Because it is available via repository, installing OwnCloud 6 on the listed Linux systems is easy. Ozon OS "Hydrogen" beta ships with four GNOME Shell extensions installed by default: Atom Dock, Atom Launcher, Atom Panel and of course, User Themes so Ozon OS can use its cool GNOME Shell theme out of the box. Atom Panel is the panel you see at the top and it's probably the most interesting of the 3 custom extensions that Ozon OS "Hydrogen" beta ships with. As you can see from the screenshot above, there's no view selector like under the default GNOME Shell however, you can switch to the applications view from the dock, which is visible on both the desktop and in the Activities view.
I've only used Ozon OS "Hydrogen" beta for about 3 hours but I can already say that I've really enjoyed the touch Ozon OS brings on top of GNOME Shell. Ozon OS has the potential to attract quite a few Fedora (and not only) users who want more out of the box - not just for the improved GNOME Shell experience and utilities like Fedy (which is not available in the beta but should be in the final release), which makes it easy to install codecs and various software, but also for the gorgeous default themes - because I know some of you are not exactly fans of the default GNOME themes (especially the icon theme). As expected, Ozon OS "Hydrogen" beta ships with quite a few core GNOME (3.14) apps, but not only.

And finally, unlike Ozon OS "Hydrogen" alpha, the latest beta ships with Chromium as the default browser, replacing Firefox.
It's also worth mentioning that besides Fedora's repository, Ozon OS also ships with its own repo enabled by default which provides updates for various software and the Ozon artwork, as well as the RPMFusion repository. Warning: Ozon OS "Hydrogen" is currently in beta so it's not complete and you may find bugs (for instance the notifications show up under the dock - this is a known issue and it will be fixed soon). Se anche tu sei in possesso della bella stampante di casa Epson quale il modello Stylus Sx430W e stai cercndo di configurare Cups su qualsivoglia disto linux o su sistema Mac e non ci stai riuscendo eccoti la soluzione. As you may know, OwnCloud is a web service that allows you to upload data via browser or by using a software client (similar to Dropbox, let’s say). Follow the instructions for your system exactly, in order to get a successful installation. The extensions are not designed to completely change the way GNOME Shell works, they just try to improve some areas - and at least in my view, they've succeeded.

Also, the plan is to include Fedy, a post-install utility (allows installing various apps, codecs, Flash, Java and so on with just a few clicks), in the final Ozon OS "Hydrogen" release but for now, it's not available by default because it needs to be extended and redesigned.
We're only a small team and unfortunately don't have the resources to work full time on the project". Il file ppd infatti indica a cups tutti i parametri per la stampa ed il corretto funzionamento della stampante Epson.

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