Recently I had to cope with some appointment collisions due to the fact that I’m using several devices (notebooks, handsets). The calendar is an add-on the user can install directly via the add-on manager of thunderbird. In case you are using ownCloud as the calendar server, it provides the required URLs via its web interface. Install CardDAV-Sync free beta or CardDAV-Sync beta (in case you want to use the extra features) by Marten Gajda. What I’m still missing is the synchronisation of other data, like bookmarks or RSS feeds. The ownCloud community, developing popular open source file sync and share software, released ownCloud Server 8.0, speeding up sharing and collaboration in the cloud while maintaining control for data owners. Favorites and metadata supportWith ten thousand or more files found on a typical file sync and share account, users can now assign a favorite icon to files and folders and quickly locate, access and edit important content.
Optimized search interfaceAn updated search UI provides a simpler and easier user experience including enhanced result set reporting which speeds access to searched files.
Additional enhancements in this release include web interface enhancements on both the user and admin interface.
The provisioning API, that had been limited to the Enterprise Edition, is available to the community as an open source app, providing the same system administration benefits to the overall ownCloud community.
Developers have the ability to specify dependencies in info.xml, ensuring that the ownCloud app container can automatically resolve stated dependencies. Arch Linux users can install ownCloud via AUR, however, at the time I'm writing this post, the package hasn't been updated with the latest ownCloud 3. Das Outlook Add-on gSyncit synchronisiert neben dem Kalender auch Kontakte, Aufgaben und Notizen mit Ihrem Google-Account. Mit iCal4OL konnen Sie Kalender, Aufgaben und Kontakte zwischen Outlook und Google synchronisieren. Auch mit AkrutoSync bekommen Sie eine Losung fur die Synchronisierung zwischen Google und Outlook. Auf der Webseite des Herstellers finden Sie eine 7-tagige Trial-Version, mit der Sie das Programm vor dem Kauf ausprobieren konnen. Im nachsten Praxistipp zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie Ihre Dateien bei Google Drive automatisch synchronisieren konnen.
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It’s recommend to start with one of the tested servers, however other CalDAV-based servers may work as well.
OwnCloud has the advantage of not requiring an external provider but rather maintaining all data in your own personal network.
If your Reminderfox is installed on a different computer you need to have access between the OwnCloud server and the Reminderfox computer. The Radicale Project is a complete CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server solution. For remote access of a calendar on an external server the address of that calendar is required. Google supports the CalDAV Standard for events (only) which is the base for Reminderfox working with Remote Calendars.
Google Calendar uses the Google mail account login parameters to give access to the calendars; for each account it offers a Primary Calendar and Group Calendars. Some provisions have been made to easily configure the CalDAV server account settings within Reminderfox. Changing Account details is limited possible with account name, password and background color only. Reminderfox delivers six colors to be used for coloring the list rows for events with connection to a remote calendar.
First select the color box to be changed, then click the [Set Color] button.Select a color of your choice with clicking on the spectrum bar. For editing an existing reminder the previously selected account for that reminder will be preselected. The menu shows activated accounts only, the example only shows three remote calendar accounts, also four accounts have been defined (see example screen above).
After adding an event on Reminderfox that new event may not be found directly on the remote calendar system. Also when the Main Dialog is shown using Cntrl R will reload the reminders and run a synchronization. Open the context menu (right mouse click) on the Main Dialog List, move the cursor to [Sync to Remote Calendar].
When Reminderfox sync’d to Google Calendar, those attributes will be saved, so they can be restored after resync from Google Calendar. The implementation is very much based on Evert Pot’s SabreDAV wiki page — very helpful and the real base for this feature set!

