According to the announcement, ownCloud Desktop Client 2.0 is a major release that brings awesome new features, such as a revamped GUI (Graphical User Interface) that offers support for multiple accounts, the ability to set a threshold size, which results in a confirmation before syncing a large amount of files. Lastly, there's also an automatic limit setting for download bandwidth throttling, and progress reporting during synchronization of files. 5 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION This is the documentation for the owncloud Sync Client, also referred to as the owncloud Client.
7 CHAPTER TWO SETTING UP AN ACCOUNT If no account has been configured, owncloud Client will automatically assist you in connecting to your owncloud Server after the application has been started.
8 Finally, choose the folder that owncloud Client is supposed to sync the contents of your owncloud account with. 9 CHAPTER THREE VISUAL TOUR owncloud Client stays in the background, and is visible as an icon in your system tray (Windows, KDE), status bar (Mac OS X) or notification area (Ubuntu), like so: If a setup is still required, it will open the setup. 10 Recent Changes: shows the last six files modified by sync operations, and provides access to the Sync Protocol, which lists all changes since the last restart of owncloud Client. 11 Launch on System Startup: This option is automatically activated once a user has conimaged his account. 13 3.5 The Ignored Files Editor The ignored files editor allows adding patterns for files or directories that should be excluded from the sync process. 17 CHAPTER FIVE APPENDIX A: BUILDING THE CLIENT This section explains how to build the owncloud Client from source for all major platforms. 18 5.3 Windows (cross-compile) Due to the amount of dependencies that csync entails, building the client for Windows is currently only supported on opensuse, by using the MinGW cross compiler. 21 CHAPTER SIX APPENDIX B: ARCHITECTURE The owncloud project provides desktop sync clients to synchronize the contents of local directories on the desktop machines to the owncloud. 22 Since this strategy is rather fragile without NTP, owncloud 4.5 introduced a unique number, which changes whenever the file changes.
26 Note: Syncing the same directory with owncloud and other sync software such as Unison, rsync, Microsoft Windows Offline Folders or cloud services such as DropBox or Microsoft SkyDrive is not supported and should not be attempted. 29 CHAPTER EIGHT GLOSSARY mtime, modification time, file modification time File property used to determine whether the servers or the clients file is more recent. Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional and Premium Edition 2006 User s Guide Software Version 2 Ipswitch, Inc Ipswitch Inc. ESET Remote Administrator Installation Manual and User Guide we protect your digital worlds contents Contents 1. Web Vulnerability Scanner v10 Product Manual Information in this document is subject to change without notice. ESET Remote Administrator 4 Installation Manual and User Guide ESET Remote Administrator 4 Copyright 2010 by ESET, spol. As a first step, specify the URL to your Server, just like you would when you open your owncloud instance inside a browser.
Unchecking the box will cause owncloud client to not launch on startup for a particular user. If you require to go through a HTTP(S) proxy server such as Squid or Microsoft Forefront TMG, pick HTTP(S). Next to normal characters, wildcards can be used to match an arbitrary number of characters, designated by an asterisk (*) or a single character, designated by a question mark (?).
The syncing is done with csync, a bidirectional file synchronizing tool which provides both a command line client as well as a library. Although it is a unique value, it is not a hash of the file, but a randomly chosen number, which it will transmit in the Etag field. Your client will automatically update and packages for your Linux distribution are be available as well," reads the announcement. Specify one ore more directories on the local machine to sync your owncloud server, and always have your latest files wherever you are. Show Desktop Nofications: Do not show bubble notifications whenever a set of sync operations has been performed. SOCKSv5 on the other hand is particulary useful in special company LAN setups, or in combination with the OpenSSH dynamic application level forwarding feature (see ssh -D).
A special module for csync was written to synchronize with owncloud s built-in WebDAV server. Since the file number is guaranteed to change if the file changes, it can now be used to determine if one of the files has changed.

