Je l’utilise principalement pour partager des fichiers en public notamment dans des forums de discussion ou plus simplement pour les images de mes articles.
J’ai donc decide de mettre en place la solution Owncloud sur une de mes macine virtuelles Web.
Deja a partir de la notre cloud est installe et on peut downloader, uploader, partager des fichiers directement depuis l’interface web.
A partir de la on peut comme en local copier et recuperer les fichiers que l’on veut.
Voila pour ma part comment j’ai remplace Dropbox par une alternative OpenSource, stockee sur mes propres serveurs. Et sinon moi ca me derangerait un peu de savoir que l’on peut acceder a la liste de tous les fichiers que je partage publiquement.
Owncloud ne propose pas (encore) autant de possibilites que Dropbox et consorts mais c’est prevu pour les prochaines versions.
Ces personnes la dont j’en fais partie preferent avoir leur donnees stockees dans leur garage et en faire profiter a leur famille et amis. En tant qu’utilisateur de owncloud, un des avantages de cette solution et qui n’est pas lecrit dans cet article, est qu’il y a plus que du stockage en WEBdav, en effet une instance owncloud peux aussi jouer le role de serveur CARDdav et CALdav, permettant ainsi de se passer des services tels que ceux de google, yahoo, microsoft… pour le stockage de ses contacts et calendriers. Alors certes ce n’est pas la seule solution pour les contacts et calendriers, mais c’est la plus simple a mettre en ?uvre que j’ai trouvee.
Je comprend pas que l’on ne puisse pas comprendre que les interet de chacun ne sont pas forcement les interets des autres. Par contre, pour une entreprise, pouvoir gerer ses propres donnees, la, il y a un vrai interet.
Frank Tzengi, the artist who is in charge of creating the protagonist, tells CGMasterAcademy that his team has managed to push the graphics of the PlayStation 4 far enough to deliver quality good enough for a full-blown movie.
The power of the PlayStation 4 home console can be used to create more polygons, which translate into more details and more quality for all the textures.
Nathan Drake will have more expressions than in previous titles in the Uncharted series and Tzengi believes that the quality of the graphics created by the game industry will surpass that of movies in a few years. Naughty Dog says that the coming game is the final one to use Nathan Drake as the main character and that they plan to close all the open narrative threads from previous titles in the series.

His new adventure will include a search for a long lost pirate treasure, but it will also deal with the way he is willing to sacrifice himself in order to save the people he loves. A movie based on the franchise is also currently in development but it will not be launched sooner than 2016. A man has fatally shot his wife after an argument and let the world know via a Facebook post. He also confessed to the crime in the same post and later turned himself in at the police station. According to the Daily Mail, 31-year-old Derek Medina, of Miami, is in police custody for the murder of 26-year-old Jennifer Alfonso.
Alfonso worked as a waitress and Medina was trying to get her to quit her job, which involved night shifts. 1.Hummingbirds are found only in Americas, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego (in the southern tip of South America). The northernmost species is the rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus), the only species that reaches Alaska.
Hummingbirds have one of the fastest metabolisms: in a matter of minutes after ingesting nectar, the sugar can be already burned to release energy for the hovering flight.
6.A hummingbird has just 1,000 feathers (in other species, there are tens of thousands of feathers).
The traveler type of hummingbird feeds on flowers less rich in nectar, that's why they travel great distances in their search.
As an adaptation for sucking nectar, the tongue of the hummingbird is tubular and bifurcated on the tip. 9.Larger hummingbirds are preyed upon by hawks and tree snakes (during the night, when they are lethargic). Si vous desirez comme bartounet publier en guest-blogging sur Geek de France, vous pouvez me contacter. Based on the quality, the detail, the blend shape, the colour, everything that we put on the character this is basically a film character to me. The southernmost species is the green backed firecrown (Sephanoides sephanoides) that reaches Tierra del Fuego and Falkland Islands.

They can move upward the wings much more than any bird, describing an "8" during the wing's movement. This type of hummingbird is territorial, defending its plot abundant in nectar rich flowers.
Small species can be attacked by spiders, dragonflies, praying mantis and insectivore birds. Avec la valeur ajoutee open-source et la possibilite d’hebergement (semi-) interne, ils peuvent seduire de nombreuses societes soucieuses de la confidentialite des donnees. Par contre, je vais suivre ce logiciel parce que les fonctionnalites prevues sont interessantes ! En plus je cherchais recemment a lancer un serveur apache (XAMPP) pour avoir CardDav et CalDav pour synchroniser thunderbird avec un iphone ?? (je me complique peut etre la vie).
The couple had a 10-year-old daughter that police found in the home where her mother was killed. One time, he went storming in, looking for her, telling her to get outside,” she recalls. Hummingbirds are the only birds that can hover, fly backward, upward and downward in a vertical plane.
Perforater hummingbirds pierce the corolla of the flowers to reach the nectar, as they have too short beaks. Those from the tropical mountain areas, where the temperature reaches 40 ?C during the day and -20oC during the night enter a lethargic state at night. Si on cherche a afficher la page dans le navigateur, c’est en fait son contenu HTML qui est visible et non pas le rendu de la page.

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