It’s recommend to start with one of the tested servers, however other CalDAV-based servers may work as well.
OwnCloud has the advantage of not requiring an external provider but rather maintaining all data in your own personal network. If your Reminderfox is installed on a different computer you need to have access between the OwnCloud server and the Reminderfox computer.
The Radicale Project is a complete CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server solution. For remote access of a calendar on an external server the address of that calendar is required.
Google supports the CalDAV Standard for events (only) which is the base for Reminderfox working with Remote Calendars.
Google Calendar uses the Google mail account login parameters to give access to the calendars; for each account it offers a Primary Calendar and Group Calendars. Some provisions have been made to easily configure the CalDAV server account settings within Reminderfox. Changing Account details is limited possible with account name, password and background color only. Reminderfox delivers six colors to be used for coloring the list rows for events with connection to a remote calendar. First select the color box to be changed, then click the [Set Color] button.Select a color of your choice with clicking on the spectrum bar.
For editing an existing reminder the previously selected account for that reminder will be preselected. The menu shows activated accounts only, the example only shows three remote calendar accounts, also four accounts have been defined (see example screen above). After adding an event on Reminderfox that new event may not be found directly on the remote calendar system. Also when the Main Dialog is shown using Cntrl R will reload the reminders and run a synchronization.
Open the context menu (right mouse click) on the Main Dialog List, move the cursor to [Sync to Remote Calendar]. When Reminderfox sync’d to Google Calendar, those attributes will be saved, so they can be restored after resync from Google Calendar.
The implementation is very much based on Evert Pot’s SabreDAV wiki page — very helpful and the real base for this feature set!
According to its official website, ownCloud gives you universal access to your files through a web interface or WebDAV. Before you start using ownCloud, it is strongly recommended to enable SSL support in ownCloud.
Create a certificate (and the key that will protect it) which will remain valid for one year. Be advised that even having followed the above steps, the first time that you launch your ownCloud instance, an error message will be displayed stating that the certificate has not been issued by a trusted authority (that is because we created a self-signed certificate).
Click on Personal to change your settings, such as password, display name, email address, profile picture, and more.
Go to the Files menu (upper left corner) and click on the up arrow to open a select-file dialog.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about open source OwnCloud and its native apps and third party app extensions. Jeff ReifmanTechnology Consulting - WorldwideJeff Reifman is a experienced technology consultant, former Microsoft Group Program Manager, writer, activist and yogi. This section is called Using Web Calendars, as it is possible to access ownCloud calendars in other ways a€“ via desktop synch applications or on mobile devices. When you use the calendar the first time, there will be already a calendar called Default calendar. We can see an option to choose between our Default calendar and any new calendars we have created. We can see that if we allow the user to edit our calendar there are different options available for us to control their level of access and set an expiry date too. If you want to export a whole calendar click on the Settings cog, and then click the Download link arrow of the calendar you want to export. Imagine the case in which a colleague has done some planning in their own calendar for the coming months. Click on the calendar file you've saved and follow the instructions to import it into a new calendar or into an already existing calendar.
Please refer to the Administrator Documentation how to install the OwnCloud server version.
Only after a successful login and a non-duplicate ID the button [OK] is activated and that remote calendar is added to the list.If you get a notice about a duplicated ID the [OK] button will be disabled as well.
A color can be selected which is used for background color on the Reminderfox Main List (also see below).
If that box is associated to a Remote Calendar the background colors of rows in the Main List will change also. The color will be filled into the selected box.The spectrum bar will be closed with moving the cursor out of it. Opening the event (normal edit dialog) the top menu selector for the storage location can be changed. It also provides a platform to easily view, edit and sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices. This will allow you to easily keep ownCloud up to date using Debian's package management system, with packages maintained by the ownCloud community. Using SSL provides important security benefits such as encrypting ownCloud traffic and providing proper authentication.
Notice that even if you try to use plain HTTP, you will be automatically redirected to HTTPS. You can safely ignore this message, but if you are considering deploying ownCloud in a production server, you may want to purchase a certificate from a trusted company.
Note that you can install a desktop or mobile client app to sync your files, calendars, contacts and more. In addition, it is FOSS, and with little time and effort you can configure it to meet all your needs. Enter your email address below, and we will deliver our Linux posts straight to your email box, for free. He works for a worldwide leading consumer product company and takes great pleasure in using FOSS tools to increase productivity in all areas of his daily work.

While filters can produce great results, they are limited to just a single layer.Let's say you have an image and you want to overlay it with red color. Gone are the days when something like WordPress is only a blogging platform.WordPress natively has the ability to create users with different levels of control. It's great to have robust open source alternatives to Dropbox with so much open source community support. In my next series, I'll introduce you to BitTorrent Sync, a peer-to-peer sharing and synchronization application that works between your devices and "skips the cloud". CalDAV is a way of syncing your calendar with other applications on your phone or desktop computer. If you want to export a single event click on it and press the Export button in the bottom right corner. The iCalendar format must not be confused with Apple's old email application which was called iCal. Also sharing the ICS data file with another calendar application (like Lightning) should be disabled; every calendar should use its own ICS data file. The ReminderFox remote calendar settings provide initial settings to help users in connecting to these services, please see below. Change that ID box entry (terminate with tab) and get the [OK] enabled to terminate the configuration. Take care to generate the token for the owner of the calendar you are going to configure the Reminderfox access. With closing the edit dialog the appropriated delete and add requests will change the location. Even though ownCloud is very similar to the widely-used Dropbox cloud storage, the primary difference is that ownCloud is free and open-source, making it possible to set up a Dropbox-like cloud storage service on your own server. This tutorial will demonstrate how to install and configure ownCloud Community Edition on Debian Wheezy. When he's not typing commands or writing code or articles, he enjoys telling bedtime stories with his wife to his two little daughters and playing with them, the great pleasure of his life. Check out Envato Studio's servicesBuild anything from social networks to file upload systems.
Without the correct timezone there will be a time offset between the events on the server and on your desktop when using ownCloud's synchronization functionality. With ownCloud, only you have complete access and control over your private data, with no limits on storage space (except for hard disk capacity) or the number of connected clients.
In this episode, we're going to review core and third party application "extensions" for your OwnCloud server. You may be asked to set your timezone automatically so it is a good idea to accept this request to help ownCloud keep all the devices in sync. Change that ID box entry (terminate with tab) and you get the [OK] enabled to terminate the configuration.
I copied the URL for the actual tarball download from the download page. Then I logged in to my Digital Ocean droplet server via SSH, the one that runs my OwnCloud instance.

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