificate wizard you can even auto-generate a private key and the certificate request (CSR) without the need to run cryptic openssl commands in a shell.
There are some advantages when you start to load it to more devices as basically, only the server needs to be setup. With XBMC on my HTPC, I can stream media from my phone or video that my friend sent to me over email or Whatsapp directly to the TV. Today, XBMC has made its way to the iPad and Android devices and can play just about every filetype that is available (Android, not so, due to hardware decoding issues). Both have no problem doing this. Plex has a central database which means all clients get their metadata from a central place. The addons also look more polished on Plex, perhaps the API and backend might be better for acquiring content. I still have both software installed, and I do use the XBMC addon PleXBMC which grafts the Plex Media Server access into XBMC. You can use the "Decrypt private key" function from the StartSSL's toolbox to generate that. Its more customisable, can load more types of streaming content and I can even game through it. Over the coming years, these devices will, more and more, be cheap enough and simple enough to erase the need for thin clients a thing of the past, to the point that the only value of a server will be in maintaining a consistent library of watched and unwatched material across devices. Its not the best implementation and it feels rather clunky to use as a separate addon, but with some dedication to it, it might be the solution that brings the best of XBMC and Plex together. If you have a Samsung or LG Smart TV, do try out the Plex application to make your Smart TV even smarter.
Or watching a show on the bus and continuing where you left off on the living room TV when you return home.
If you have multiple device support, all can share the same database so its streamlined across all.

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