Taking a closer look at the new features implemented in ownCloud Server 9.0, we can notice that it now offers improved notifications, the ability to add comments and tags to any shared files, as well as better user interaction thanks to the standalone activity feed, all of which should help you find and organize your files faster and stay up-to-date with any modifications, always. With ownCloud 9.0, organizations and institutions like CERN and AARNet will be able to integrate deeply their massive ownCloud installations with various storage solutions and their infrastructure, thanks to the addition of a new storage API (Application Programming Interface) that allows for unimaginable scaling levels.
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I read that Tresorit's EULA contains that it might use "trusted third-party services" to store my data, "including Microsoft".
If the data stored should be encrypted and supposedly non-accessible by them, how does it make sense? I read about a user of Bitcasa who found that it sends the encryption key to the server in plaintext.
As there are no depencies to third-parties (except concerning "where the source comes from", of course), no EULAs should come up as barriers here. Also worth a look: ownCloud, which gives you additional self-hosted services like contacts, calendar, and more.
In both cases, if you don't have your own server, you can have it run on a hosted service as well.
What I don't like about Wuala, is that the web client requires Java (probably for the end-to-end encryption). User's data is stored within the EU so the sales blurb claims that it is covered by EU data protection legislation.

As with the well known services, you get a certain amount of free space (5Gb) and can pay for more. Even if your phone goes for a swim, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox and can be restored in a snap. Drop box is supported both on mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Kindlefire. I think Dropbox, along with the biggest commercial cloud storages, is quite the same as gDrive.
Although the last person recommended owncloud where you host your own private cloud which at least you can manage and host the data yourself. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android web-apps osx file-synchronization cloud-storage or ask your own question.
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About OutlookDAVThis software was developed and designed email and messaging security experts of the Comodo Group. Founded six years ago as a project with the goal of bringing privacy and control back to users, ownCloud is where it is today thanks to contributions by well over 1000 open source programmers, designers, translators and others," said ownCloud. Trusted ownCloud servers can be manually added by admins, who have control over the automatic addition of servers.

I am concerned about my privacy, security; plus I need to have an Android, OS X, and a web client as well. No one unauthorized - not even Wuala as the provider - can access the files (in other words, encryption is client-side).
With Dropbox for Business, get the power and security of Dropbox plus robust admin controls, dedicated support, and all the space you need.
If there are such alternatives I would like to choose the one with the best user experience. For example, by referring your friends to Dropbox, you can earn up to 16 GB of additional space.
The Comodo Group has as its mission a safe, secure and trusted Internet, and has been building trust since 1998. Although I cannot explain all the technical encryption stuff, they are a company where privacy is part of their mission.

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