Cloud storage stands for virtualised pool of network storage most commonly hosted by third parties. Store files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendar, etc on the server of your choice, Later you can access it from mobile, desktop, or web browser.
In the era of sharing aka Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, owncloud lets you share your data with others and share them publicly or privately as per your needs. A special feature is that, even user can undelete the accidentally deleted data from Trash, is not it easy to handle and maintain. The search feature in owncloud is very responsive which is done in background and lets user search by name as well as file type.
Apps management is now intelligent enough to store App’s dependency in XML file from where Apps container can solve the dependencies automatically. Documentation improved to next level, PDF viewer improved with the implementation of new version of PDF.js. Federated (United) cloud sharing which means setting up of shared folder across server is a cake walk. It is not a good idea to access your database from root, hence grant all the permission to a normal user (say tecmint). However we choose the TAR package which is universally accepted and works on most of the known system.
Note: Remember we are giving read, write and execute permission to all, which is although risky but this time needed since several configuration file would be written automatically. Additionally, we need to enable mod_rewrite rules to work properly under Apache‘s main configuration file. Notice the Favorites, edit, share, download, upload and new file options available for a file.
Note: You can add users or imports user account, change password, assign user role and allocate space by clicking the Gear icon on left bottom of the page.
You may now add folder, sync media files be it pictures, images and videos from the mobile application. It also has a built in MP3 Player, PDF Viewer, Document Viewer, and a lot many which is worth a try and explore. To update earlier version of your owncloud to 9, you need to first update the old owncloud to latest point release of the same version. Thanks for sharing instructions for Debian, hope it will help other Debian users to install OwnCloud 9 properly.. Image or cut and paste examples of the configuration files you are editing would help people.
Hello Ravi, is there an easy method to remotely access ownCloud or must it only be used in a local network? You can access your own Owncloud platform through IP or domain name from any remote location, as far as you opened access to particular location via firewall..
Could you please elaborate more on your question, so that we can better help in you proper way..
Apple’s address book can create such a file by selecting all contacts and exporting it as vCard.
Marten Gajda thus wrote an extra piece of code called »JB Workaround CalDAV-Sync« to circumvent the issues. It also introduces support for favorites and improved search functionality, enabling users to access important files without excessive navigation.
The introduction of favorites and the improvements to search are core ownCloud functionality that will have a significant impact on the user experience.
Server favorites set a foundation for additional file and folder metadata in future releases of ownCloud yet remain on-premise for greater privacy and data security. Additional search parameters, as well as general usability improvements, make it easier for users to find the files they need fast. For those just starting to develop with ownCloud, a app tutorial and demo app will provide a proper foundation to build against the extensible ownCloud Server 8.0 platform. As an open source project ownCloud 3 offers innovative features, a flexible architecture and no vendor lock in. August 2014 abgeschaltet – alle Nutzer sollten sich deshalb um eine Alternative kummern, die den Gmail-Kalender mit Outlook synchronisiert. Das Tool beinhaltet au?erdem eine Funktion zum Exportieren und Importieren von ICS-Dateien. Please refer to the Administrator Documentation how to install the OwnCloud server version. Only after a successful login and a non-duplicate ID the button [OK] is activated and that remote calendar is added to the list.If you get a notice about a duplicated ID the [OK] button will be disabled as well. A color can be selected which is used for background color on the Reminderfox Main List (also see below).
If that box is associated to a Remote Calendar the background colors of rows in the Main List will change also.

The color will be filled into the selected box.The spectrum bar will be closed with moving the cursor out of it. Opening the event (normal edit dialog) the top menu selector for the storage location can be changed. Cloud storage is a network-based service which physically do not exist but remains somewhere in the cloud. The Dropbox application which is now available on smart phone is nothing but cloud storage application.
Own cloud lets you sync all your files, contacts, photo, calendar, etc synced among the devices. This feature makes it possible to collaborate organizations with the control at local owncloud deployment server. We need to enable two Apache modules mod_rewrite and mod_headers for ownCloud to function properly.
Untar the tar-ball and copy everything to the root of your owncloud directory within your working directory. Don’t forget to install and enable Third party Application and plug-ins only after checking the compatibility with the current version. Install the latest owncloud project or upgrade your last version to latest and start using it. Any client capable of using those protocols can be used to access the data of your ownCloud installation.
Then choose the calendar pane, add a new calendar, choose network, choose CalDav and enter the URL. Additionally I have access from any place where a web browser and an internet connection is available. Administrators will find better performance and greater control with this latest release," said Frank Karlitschek, founder and maintainer, ownCloud project.
OpenCloudMesh enables collaboration beyond the borders of individual clouds to create a globally interconnected mesh of research clouds - without sacrificing any advantages in privacy, control and security an on-premises cloud provides.
Improvements to Documents and the provisioning API further ensure that users can collaborate across systems and files. Also sharing the ICS data file with another calendar application (like Lightning) should be disabled; every calendar should use its own ICS data file. The ReminderFox remote calendar settings provide initial settings to help users in connecting to these services, please see below.
Change that ID box entry (terminate with tab) and get the [OK] enabled to terminate the configuration.
Take care to generate the token for the owner of the calendar you are going to configure the Reminderfox access. With closing the edit dialog the appropriated delete and add requests will change the location. To be more clear, cloud storage means sharing data over network, rather than having local servers or personal device. Google Drive is another cloud storage application which lets you store and access your stored data from anywhere and anytime.
Well all the third party hosting limits you to work with the given configuration and storage limit.
If you are already working with its older version, you’ll definitely experience significant improvements in Document handling. Type the following command to enable these modules under Debian based systems only, for RedHat systems they are enabled by default. Next, you need to enter mysql database username, password and database name, refer the screenshot below.
This was painful, but I used the occasion to purge my calendar so it was worth the effort :) . With the ever expanding list of photos, videos, mp3’s of storage is not sufficient, moreover cloud storage is a relatively new concept and there are not many third party cloud storage host and the available one is too much costly. Moreover owncloud can be deployed on all known platforms viz., Linux, Macintosh, Windows and Android.
Change that ID box entry (terminate with tab) and you get the [OK] enabled to terminate the configuration.
In short it’s a robust, platform Independent, flexible in terms of configuration and usability, easy-to-use open source Application.

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