7.1 Identifying basic functionality problems Perform a general owncloud Server test A very first check is to verify that you can log on to ownclouds web application. Canto, the Canto logo, the Cumulus logo, and Cumulus are registered trademarks of Canto, registered in the U.S. Make a change to the files on one computer, it will flow across the others using these desktop sync clients. The owncloud sync client is based on a tool called mirall initially written by Duncan Mac Vicar. If the journal database gets removed, owncloud Client s CSync backend will rebuild the database by comparing the files and their modification times. Some files are automatically automatically being ignored because they are system files, others get ignored because their file name contains characters that cannot be represented on certain file systems.
5201 Patrick Henry Drive Santa Clara, California 95054 FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc. This makes it easy for third parties to intercept your communication, and getting hold of your password! Operation indicator: Shows the status of the current sync process, or Up to date if server and client are in sync. In addition to this list, owncloud Client always excludes files with characters that cannot be synched down to other file systems, see Ignored Files. Thus it should be made sure that both server and client synchronized with NTP time before restarting the client after a database removal. If you are not prompted to enter your user name and password, or if you see a red warning box on the page, your server setup is not correct or needs fixes. Especially the access_log is a very good debugging tool as the log line contains a lot of information of every request and it s result. It is based Mirall, and uses the CSync sync engine for synchronization with the owncloud server. The acout menu provides information about authors as well as detailed information about the build conditions. Note: Modifying the global exclude definition file might render the client unusable or cause undesired behavior.
If you are operating your own server and use the local storage backend (the default), make sure that owncloud has exclusive access to the directory.
Finally, it allows to change the files that owncloud Client should ignore (for details, see the Ignored Files Editor section below), and to modify various aspects of the current account settings, such as user name, password and server URL. Proxy Server requires authentication: Should be checked if the proxy server does not allow anonymous usage.
Note: Custom entries are currently not validated for syntactical correctness by the editor, but might fail to load correctly. As a result, the owncloud Client runs on the three important platforms Linux, Windows and MacOS. Ensure the WebDAV API is working If all desktop clients fail to connect to owncloud, but the access via the web interface works, the problem often is a mis-configuration of the WebDAV API. Note: The data directory on the server is exclusive to owncloud and must not be modified manually. If you check this option, you must provide username and password in the fields below, or ownless Cloud will no longer be able to connect successfully.
5.2 Mac OS X Next to XCode (and the command line tools!), you will need some extra dependencies.
Just like files, directories also hold a unique id, which changes whenever one of the contained files or directories gets modified. If you are using a different backend, you can try to exclude a bug in the backend by reverting to the local backend.
Installing the owncloud client on Mac OS follows the normal app bundle installation pattern: 1. That means if a file is added to one repository it is going to be copied to the other repository. Since this is a recursive process, it significantly reduces the effort required for a sync cycle, because the client will only walk directories with a modified unique id. 7.3 Logfiles Doing effective debugging requires to provide as much as relevant logs as possible.

This is only needed on the build machine, since non-standard libs will be deployed in the app bundle. The log output can help you with tracking down problem, and if you report a bug, you re advised to include the output.
Mirall is the GUI frontend, while CSync is responsible for handling the actual synchronization process. 6.3 Comparison and Conflict Cases In a sync run the client first has to detect if one of the two repositories have changed files.
If you are prompted, but the authentication fails even though the credentials your provided are correct, please ensure that your authentication backend is configured properly.
Use this option if you expirience problems with real time communication, such as Skype or other VoIP software, in conjunction with owncloud Client.
On the local repository, the client traverses the file tree and compares the modification time of each file with the value it was before.
This is commonly the case with asymmetric internet connection, such as certain DSL lines with very limited upstream capacity. This is the major difference to other systems like a file backup where just changes and new files are propagated but files never get deleted. It can be used to further verify that the WebDAV server is running properly, for example by performing PROPFIND calls: propget.
Note: You should not call make install at any time, since the product of the mirall build is an app bundle.
The owncloud Client checks both repositories for changes frequently after a certain time span. You can also open a log window for an already running session, by simply starting the client again with this parameter. The owncloud Client is also provided as in a convenient repository for a wide range of popular Linux distributions. Note that on the local side, the modificaton time a good attribute to detect changes because it does not depend on time shifts and such.
7.2 Isolating other issues If the sync result is unreliable, please ensure that the folder synced with owncloud is not shared with other syncing apps. In between the local repository is monitored by a file system monitor system that starts a sync run immediately if something was edited, added or removed. In that case it is better to create a huge amount of data, as the log window has a limited buffer. Those are ignored either because they are listed in the ignored files list (see Ignored Files Editor section below), or because they cannot be synced in a cross-platform manner because they contain special characters that cannot be stored on certain file systems. It is available on every relevant filesystem and is the natural indicator for a file change. Modification timestamps do not require special action to create and have a general meaning. In case a file has changed on both, the local and the remote repository since the last sync run, it can not easily be decided which version of the file is the one that should be used. If that is combined with --logdir the client automatically erases log data in that directory that is older than the given expiry period.
One design goal of csync is to not require a special server component, that s why it was chosen as the backend component.
To compare the modification times of two files from different systems, it is needed to operate on the same base. The client solves it by creating a conflict file of the older of the two files and save the newer one under the original file name. The conflict file has the same name as the original file appended with the timestamp of the conflict detection. The logfile can be viewed either in the web interface or can be found in the filesystem in the owncloud server data dir.

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