ArkOS is an easy to install & manage open-source software layer to convert a $35 Raspberry PI into your own low-cost alternative tool to store and manage your data. The best thing about ownCloud is that you can have all your files (music, pictures or whatever) with you all the time, no matter what device you use. One downside is that the interface is not mobile friendly and because the download and share links only show up on hover, these features don't work using some mobile browsers (like the stock Android browser). Another downside I've encountered while testing ownCloud 2 is that it's kind of slow when trying to access a folder containing a large number of files (like the folder where I store all my photos).
Also, ownCloud currently lacks some features like encryption, versioning or a desktop sync tool. The latest ownCloud 2 isn't available in the official Ubuntu repositories so you must install it manually. If you have a laptop at home, a desktop at work, and have a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet then it can be hard work keeping all of your calendars and contacts up to date. A quick search on the web will reveal a lot of different CalDAV and CardDAV personal information managers to choose from. The following is a guide to the process of using an Address Book in the cross platform Thunderbird email client. Back in Thunderbird, synchronize with the remote address book by right clicking select Synchronize. There are several apps available to sync your Android device contacts with those on a CardDAV compatible service like ownCloud.

Enter your user details and the URL of the CardDAV address book that you want to connect to.
If you are entering a normal URL you can find it in the settings of your ownCloud Contact Settings.
You may want to choose a more mature system like the Thunderbird email client to be the interface where you manage your contacts.
Android does not support CalDAV by default, so we need to install an app to allow our devices to do this.
You basically have your own Google Music server without the restrictions imposed by Google. But it works just fine using a browser such as Firefox and further more, there are some WebDAV Android clients out there so this is not such a big issue. They are open standards and are used by many applications to send and receive information to keep everything synchronized.
We will cover the popular email client Thunderbird as it is cross platform and works with both CalDAV and CardDAV. These plugins will give you the ability to add a remote calendar and address book to Thunderbird. A similar approach should work for other CardDAV enabled applications.Install Thunderbird and Sogo Connector plugin as detailed in the section above. Similarly, adding or editing your contacts in Thunderbird will trigger a sync with the ownCloud server.

Moving a contact from from a remote 'OwnCloud address book' to a local address book removes the contact from the OwnCloud server, (thus deleting it from all the other synchronized installations). If you have added, or have other address books shared with you they should also appear in your list to choose from. If you un-tick this then changes that you make on your devices will by synced back up to the server.
This area is still quite experimental and changes are being made to make it more user-friendly.
Changes you make there will be updated to your server and to any android clients that you have synced. And you can use a complete music player for this such as Amarok, Tomahawk, Banshee (through "banshee-extension-ampache" extension) and others. Some features are already in development: online text editor, task manager, encryption, a desktop sync client, Android and webOS applications and more. See the chapter on security for the reasons why using SSL increases the security of ownCloud.

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