With our ownCloud Hosted Solution you can save your data - contacts, pictures, files - in your own Cloud.
Sync your local files with your ownCloud using our sync clients available for Windows, Mac OS X and a wide range of Linux distributions.
To make sure that we can help you at the desired Walk-in event, we’d prefer if you let us know in advance that you’ll be visiting. Build a learning environment where all children and adults take ownership to become imaginative, reflective, information age explorers and contributors to society.

With this proof video, I am doing on PS3 Super Slim and mine model number 4001C as you see on video. Our hosting is based on the OpenSource-Project OwnCloud and the perfect cloud service for Small Businesses. Each month, Simplexxion organizes a special Walk-in event for customers and their employees.
Although we are a business service provider, you can also bring your personal hardware and software.

And while you enjoy a good cup of coffee, we’ll try to find the solution for all of your problems.

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    Used in the business sector only online cloud.

    Author: Balashka
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    With support for either Linux or Windows sugarSync, and Ubuntu One.

    Author: Avto_Pilot
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    With LAN access speeds, lower, more predictable costs, continual availability you upload your content.

    Author: Selina