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Bitte schalte JavaScript in deinem Browser ein, um alle Funktionen optimal nutzen zu kA¶nnen! Mit dieser App kannst du mehrere Dateien aus der Cloud A¶ffnen und offen halten, kurz bevor dein Meeting oder deine Recherche startet.
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Figure 2: The Amarok player supports the Ampache API and plays tracks directly off your ownCloud.
In our lab, we had no trouble synchronizing calendar and address book entries with an Android 2.1 smartphone.

External staff, home offices, individual smartphones, and cloud services like Dropbox can easily drive a security-conscious admin crazy. A place to store all your data is undeniably practical, but sometimes you don't want to gamble your precious data on a third-party cloud. As mobile clients become more popular, admins find it increasingly difficult to avoid offering remote access to calendars and address data to their users. Figure 1: Kolab Systems offers a web service that includes all the features of the Kolab groupware.
InstallationA complete test installation of Kolab 3.0 and later is a matter of one or two cups of coffee and does not impose too many requirements on the admin.
Trying to ConnectOne item on the checklist involves your chosen client trying to connect with Kolab using one of the DAV protocols. Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes hold onto the big chunks of the groupware market, and social networks are rushing to transform the space. Verwalte Dateien und Ordner, betrachte Dokumente und editiere Textdateien auf deinem iPhone. Mit einer Wischgeste wechselst du schnell vor und zurA?ck durch deine Office- oder PDF-Dokumente und persA¶nlichen Notizen. In Verbindung mit dem integrierten Texteditor arbeitest du schnell und effektiv und hA¤ltst deine Ideen und Gedanken fest, die automatisch mit der ownCloud synchronisiert werden. AuAYerdem geben wir Informationen zu Ihrer Nutzung unserer Website an unsere Partner fA?r soziale Medien, Werbung und Analysen weiter. Wir haben keinen Einfluss auf die Einstellungen der Cookies Dritter, weshalb wir Ihnen empfehlen, die Websites Dritter im Hinblick auf die Nutzung von Cookies zu prA?fen.
We used the phone’s internal address book for this and an external application for the calendar. However, only services that promise full control over your own data can give users a feeling of security.

Despite being open source and open standards-driven groupware, Kolab [1] has had little to offer in this scenario.
Why not save time and avoid duplication by integrating the LDAP directory with your groupware environment?
The media plugin also emulates the Ampache API for web streaming, which paves the way to your own audio streaming server. The username requested in this way also helps locate the correct user directory – in theory.
In der Form ist die App definitiv nicht das Geld wert.Komplett und bequem - Endlich auch fA?r das iPad optimiert. Desktop media players that can handle the Ampache interface will play tracks directly from your ownCloud. The configuration step is launched by typing setup-kolab to define the admin passwords for services, among other tasks. The Amarok player, for example, had no trouble opening a connection to ownCloud in our lab and played back the tracks locally (Figure 2). This collaboration is on the roadmap, but we were unable to test it in our lab because of a lack of documentation.Despite some failings in version 2, the ownCloud project quite obviously has ambitious plans.
Work is currently in progress on additional functions, such as an image gallery, file encryption, and an online text editor. Additionally, the team is working on expanding support for media data and on code for connecting to and synchronizing Android and webOS devices.

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